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Baby be Mine - Paige Toon

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3 Reviews

Author: Paige Toon / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 06 June 2013 / Genre: Modern & Contemporary Fiction / Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd / Title: Baby be Mine / ISBN 13: 9781471129582 / ISBN 10: 1471129582

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    3 Reviews
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      28.05.2013 22:06



      Sequel to Johnny Be Good

      I've been patiently waiting for this novel since I finished Johnny Be Good the week after it was released; tiding myself over with the novels Toon released in between - both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, Baby Be Mine just didn't live up to the hopes I had for it.

      I loved the cliffhanger at the end of Johnny Be Good, and was desperate to find out what happened to Meg, but on reading the first few chapters, I was getting a bit bored with her going on and on about how guilty she felt. It's understandable that someone would feel incredibly guilty if they were in such a situation, but I think Toon over-did it with conveying these feelings.

      I was also disappointed with the chemistry between Johnny and Meg in this novel. I appreciate the fact that it had to be shown how both characters had changed and matured over the two years, as well as having grown distant - but I did miss the passion and sexual tension that lingered between them in Johnny Be Good.

      I still enjoy Paige Toon's writing style however, so for me, that saved a good portion of the book for me. I also enjoyed the ending - which I won't spoil.

      All in all, Baby Be Mine isn't a bad book, it just seemed to lack something for me - may that be due to my high expectations or the novel, I'm not sure. I would still recommend this to fans of the author and, of course, those wanting to know more about Meg and Johnny - just don't expect it to be as great a read as Johnny Be Good.


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      06.04.2012 17:53
      Very helpful



      A must read

      I love Paige Toon's books, however I have only just read this book and it was published in July 2011.This is a sequel to Johnny be Good from 2008 and had forgotten that that book was very good and so was not in a rush to read this one, however I should have been.

      Meg used to work as PA to super, gorgeous rock star Johnny Jefferson in his amazing LA pad and Baby be Mine picks up nearly two years later when she is with partner Christian and their one year old baby Barney in the South of France. The blurb on the back wonders how long Meg can keep the secret from Christian. You see every day Barney is looking less like Christian and more like Meg's ex-employer Johnny. I wish I hadn't been put off reading this for so long, it is very good.

      I found that you could split it into three sections, by location and the situation at the time. I do respect Meg for how she is able to move to new places with a baby in tow! All three locations sound amazing especially the way she described the setting in the South of France, so picturesque and peaceful!

      I thought Christian would be in it more but once the secret had come out he only had a background part and it was more about Johnny's relationship with his son and Meg's upheaval from place to place. I thought what was good was how Johnny and LA didn't lose its pace, glamour and extravagance from the first book completely but was a lot more sedate; this included Johnny, who in in some ways did seem to have grown up a little.

      The ending wasn't inevitable but it was what I was hoping for and the nature of it did surprise me. If Meg was to pick between Christian and Johnny, based on what she had said about Christian earlier on the book there was only one way it could have gone.

      Meg and Johnny shared lots of lingering looks and you could tell that despite what he may have said, his actions and body language betrayed his feelings towards Meg. As to Meg she often thought about Christian but the feelings that arose at just a reminder or touch from Johnny showed that she was pretty lost in him really. Meg can't act on these feelings though as Johnny leads a life not entirely suited to that of a toddler.

      The other relationship that we wonder about throughout is of that between Christian and Johnny. You see Christian is Johnny's best friend and they have known each other since childhood. This obviously makes things a lot more complicated!

      Paige continues the theme in her books of having reference to characters from other books and here we get to meet Luis and Daisy from Chasing Daisy. I did find the meeting between the two sets of characters surreal!

      I did read one review where the reviewer read the book without realising this was the second and so it must be readable as a stand-alone book. However I would not recommend it as a lot of the meaning of things will wash right over you. Read Johnny be Good first and then this.

      The Cosmopolitan quote on the back cover says you will be laughing and crying until the last minute. I can't say I cried, but I did get upset and did laugh out loud. If you fancy this but don't know whether to because of it being a sequel it is definitely worth buying the first one too and also any of Paige Toon's other books. My sister and I's favourite is probably Chasing Daisy.

      Baby be Mine can be bought from £5.17 from Amazon new or from 1p use on Amazon marketplace.


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        20.08.2011 17:32
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A book by Paige Toon

        After just finishing another book by this author, I knew I wanted to read something else of hers straight away and when I spotted a brand new one in Tesco, I knew I couldn't resist it and bought it along with a few other new books (my shelves are seriously bulging!). I made a start right away and have just finished it after whizzing through it.

        The author:
        Paige Toon grew up in Australia, America and the UK due to her dad's career as a racing driver. Now living in the UK, she is married and has two children. She has written a total of 5 books with a 6th on its way.

        The question Meg fears the most is 'He's not mine, is he?'
        You see Meg's son Barney is actually fathered by one of the most famous rock stars around, Johnny Jefferson and who is best friend to her boyfriend Christian, only he doesn't know he even has a son and Christian believes Barney is his son. Meg really wanted him to be as life should be perfect living in the south of France with days spent in the pool and a caring dada in Christian but, as Barney gets older he looks less like Christian and more like Johnny every day.
        Meg worries every single day that soon, somebody will spot her child looks like Johnny and her world will be turned upside down. But, how long can she actually keep it a secret and what will happen when the truth comes out?

        Meg is a person that I wasn't sure I liked at first as after all she is beating herself up about a secret that she only has herself to blame for! However, the more I read, the more I liked her as it seems she actually is a relatively nice person who has just made a foolish mistake and is certainly paying for it every day by constantly worrying about it not only for herself but, for her son too and how it will affect him if the secret ever comes out.
        Christian is a character that at first I wasn't sure about as he didn't actually seem to stand out that much for me at first but, I felt the author was right in making him out as a nice overall person who loved his son. He was a well written character and I think he had just the right mix as a character of being nice and also having moments where he came across as slightly annoying towards the main character of Meg.
        Johnny is our last main character and he came across straight away as somebody who likes to think he can have and take whatever he wants, which is pretty much the case in his lifestyle! However, I like that even though the author definitely did write him in as a bad boy with a mad, crazy life, she also showed that he had a caring side and that he still cared for Meg and Christian.
        I think the author did well with these characters but, as this is the second book that involves these people then that should be the case anyway I think, as they already have personalities so to speak that she had written for the first book with these featured in.

        I bought my book in Tesco as part of their on-going scheme of two books for £8 so it actually cost me £4 per book which is not bad for a brand new book. The RRP of this book is normally £6.99 so I feel it was a nice saving and I feel the book is worth the £4 I paid for it.

        Overall opinion:
        You may have noticed I said this is the second book with these characters featured in it. I did not even realise this until after I had finished the book and then read what some of her other books were about. It was only then I found out this was a sequel to 'Johnny be good'. Apparently, the author was constantly getting emails and fan letters asking if she would write a sequel and this was finally it.
        The fact that I did not know and yet still hugely enjoyed this book really shows that even if you hadn't read the first book you can definitely read this as a stand-alone book and enjoy it as I certainly did! The only thing I wish was that I had known as then I could have read the other first and then moved straight onto this one. I still think I will read the first book as up to now I have enjoyed both the books by this author I have read and I still have another on my shelf to read too so I may as well get the other book and add it to my collection. Plus if it is as good as her other books then it will hopefully be an enjoyable read plus it would be nice to read about these characters I now already know, from a different time.
        Overall I did really enjoy this book and think it was well worth the £4 I spent on it and I will be recommending it whether you read it on its own, have read the first one already or not and whether you have read anything by this author or not before now, because either way, it is a good book indeed.


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