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Benedict: The Gateway - A.J.Chess

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Paperback: 216 pages / Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform / Published: 9 Dec 2012

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    1 Review
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      09.01.2014 13:21
      Very helpful



      Fast paced, funny, supernatural, fantasy - its all here - Light escapism

      BENEDICT The Gateway

      I have tried very hard to interest you in this book without including any spoilers, I hope I have succeded:

      Things were not going well for Lucy Wilson. Her aunt was dead and her house ransacked. The last thing she needed (or expected) was an Angel with a flaming sword. Or should that be a flaming Angel with a sword? At least he explained what was happening, because she had no idea her Aunt had been the Guardian of the Holy Grail for hundreds of years. Now the Grail was missing and Demons were escaping from Hell through the Gateway in the basement. Lucy couldn't deal with this alone and her friend Saffron was the only person she could ask to help. Then they met Matthew Brown and the fight was on...

      A typical teenage adventure story Benedict The Gateway begins with a death. No long drawn out descriptive text here, the police at the door; Lucy's aunt is dead.

      Quickly Lucy has to learn about her aunt's secret life as keeper of the gate. The Benedict in this tale is an angel, not any angel though, he is the one tasked with guarding the gateway should anything go wrong. Well things have gone wrong. Aunt Kat's little basement chapel has been vandalised and when Lucy set about cleaning it she noticed her aunts little chalice was missing. Furthermore, an angel with a flaming sword appeared with comical timing. Lucy had a lot to learn and fast.

      The book is a fast paced, page turning adventure, with very real elements of horror and dispersed with humour. Helped by the angel, but only when she asked, her best friend hippy Saffron and an unusual vicar, Lucy's adventures see her fighting werewolves; vampires; cockroaches; rats and other horrors of the imagination of those she fought with. She had to deal with a ruthless politician, supernatural and real Hells Angels and demons from hell.

      Just a normal student's life then?! At times the storyline is implausible, but the comical elements win through at such times. After all it is a fantasy adventure story.

      Who for?

      Well, if you have enjoyed reading things like Hush Hush or Fallen, you will love this, if you like a different sort of adventure story you will love this. It will also appeal to you if you don't take your fiction too seriously, there are definitely a few laugh out loud moments in this tale based mostly in Glastonbury.
      The cover would suggest an adult readership, but the fast paced supernatural adventure with aspects of fantasy, horror and humour makes it perfect for teenagers. The horror is not so bad as to be too much for younger readers and the quality of the story makes it suitable for an adult readership, but aiming it solely at adults misses a valuable large readership.

      Advantages: Quirky, brilliantly scripted to incorporate wonderful scenic prose that creates atmosphere, whilst being a fast paced page turner.

      Disadvantages: Only from Amazon.

      Stars 5/5 its the only oneof its kind!

      Glastonbury is a highly spiritual place on the Somerset Levels, with its Tor is reputed to be Avalon and where the first Christian church in Britain was built. Also nearby at Worthy Farm Pilton is the world famous Glastonbury Music Festival. The novel incorporates much of the feel of the place and features the Abby as well as other places around the area.

      Price and Availability: From Amazon: I have the paperback which costs £5.67 or £3.14 from Kindle.


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