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Be Mine - Laura Kasischke

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2 Reviews

Genre: Fiction / Author: Laura Kasischke / Paperback / 352 Pages / Book is published 2007-06-01 by Pan Books

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    2 Reviews
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      08.07.2009 11:15
      1 Comment



      Original and exciting, you won't be able to put it down

      If you are intrested in raunchy reads that can still hold a good storyline, Be Mine is defnetley worth a read.

      The book is about a lady called Sherry, a college professor, who is feeling her life is changing and has become slightly boring and repetitive, her only son has moved away to go to university and although she has a happy and healthy realationship with her husband of twenty odd years, she feels something is missing in her life ....

      When valentines day comes around that when the trouble really starts, she is shocked to find an annonymous love letter in her locker at work saying, 'BE MINE'

      She laughed it off to begin but as the love notes keep coming and become more and more revealing and exciting she becomes intrigued to say the least. Sherry starts to play a game and the suspense is, will she come out on top, find out her secret admirer and have a bit of fun or will will she find that she is playing with fire.

      Be mine has 302 pages and is a paperback , I bought this book for £6.99 in tescovand worth every penny


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        22.10.2008 17:36
        Very helpful



        A deadly mission to uncover the identity of a secret love note

        On Valentine's Day, Sherry receives a mysterious note from an anonymous admirer. "Be Mine" it says. Nothing more, just that offer (or threat?): "Be Mine". Not used to such attentions, Sherry shrugs it off, and even takes it home to show her husband, where they laugh over what sorry soul might have sent it. But, when Valentine's Day is over, and the notes continue, the couple get more intrigued and become entrapped in a game of Guess Who, trying to establish the identity of the notes' writer. And, with her husband's confusing approval, Sherry starts to pursue the person who they think is the culprit.

        There are lots of books out there about admirers, love notes, unrequited love - it's something that sells because it's something people like to read about. But, this book takes that story and adds a thrilling and at times down-right dangerous edge. Sherry, for example, is not a young woman, used to admirers. She is middle aged and living in middle America, two things which don't conjure up too many thoughts of illicit affairs in my mind. She isn't a receptionist or a secretary or a hairdresser either - she's a respected college professor. She has a son, Chad, who is now himself away at college, and has been happily married to Jon for 20 years. In between running the family home, she cares for her elderly father who is becoming increasingly unwell. When you think of people embarking on affairs, either physically or just mentally, the word "secret" tends to spring to mind, but again, that is not the case here. From the first note, Jon is as much involved in what is going on as Sherry is, and that adds a dynamic, sometimes dark spin to the whole thing.

        At first I though the story was going to be so predictable it would make me cringe. Everything seemed to be pointing to a certain person being the author of those notes - there were a couple of characters who initially seemed to be there just so one of them could be the culprit and the other a red herring, but as the story progresses, there are twists you could just not imagine, turns you could never predict, and an ending which is shocking yet delicious.

        I love books like this. It is beautifully written, with so many threads to it it feels like a tapestry, especially when you note how the unraveling of one leads to the tugging on another. The interwoven, overlapping nature of all Sherry's relationships - with her husband, her son, her students, her colleagues, her neighbours, herself - is complex but not unbearably so, and not in a way that makes the story impossible to follow. I like the way all aspects of the book are balanced, so instead of being an erotic novel, or a mystery book, or some chick lit piece, it manages to be all of these things. The language used and is enough to make me urge you to read the book before watching the film which is no doubt already on its way. This book reminded me of The Abortionist's Daughter which I would also highly recommend, and it's interesting to me that neither that nor this were the respective US authors' first novels, just the first to get wide publicity in the UK.

        Ultimately, this is a book about fantasies, and what happens when a fantasy becomes a reality, and though nothing may beat your own personal fantasies, reading about someone else's can come a close second

        This review oringially appeared on www.thebookbag.co.uk under my name.


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