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Lover Revealed - J. R. Ward

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Author: J. R. Ward / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 03 February 2011 / Genre: Fantasy / Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group / Title: Lover Revealed / ISBN 13: 9780749955328 / ISBN 10: 0749955328 / Alternative title: Black Dagger Brotherhood: Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward / Alternative ISBN 10: 0749938226

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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2009 22:07
      Very helpful
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      Highly recommended

      Lover Revealed is the fourth book in the Black Dagger Bortherhood series by internationally bestselling author J R Ward

      The main characters in this book are Butch and Marissa.

      Butch, a former homicide detective ended up falling in with the brotherhood in book one, Dark Lover. Over the last six months he has built up a close friendship with all the brothers, especially Vishous with whom he shares a house. Butch is becoming more and more frustrated with the way the brotherhood exclude him from the wars with the lessening society. He may only be human, but Butch is almost as big as any of the brothers and isn't the kind of guy who likes to take a back seat role, kidnapped by the lessening society as he saves the lives of three civilian vampires, Butch is almost killed but he is rescued by Vishous.

      The former mate of Wrath the vampire king, Marissa spent hundreds on years in misery as he did not want her. Her attraction to Butch was instantous and mutual.

      I loved this book, Marissa was a character who you could easily identify with and you found yourself willing her to be happy and admiring the newfound strength she finds in herself.

      The book builds on the previous books in the series and you do find yourself thinking 'ah of course' at times, i like the kind of series which builds from one book to the next and the clever connections that you don't see at the time, but when you read the next book you make the conection.

      The ending was great and although it had been hinted at in previous books, it was fantastic when it happened and you were genuinely glad for the couple!

      I would highly recommend this book, but would suggest you start at the beginning of the series to fully appreciate how amazing they are!


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        16.01.2009 15:21
        Very helpful



        ** Butch is in the spot light **

        ~ Lover Revealed ~

        Book Four- Love Revealed is the fourth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and the one I found most interesting so far. The story starts 6 weeks after the last book in the series Lover Awakened. Based in the same city of Caldwell this fourth book is interesting as it is based on Butch O'neil who isn't a vampire but has been accepted to live with the Brothers. The book has a lot of action in and properly has the most emotional events included than the others. I think this book is one of my favourites as there is a lot to find out and Butch is an intresting character. The addictive series contains exciting events, strong connections between human and vampires which has really brought sci-fi into a whole new level.

        * PLOT *

        The story continues with the narratives of Lover Awakened. Based 6 weeks after the last where we see Bella and Zsadist have committed their love for each other, Butch O'neil is the next to be focused on. We know quite abit about Butch from the last 3 books and there is much more to find out. Butch was an ex-cop. In the first book he is entered into the vampire world with friend Beth who is now the Vampire queen. Butch has seen a lot during this time and he has now been accepted as part as the Brothers. He is a natural fighter and goes out to help them when he can.
        Butch is the only known human to be allowed to live with the vampires and he is trusted by all of the Brothers. Butch still feels like he is missing something in himself though as he will never be able to do what the Brothers can do.

        The story starts and we see that Butch is still living with Brother Vishous and has a close friendship with the vampire. They are like soul mates and V always looks after Butch and feels connected with him. The story continues with the sub plot of his relationship with Marissa, Wrath's old shrellan. He has not seen her for a while as at the end of Lover awakened they spilt and thought each other didn't want the other. Marissa and Butch come together again. Butch has a hard time with the fighting and as he is impelled with a dark spirit things grow complicated and even stranger for all of them. Marissa has the responsibility of saving Butch when fate brings Butch closer to the Brothers but even the beauty may not be able to save him and the fate of the Brotherhood.

        * Main Characters *

        Butch O'Neil- The ex cop living with the Brothers is determined and strong minded at fighting. He is trusted by the Brothers and still has an extremely close bond with Vishous. His love for Marissa has not gone away and when they are reunited he shows that his heart belongs to her.
        Butch is the most interesting character as a lot of changes happen to the human in this book which I found intriguing. Butch wants to be like the Brothers but fate has some surprises for him.

        Marissa- Lover revealed also focuses on Butch's love Marissa. After the last book we find out that she is unhappy and then looses her relationship with brother Havers. Her love for Butch has been put to the back of her mind but when Butch is injured she runs to save him. Marissa becomes stronger throughout the book and she changes a lot when dealing with the complicated circumstances that arise.

        Vishous- V is focused on abit in Lover Revealed as he is Butch's closest friend. We don't know a lot about him other than he used to be in a military camp to fight and that he has had a hard past. Vishous has a special bond with Butch after Butch drinking his blood in Lover Awakened. He feels that he has to look after him and I get the feeling he has a slight love for Butch as wanting to be with him. V also has a hard time with his sexual life. He cannot be with females for very long and has a harsh way of doing what he has to do but he doesn't seem to be connected to them when he is with them.

        John Matthew- John continues to train under the Brother's training classes.
        Has he grows nearer to his transition he starts to loose everything around him. He is forced to move into the Mansion when a disaster strikes Tohr and Wesllie. He has a hard time trying to train as his friends all hit their transitions before him and he cannot cope with his emotions. The impact of his issues really makes you sympathise for him.

        * Other Characters *

        All of the other characters from the previous books are still included in Lover Revealed. The other Brothers especially- Rhage, Zsadist and Phury. Revenhage is also still running the club and helps out the Brothers from time to time. He and Butch have a fight after he finds out he is the one feeding Marissa and desires for her but he understands Marissa only has eyes for Butch. The other Shrellan's are still living at the mansion- Bella, Beth and Mary and Bella becomes pregnant.

        * OPINIONS *

        Lover Revealed is a very interesting book and properly one of the best in the series. It has more complicated plots and more there are many twists in the book that I wouldn't have guessed would have happened. Butch being only human cannot be as fast or strong as the vampires but he is still very much determined to fight along side them against the Lesser's. Butch's fate makes interesting changes in the group and Butch goes from being the human to being to help a lot more. The fighting scenes are good in this book and it seems to be including more violence.

        The relationships in the book are the most interesting than the others as we have many connections between the characters. Butch and Marissa have a complicated one where never of them believe the other loves them. When they do finally come together they are so passionate and they why they express there love for each other is indulgent. They do have a very close bond which makes Butch do anything for his love. The other interesting bond is between Butch and Vishous. Vishous does have some major issues which he has not moved on from. He has trouble with connecting with people except for his best friend Butch. He is the only person he feels he can talk to and feels and closeness for the human. Butch and V are seen as looking after each other and always having drinks together but V has deeper meanings for his affections. I get the feeling that he is jealous of Marissa and thinks about why he is not with Butch. I don't think in the end it that he really means that he wants to be with Butch but he properly just envies that he can never have that connection with a female of worth.

        Butch's character has a lot of changes throughout this book which really has an effect on all of the other characters in the story. Butch seems to be much more strong minded and more determined that he will help the brother's with their war. You see a whole new side to Butch that you would not have guessed when he first joins the group. I also liked finding out more about his past as we do not know anything about his human family or life except that his sister was murdered ten years ago. He has a drinking and smoking habit and can really get into a depression mess when things get on top of him. We are introduced to his sister and mother who are really motivating and help you understand why he does not anything to do with that family anymore. He sees his family as the Brothers and he feels he doesn't belong in the human world anymore.

        The language used again is very metaphoric and J R Ward really creates the right atmospheres for each scene of the book. It is emotional, sexy and exciting which is what is needed in a successful love/ action book. The ending is properly the best one yet in the four books. It has the most gripping twists and action that I started the next book straight after this one. The atmosphere created is ecstatic and I had to read the last chapter the one go as it was impossible to put down. All of the characters has progressed the furthest in Lover Revealed and there is a high moral of fate. The fate of Butch and the Brother is shown at the end and it is very surprising and creative.

        * RECOMMEND *

        Lover revealed is a must have if you have read any of the others in the series. The stories are addictive and the action is thrilling. The novel again includes a dictionary for the lexis of the vampires and even though the books are in a series you wouldn't be totally confused if you read it on its own. You can buy the book of Play and other websites such as Amazon for about 5-6 pounds. There is another book coming out in May of this year which I will be getting straight away.

        - Website- http://www.jrward.com/index-books.html

        Lover Revealed

        By J R Ward
        Pages- 320
        £5.99 - Play.com
        Publisher- Piatkus Books in 2007
        ISBN- 9780749938222


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