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Danse Macabre - Laurell K. Hamilton

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Genre: Horror / Author: Laurell K. Hamilton / Hardcover / 496 Pages / Book is published 2006-07-06 by Orbit / Alternative title: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel: Danse Macabre

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    3 Reviews
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      03.06.2010 07:29
      Very helpful



      See review.

      So after saying I felt jaded by my constant onslaught of vampire books, here I am again reviewing one of those said vampire books.

      The book I will now review is - "Danse Macabre by Laurell K Hamilton".

      The book starts with Anita, vampire killer, necromancer (master of the dead), vampire lover and head honcho of nearly three different lycanthrope groups in the St Louis area, facing her worst nightmare.

      No she doesn't have to go on an all nighter to slay rogue vampires, she has been eaten alive by local werewolves or even attached (again!) by werecobra's, this nightmare is much worse than them all......she might be pregnant!

      The fact that she might be pregnant is not the entire problem, se feels her lifestyle is not the kind to bring a child up in, she is always surrounded by vampires and lycanthropes, though it is more the fact that she uses her gun's as a safety blanket that worries her more.

      Also there are cases of humans that fall pregnant by vampires and lycanthropes that could result in two different syndromes, vampires have one called Vlad's syndrome, one which could either make the baby miscarry or grow to full term, then eat it's way out of the mothers womb!

      The second is Mowgli syndrome, and this literally speeds up the growth of the baby, meaning that conception to birth could be a couple of months, not good if the baby is deformed as most are with this syndrome, not giving the mother her "options".

      Alongside this fact her lover and master of the city Jean Claude has financed an all vampire ballet company, so a big premiere is to take place with many visiting masters being present.

      With so much power in one room, can Anita be able to control her new found powers namely the arduer ( a way of collecting powers from another person through sex), with so much power on offer for the taking?

      I have to say this book is my least favourite so far, admittedly to anyone reading this review who has no prior knowledge of this series of books it will probably look awful, but up until this book the series has been quite good (with the exception of a couple, hey even Einstein must have had an off day!).

      The story is set over the period of three or four days. The story is actually quite drawn out within this book, where is others it has been action packed and fast paced from the onset, this one has been painfully sow in places, with it taking me weeks to read this one, which for me is unheard of!

      There is an incredibly large amount of sex in this book, explained away as being the method of Anita "feeding" her power base, she has finally discovered that she is succubus to her master vampire's incubus, meaning she feeds sex through him and for him.

      This being the case though she seems to be having sex with nearly every character within the book, she has yet to follow the lesbian route, but has been mentioned (in great detail!) to have had sex with two men....well the man had sex with her and Jean Claude, I am not prudish in the slightest but to me these detailed sex scene's are not needed, something's are best left to the imagination!

      I have to say I really wouldn't recommend this book at all, and the only reason I felt the need to read it is the fact my husband bought me the next book in the series, so didn't want to start that one blind so to speak.

      This book is available from www.amazon.co.uk for the sum of £5.00.

      For more information visit - www.orbitbooks.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x

      ISBN 978-1-84149-319-0


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      22.08.2009 17:35
      Very helpful




      I am still very much attatched to my vampire stories at the moment, however I do fear that this will soon have to come to an end due to the lack of them about in the library I use. I'm someone who prefers to read the books before I go out and buy them! Anyhow despite being told by others that the Anita Blake series go downhill after book 6 I still went ahead with this as I was more than interested as to what she'd chosen to do since being attacked by an aztec priest.

      The last time I met up with Anita Blake in book 9 of the series she was debating on whether to go back to the two men she loved, a master vampire and a werewolf, or to cut them out of her life altogether. Skipping, once again, over 4 of the books I've discovered now that she has 5 lovers and has a massive sexual appetite to contend with. Anybody would of thought I'd of picked up one of those Mills & Boons novels. Seriously, they're at it like that rabbits in this one.

      All of this doesn't make things any easier for her when it appears that she could be pregnant. Not when the father could be a werewolf, two master vampires, wereleopard and then a viking vampire. Following something which happened sometime between books 10-13 her power has increased and she has now managed to have her own animal to call. Where they have to come to her when she wants them to, plus a vampire servant. Very rare, as humans are not supposed to be able to tell a vampire what to do.

      However she is still a human servant to Jean Claude. The master vampire of St Louis where the novel is based. He is also contender to be the father of the possible baby, although it is unlikely, him being over 400 years old.

      Unlike the other Anita Blake books I've read she doesn't really kill anything in this one. Spending most of the time in bed, more or less having sex in every chapter. Usually with others watching and in some cases with more than one person at a time. Now lets not go down the whole she's just a tart route. There is a reason behind all of this. Something to do with her having to feed off of others using her body for a start.

      In her blood stream she carries the ardeur, which is basically a power which intensifies sexual passion with everything it touches. It needs to feed and if she doesn't sleep with enough people who can handle it, it voluntarily forces her to take a lover against hers or the other persons will.

      So somehow she has to deal with the idea of being pregnant, trying to keep relations as friendly as possibly between Richard the werewolf and Jean Claude, the men she is really in love with more than anybody else, feeding her sexual needs and keeping other monsterous creatures from taking control of her body. All in one go!

      There isn't much to this novel and it is the first instance where I can say I am a little bit disappointed. Her need to feed the ardeur is mentioned continually all the way through which does get a bit overbearing at times. It took me the best part of half of the book to work out what it actually was. Although this could be down to me missing out on some of the series.

      Despite everything I'd much rather that there was some focus to it. It's all about keeping the men in her life happy, nothing really concerning how she really feels. Nothing to kill, not a mention of a stake through the heart or of backup needed.

      Before I've always liked Jean Claude however in this novel he comes across as being too, for want of a better word, sane! As in, he never changes. There have to be othe aspects of somebodies personalities than a bit of outward charm and attractiveness. No matter the situation his actions are all a bit stilted. I'm not sure if that's what Hamilton wanted him to be like but the way she's written about him it's like he's not that important a character anymore.

      I would suggest that you stayed well clear of this book if you have not read any of the other Anita Blake series. It confused the hell out of me and I've read 5 of them. Ok so that doesn't seem that many but if you haven't had a look at them before then you are likely to get confused with some of the characters and how they are linked to Blake.

      This is an interesting read and not one that I found easy to put down, personally however I do think that it is nowhere as good as her earlier books. However as I said, this is the 14th so a lot of authors must struggle with new storylines after they've written that many.

      You can get this for £8.80 from Amazon or £7.99 from Waterstones.

      Worth a look, just not if you've never read a Blake book before.


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        27.01.2009 12:56
        Very helpful



        Really really bad! Put it back on the shelf and walk away.

        This novel is the fourteenth book in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, about vampire hunter, zombie animator and general preternatural expert Anita Blake, set in the St. Louis of an alternate world. You will have to read at least some of the previous books in the series if you want to understand what is going on in this novel, however, this novel is so uniquely bad that I would suggest you read the previous books and skip this one.

        Seriously, this is appalling.

        1) The events in this book take place over a day. ONE DAY. Yet so much happens it's impossible to believe that this day lasts only the regular 24 hours.

        2) Anita's jobs are not involved at all. Instead, the tension in the story comes from Anita's concern that she may be pregnant. I'll tell you at the end of this review (point 5) whether she is or not, so watch out for the spoiler warning. There is absolutely no emotional tension in this besides that. Something to worry about for sure, especially in Anita's position, but it means that a large part of the book has no tension.

        3) Instead, this book is all about sex. The plot is concerned with vampire politics (which always means sex) a little but is mostly about the ardeur, which Anita developed a few novels ago. Basically it means she needs to feed every few hours...by having sex. I never had a problem with the amount of sex in these novels, but before the ardeur Anita actually used to have sex because she wanted to have sex and there was actual sexual tension between the characters. After reading "Danse Macabre" it is clear that the ardeur is a convenient device to allow the author to write Anita having sex with many beautiful men without the inconvenience of developing their relationships or building up any sexual tension. In "Danse Macabre" there are more sex scenes than ever before and they become increasingly boring. By the last few chapters I was just flicking the page whenever I got to another sex scene.

        4) The vampire politics is just the same old power struggles resolved by sex.

        5) *SPOILER*
        Anita is not pregnant. Therefore there is no point to this book. All that happens is this : Anita thinks she may be pregnant. She has a lot of sex. She is not pregnant. No characters develop. No plotlines begun in the other books are resolved. Some new characters are introduced but they are totally forgettable and we don't need to know them. Don't read this.

        In short, I was really disappointed by this book. Reading it was a waste of time. I don't know if I will bother reading any more books in this series, possibly I might if I can get it on good authority that they are nothing like this one!


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        Book Series: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel

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