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Big Story Treasury (Cbeebies) - BBC

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Author: BBC / Hardcover / 176 Pages / Book is published 2007-08-30 by BBC Children's Books

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2012 15:05
      Very helpful



      a good treasury

      Published in 2007 by BBC Children's Books
      176 pages
      ISBN 978-1405903776

      Available from 1p (used) on Amazon UK.

      ~Big Story Treasury~

      Here we have a hardcover book. The book has a green front and back featuring the characters which be discovered inside. The treasury is split into 7 different stories. Popular (at the time) characters from Cbeebies shows feature in the stories including Lunar Jim, Fimbles, Teletubbies, Roly Mo and Tweenies.

      The stories are as follows :

      *Lunar Jim - Lunar Fluffies
      *Tweenies - Caterpillar Surprise
      *Fimbles - Florrie's Flag
      *Teletubbies - The Tubby Custard Mess
      *Lunar Jim - Lost and Found
      Tweenies - Happy Birthday, Fizz
      *Roly Mo - Growing Up

      Each story is told over 24 pages and is introduced. Original writer and illustration tributes are featured at the back of the book. The book has an original rrp of £12.99.

      ~Our Thoughts~

      My son is a big fan of many of the Cbeebies shows and we like to add to his book collection where possible. I picked up this Cbeebies Big Story Treasury a few months ago in our local charity shop for under £1.00 which I feel is a bargain. The book is well designed though quite big and heavy and definently isn't pleasant when dropped on your toes (trust me I know!).

      The book is colourful throughout and certainly eye catching to a toddler. I like to spend time reading books with my son and he can also flick through this book himself and try to remember the stories. This isn't his favourite book but he does ask for this one to be read occasionally if he fancies something a bit different. I think he likes the fact that there is a choice of stories and different characters so therefore less boring.

      ~Who Is Telling Us A Story Tonight?~

      As this was released in 2007 (before my son was even born), he isn't overly familiar with all of the characters. I do not believe he has had the pleasure of watching Lunar Jim or Roly Mo but is very much into the Fimbles, Tweenies and Teletubbies. A more up to date treasury could include In the Night Garden and Mr Tumble and this choice would probably grab Boo a bit more.

      The story choice is good though don't expect to read this full book in one sitting as it is simply too long. That being said, there isn't a massive amount of writing in each story and the bulk of the book is made up of full page images. The images on each page are very much like how the characters appear in their shows and are bright and attractive. The book is illustrated well throughout and even with some pages featuring a solitary picture (such as a butterfly), it really does stand out.

      24 short pages per story is sufficient and Boo is happy to be read one full story and then spend some time looking at the pictures and thinking up his own scenarios. The stories hold Boos attention for a short while and vary in terms of how long each page of writing is. This varies from a few words to a paragraph and the writing is easy to read and to understand.

      I won't go into lots of detail about each story but will briefly comment on what we think of them.

      ~Lunar Fluffies~

      Despite not knowing much about Lunar Jim, Boo enjoys this story. It follows a space theme (of course) and my son is obsessed with space rockets. I would say this story is aimed at an older child as it is very conversational and discusses heat crystals at first. It goes a bit "off topic" so to speak before suddenly discussing a fluffy creature. It is a little boring but the stars and space ships in the pictures keep Boos attention.

      ~Caterpillar Surprise~

      This story offers a mixture of narration and conversation so different voices are required! There is more wording in this story and the story follows part of a typical episode of Tweenies. It discusses small, wildlife creatures and beautiful creature images including the bright, colourful butterfly. There is a small amount of rhyming in this story which Boo likes :

      "Caterpillar hiding, nowhere to be found - Caterpillar sleeping, safe and sound".

      It follows the life of a caterpillar which Boo finds very interesting (as did I when I was a child) and is informative and interesting. Definently one of our favourite stories in this book.

      ~Florrie's Flag~

      This story is very easy to read as there isn't much to it. It is bulked out by adding numerous, colourful Fimble pictures and only features minimal writing on each page. It is basically about the Fimbles having a race and Florrie using her flag to start the race. We aren't keen on this. It is a bit babyish but does feature the Fimbles tune which we sing to.

      ~The Tubby Custard Mess~

      We love the Teletubbies so were pleased to see those 4 making an appearance in this treasury. We find this story rather comical and this is the one Boo will always flick to when reading himself as it is his favourite. There is a narration for Mummy to speak and is very easy to follow. The Tetetubbies speak in baby talk like they do in the show and keep repeating their own names and "tubby custard".

      Basically Dipsy spills his tubby custard on his seat and the Teletubbies have to show how friendly they are by offering Dipsy a seat. This goes on for the full story as no one wants to get tubby custard on their bum! We find it hilarious to see what the Teletubbies get up to instead of using common sense (get a cloth!) and the random "big hug" throughout is rather sweet but odd at the same time. Great story!

      ~Lost and Found~

      Another Lunar Jim story which takes a while to get to the main point of the story, It starts off discussing knitting cardigans and goes on to find the robot type character in a cave. Nice pictures but lacks substance and is rather boring according to Boo so no more will be said..

      ~Happy Birthday, Fizz~

      This is Boos favourite story in the treasury and it isn't surprising to be honest. My son is obsessed with birthday parties and seems to assume that every day is his birthday (especially if people come to visit us). Regularly reading this story seems to have calmed him a little as it has makes some good points. The Tweenies are toddlers themselves so the story is worded rather basically so a toddler can understand and reflect on the words.

      The story follows the Tweenies setting up a party for Fizz arriving. Jake isn't pleased that he isn't receiving any presents and it is explained that it isn't his birthday and he will get some on his day. Boo was happy to see party games, cake, presents and balloons and it is a really engaging and fun story which we take great pleasure in reading together.

      This story also sees the Tweenies making wishes just like you do when blowing out cakes on a birthday candle and they are quite sweet and well worded (each character has a page of their own). An example from Bella which should be sang not spoken :

      "I wish I had a wish, cos then I'd wish for a star to dance in the sky with me".

      This is the perfect story and one which we love.

      ~Growing Up~

      We aren't familiar with Roly Mo but this is an interesting and different type of story which makes a pleasant end to the book. It follows Roly Mo speaking to Little Bo and commenting how grown up she is.

      "Books over here, books over there, find me a book with a story to share".

      There is a short story about what a baby would be like at age one. The story continues with the pair discussing grown up activites and listening to the radio and telling the younger characters to be quiet. There isn't much to the story but it has some bright and cute pictures but it isn't one which keeps Boo amused.


      For 69p this treasury was an absolute bargain. It has great illustrations and varied stories so Boo can pick and choose which one he wants to read. I cannot really fault it. The character choice was right for the time it was released so it isn't exactly up to the minute as it is 4years old but is definently a good book to read with your child. Some stories are more suited to younger toddlers whilst others would be enjoyed by young, school children I feel.

      Boo would like to give this book a reasonable 4 stars as he enjoys it but it isn't his favourite book by a long shot. It is sturdy and is in excellent condition.

      Thanks for reading xx


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