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Lover Awakened - J. R. Ward

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4 Reviews

Author: J. R. Ward / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 05 August 2010 / Genre: Fantasy / Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group / Title: Lover Awakened / ISBN 13: 9780749954437 / ISBN 10: 0749954437 / Alternative title: Black Dagger Brotherhood: Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward / Alternative ISBN 10: 0749938234

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    4 Reviews
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      19.09.2010 23:51
      Very helpful



      My favourite of the series

      The tortured Zsadist the Vampire with a dark history is the Hero of this story, his heroine the kidnapped Bella a beautiful aristrocrat taken from her home by 'lesser's who are in a war with the vampires.
      The book continues to focus on the story of John the reincarnation of Darius, and the tragic end of his adoptive mother Wellsey and Tohrments reaction.
      The history of Zsadist's character is revealed as well as his brother Phurys hunt for 100 years to find his warrior twin, the flashbacks are short and complimentary to the action.
      Despite being a fairly cruel guy i found i empathised with Zsadist and felt for him as he overcame his demons, tries to forge a bond with Bella, and ultimately becomes a better man. The movement of the story is beleivable especially as Bella goes into her 'needing' a time occuring every 5 years in female vampires. If not for this event you feel Z may not ever of got over his problems yet is forced to by his love for Bella. My favourite of the series.
      Bellas brother is the latest new character to join the cast and we learn alot more about him by the end of the book.


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      05.12.2009 12:30
      Very helpful
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      Zsadist saves Bella from her Lesser abductors

      This third installment of the Brotherhood series is a bit dark and emotional. I know that Zsadist was introduce at the previous books as scary, but really, I can't help but loved him. If I'm to picture a Prince on its white horse, it would be Zsadist, with all his goth and darkness.

      Whenever I thought or be reminded about Zsadist or Z for short, I always remember him picking up Bella's necklace on the floor and wearing it on his neck after he and the brotherhood learned that Bella was abducted by the lessers. Right then, I know that he's a true prince charming. It was like as long as he wears that necklace then he'll definitely look for Bella and bring her back to safety and away from harm.

      We first glimpse their unusual love story at Lover Eternal. Zsadist then tried his best to push away Bella. But I know better especially when he picked the necklace, it was like him promising vengeance and retribution to whoever abducted her.

      And then they found out about the location of the lessers, thanks to the kid whom Bella helped to let him get away from the lessers place, after the brotherhood figured out and estimated the location of the hide out base on what the kid said, they were off to the rescue - and the first on line was Zsadist.

      After they infiltrate the hide out and killed some lessers who was left there, they searched the place for Bella and the other abductees.

      The moment they freed Bella, Zsadist left the scene with the others (of course right after they bombed the place) to bring Bella to their secret compound to let her heal and recuperate.

      And then the start of Bella of letting Zsadist know of her feelings and Zsadist turning him away and trying to match him to his twin brother - Phury. But Bella is determined to win Zsadist love. But for how long, since Zsadist was hell bent on refusing her for some reason.

      Little did she know that the reason why he was refusing her was because of his dark past centuries ago...
      Well, after you read this, you'll fall in love with Zsadist too, after your heart was wrenched after you found out about his dark story from his past, that Bella healed because of her love for Z.

      This story is full of dark emotion, romance, and action. You'll also feel the camaraderie and the love between the twins Zsadist and Phury.

      I think Zsadist and Bella are a good pair. Z with his innermost emotion and dark secrets, a real prince always ready to rescue his princess even though the princess was the one who kissed him so he could open his eyes awake and start a new beginning. And Bella who has an unconditional love and has a positive view on life, she even learned to face her fear - the lesser who abducted her mostly - to protect Zsadist and to end her fear once and for all.


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        03.08.2009 22:38
        Very helpful



        One of my favourite books ever!

        Lover Avenged is the third book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by internationally acclaimed author J R Ward.

        The book begins six weeks after the end of the previous book Lover Eternal and continues straight on from where the story left off, so for this reason I would not recommend jumping straight into the series with this book as you will miss out on a lot of the links from the previous two books.

        The main characters in the book are Bella and Zsadist.

        We met Bella in the previous book, she was the next door neighbour of Mary Luce who is now the mate of Rhage, another member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. At the end of the previous book Bella was kidnapped by a member of the lessers (a society that exists solely to destroy vampires) and at the start of the book she is still held by them, although the Brotherhood are still looking, most of them believe that by now she will be dead.

        Zsadist is far and away the most terrifying member of the brotherhood. His appearance is described as 'like the grim reaper' and his looks seem to match his personality. However, we have seen little glimpses of the softness beneath the exterior and although he and Bella have only met a couple of times there is a connection between them.

        As the story develops, we delve into Zsadists past, a past that is truly horrific and shocking, and begin to understand the person he is today.

        The story also develops the subplot of John Matthew a little more and leaves lots of questions open about who he really is.

        I have to confess that this is my favourite of all the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels so far. Again J R Ward writes a beautiful novel that pulls the reader in until you feel part of the story. Zsadist was always the most intruiging of the Brothers and his story lives up to the expectations I had gained from the previous two novels.

        Don't start with this book in the series, but do read it!


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        14.01.2009 12:46
        Very helpful



        Another Vampire Warrior revealed


        Book Three- Lover Awakened is the third book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and is one of the most tension driven of all the books. This story continues 6 weeks after Lover Eternal finishes so jumps straight into the action and cliff hangers left by the second book. This series is very addictive and had to buy this one after winning the first two books in the series on a raffle.
        J R Ward continues her story of the Warrior vampires with the third book focusing on the Brother called Zsadist. I think this book has more action than the first two books as there were a lot of questions that needed answering from Lover Eternal and it gives a brilliant insight to vampires and relationships.

        * PLOT *

        The third book Lover awakened is again based in the city of Caldwell, NYC and is focused on the darkest brother of them all Zsadist. Reading the first two books there is quite abit revealed about Zsadist already. We know the Brothers are wary of him and no one especially the females are allowed to be alone with him. The battle between vampires and lesser's continue and grows more violent and personal with the Warriors. Zsadist being the darkest brother has a lot of people who are afraid of him because of his looks and temper. He has long jet black hair covering his face and bears a scar down his face which unlocks secrets to his past as a blood slave. His past is constantly haunting him and he cannot communicate to people very well and is scared of emotions. He has only known abuse, violence and being used so cannot connect with anyone even his twin brother Phury.

        At the end of the second book Lover Eternal Bella is kidnapped by a lesser. Bella before this found an instant attraction with Zsadist when she visited the brother's mansion with Mary but Zsadist having his problems rejected Bella's feelings until she was taken. Thirsty for revenge after realising Bella must be alive Zsadist rescues her from a pit and cares for her. The relationship between them is dramatic one moment closeness and the next anger and denial. Bella has to help her lover overcome his past in able to gain his love.

        The story also carries on with the development of John Matthew who now being taken care of brother Tohr. It shows how he starts his training to become a warrior and his struggles with communication and emotions.


        ZSADIST- The most dark and violent of the Warrior Vampires. He is a former blood slave and was badly abused in his past which now affects his abilities to connect with anyone. Even though he has a shadowy look about him his singing voice is like an angel. Zsadist although of his troubles finds it hard to communicate is also illiterate. He is not trusted fully by the others and Bella is continuously trying to help him over come his 100 years of torture. He has fallen from sanity and believes everyone wants to hurt him. Zsadist shows a change in this behaviour when meeting Bella, Mary's friend from Lover Eternal. Through out the book he changes his ways and vows to protect Bella from any harm. He shows his caring side but overcoming his past is the real challenge.

        BELLA- Bella is a strong minded female. She is also a vampire and befriended Mary in Lover Eternal. She finds an attraction with Zsadist at the end of the second book but knows he has a dark past and is not to be trusted- this danger intrigues her more. She speaks her mind and tries to show Zsadist she is not scared of him as he wants everyone to be. Bella has a brother named Revenhage who is a club owner and unknown drug dealer. Bella, who has a deepening passion for Zsadist when he rescues her, tries to help him over come his past with a rocky connection. Bella is a very determined woman in gaining his trust and even though shaken up by her kidnap experience is a very strong willed person.

        JOHN MATTHEW- John's development continues in the third book. He is now living with Brother Tohr and his Shellan Wesllie and begins training for becoming a Warrior. He finds this training difficult as others tend to bully him for his build and the fact he is mute. He is still shy and needs help communicating with others. The bond between him and Tohr grows and is really shown as father and son. He also starts to a friendship with Sarelle a young female vampire friends with Wellsie who is going to help through his transisition.

        BUTCH ONEIL- Butch is again focused in this story. His relationship with Marissa is at a dead end and he continues his life helping the brothers and living in the Pit with V. Although he had given up his policeman occupation the brothers still call him cop a lot. Butch and V have a close friendship and as Vishious has visions of Butch's future he makes Butch connect fully to him so he can protect him from danger.

        REVENHAGE- Bella's older brother and owner of Zerosum club. He is known by the warrior brothers as a dodgy drug dealer who also supplies Phury with his Red smoke. Not knowing that this is Bella's brother Revenhage also wants to kill the lesser who kidnapped his sister and is not happy about Bella staying with the brothers. Revenhage is also a mind reader. This is rare amongst vampires and this kind of race is nearly extinct. Revenhage also has desires for Marissa who has cut her connection with Butch. He provides Marissa with his blood in need for feeding her.

        The book also has minor characters including the other brothers- Wrath, Tohr, Rhage and V and also includes abit more on the Shellan's Mary, Wellsie and Beth which we know from the first two books. Also there is a fair bit on Marissa. She is seen to be struggling to connect with others after her broken relationship with Wrath and discarded connection with Butch. Aware of Revenhage's feelings for her, she denies any emotion toward him and knows she is still in love with Butch.

        ~ OPINIONS ~

        Lover eternal is the book which includes the most action and story lines. I found this book more interesting than the others as Bella and Zsadist's relationship is very complicated and very up and down. Bella is determined that Zsadist is her man but he denies his feelings to her and tries to persuade her that his brother Phury could give her what she needs. The emotions between them are very passionate. When Bella is rescued from her capturer Zsadist looks after her and refuses to let anyone take her out of his room. This shows how much he does care for Bella but when she is better and tries to connect with him he looses it and pushes her away. The atmosphere in the book is amazing especially when Bella and Zsadist are by them selves. The first time Zsadist realises his feelings for Bella in her needing time is the most sexual scene in all the books so far. The language used makes you really feel the emotions implied by the two characters and I felt so deeply absorbed by the tension.

        I like Zsadist's character a lot in this story. As he is the Brother with the most problems and issues his past is very interesting and is revealed through out the book in memories he has. He is very troubled and cannot let anyone touch him and his years of abuse have mentally scared his way with connecting with any females. He has a rumoured way of killing human females to feed on them so he does not have to drink from a vampire as he cannot be touched. He finds it hard to communicate with Bella. When she is there she tries many times just to hug him but he mentally thinks she wants to hurt him this coming from his trauma and low self esteem. I also like the way he cares for her when he rescues her. You start to see his caring side and there is such a sexual connection between them, just like bonded males Wrath and Rhage with their females. There is a scene in the beginning where he bathes her and takes care of her injuries. It is a powerful scene where he finds out he is attracted to her and feels the bond between them. He washes her in the bath and sings softly to ease her pain.

        There are many storylines as well as just Zsadist and Bella's relationship. There is still an attraction from Zsadist's brother Phury over Bella which creates a love triangle. He continues to care for her but knowing Bella's love for his brother he stands back and watches from a distant. Saying this at the end there is a twist where Phury really shows his feelings for both Bella and Zsadist. The story also shows the relationship between the two twins. It describes what they have been through together in the past and you get to understand why Phury tries to look out for Zsadist all the time. Another main storyline followed is John Matthew's development and his relationship with Tohr and Wellsie. There are a lot of dramatic events involving these three characters and disaster to end. The book ends with the cliff hanger of John and Tohr which is gripping to discover in the next book.

        I really liked the ending of Lover Awakened it maybe abit predictable but it is a real twist finding out that a few of the characters have really progressed. It skips on a few months and Zsadist has changed a lot from the beginning of the story and has turned himself around.


        I would certainly say this is a book not to miss. The story stands alone with a full dictionary of the terminology in the front but maybe hard to understand if you have not read the first two books in the series. Lover awakened is exciting, gripping and passionate and cannot be missed. I enjoyed this book a lot and have read it about 5 times now and never get bored of it.

        Website- http://www.jrward.com/index-books.html

        by J. R. Ward
        Book Three: Zsadist's Story
        ISBN# 0-451-21936-8
        Publication Date: September 5, 2006
        Paper back- 416 pages
        Price- £4.99- Amazon

        * Thanks for reading * Blackmagicstar4* Jan 2009* Also published on Ciao under the same name xx


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