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Between the Sheets - Colette Caddle

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Colette Caddle / Paperback / 496 Pages / Book is published 2009-05-05 by Pocket Books

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    1 Review
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      28.10.2012 02:26
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      I could imagine this as a cheesy Hugh Grant film!


      Published - 2008, Simon & Schuster UK Ltd
      Pages - 482
      Category - Romance
      R.R.P - £6.99
      Price - The cheapest I can see the book is £5.24 including delivery on Amazon.

      Colette Caddle is a bestselling Irish writer who lives in Dublin with her husband and two sons. She is currently working on her 13th novel. This book was her third novel.
      This was the first book of hers I have read.

      My copy is a paperback copy with a simple, mainly white cover showing a smiling woman with the title and author. The front of the book contains 'Praise for the Author' and Acknowledgements. The back of the book contains a few pages with the blurbs of some of the author's other novels.

      This book did not get off to a good start with me at all. The back of the book starts by telling us that:

      'Dana De Lacey
      best selling romance novelist, has the world at her feet.
      The words on the page flow easily, an exciting new
      book deal beckons, and life at home in Dublin is good.

      But Dana's self-confidence and success depend on one
      person: her gorgeous husband Gus. Without him, she
      has no fall-back. No children, no close family of her own
      to call upon. When Gus leaves her, she is devastated.'

      Considering all of this happened in the first 15 pages I really didn't think this was going to be a good book. What was in the 15 pages could have been shortened to 2.
      A husband and wife who we know nothing about go out to some work related function of his and she didn't want to go. He complained, she agreed to go along. They go home and he leaves her.

      What annoyed me is that it dived into the story so quickly without any insight into the couples' relationship. I don't expect their life story as it would leave nothing for later but I feel as a reader I was supposed to feel sorry for Dana as her husband seemingly walked out on her for no reason. It's hard to feel anything towards any of the characters when we had no idea what their relationship was like or they re like as people anyway.

      So I continue on the next few pages where we're quickly introduced to a few more characters who are phoning Dana and turning up at the house and she doesn't want to talk to anybody. I got a bit lost for a while when the new characters were added as I couldn't visualise any of them and couldn't remember who was who.
      Back to the story and Dana is trying to get used to life without her husband Gus. She blocks everyone out and drinks a lot and is under pressure to get her current romance novel finished and she finds she just can't write.
      The time on her own gives Dana time to think and finally try to come to terms with some things that happened in her childhood. An old friend and an estranged brother bring up more memories and she finds herself putting pen to paper and writing about her past. She finds this writing therapeutic and we start to learn more about her character.

      Halfway through the book I still don't think I knew what either she or her husband looked like, she was small and he was tall and handsome. That's as far as the description went.

      As she tries to work through her issues it seems both her and her husband have moved on to new relationships. She drinks a lot and finds it difficult to maintain a normal life with so much going on.

      I have to say the book does improve. I actually finished it in a couple of days, I found myself wanting to know why Gus left her, what happened in her past that's bringing her so much upset and of course if they get back together in the end or not.

      I don't want to give away much more of the story but we meet some interesting characters (who I can't picture again) and it's a fairly okay story.

      I thought the book had the potential to be a really good book. I'm hardly a literary genius and probably don't know what I'm talking about, but I personally like to have a decent description of the surroundings and the characters so you can visualise them in your head. It really lacked here I thought.
      The book went between the actual story and the pages of the novel Dana was trying to write, which was fine as the book the character was writing was in italics so the reader knows when it is what she is writing. What I didn't like was the way it seemed to flit from Dana's life to Gus's life to another characters life and back again. The way it went from one to the next felt almost as if it was mid-sentence (a slight exaggeration but definitely halfway through a page). One minute Dana's taking a sip of wine and the next Gus is talking to some woman in a bar. It was a bit confusing at times and I thought they needed a few more chapter breaks or something to stop this happening. Or at least finish telling us what one of them is doing before going off on another part of the story.
      This also improved as the book went on, well I felt like it did but it could just be the fact that I was starting to get used to the names so didn't notice so much.

      If you like cheesy romance novels, you might enjoy this. I would think within a couple of weeks I will have forgotten all about this book.

      I didn't actually buy this book. A friend bought me a few books for my birthday and I'm guessing she just looked at the title and thought this was going to be a raunchy novel (she seems to think I'm into these ever since I read that other book that's not to be mentioned) but it was far from it. I think that with much better on the market 'Between The Sheets' one to give a go if you are given it but I wouldn't pay for it! The book, that is :)


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