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Black Man - Richard Morgan

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2 Reviews

Author: Richard Morgan / Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Publisher: Gollancz

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    2 Reviews
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      15.02.2009 21:02



      Read this book its a cracker.

      Black Man.
      This book has a feel of Bladerunner meets Jason Bourne meets Hitman.

      Carl Marsalis was created.
      Carl is a variant Thirteen.

      He was made to genetically be the best, the most perfect super soldier there had ever been. But something has gone wrong after his last mission Carl has lost his willingness to kill. His superiors refuse to believe and instead use him as a Hitman for the UN. However this failure to kill gets him into trouble and he ends up arrested and in jail in Miami.
      Carl thinks that now it must truly all be over with but then another Thirteen has just returned from Mars and is running around killing people. It is also killing off other Thirteens. Carl must find and kill it or wait for it to come for him.
      But as usual not everything is as it seems and soon there are twists and turns along the way and the conclusion is a superb ending to the book.
      The writing is crisp and fresh.
      Whilst the book races along and makes the book a real page turner.
      This is a book I would read again.
      Highly recommended.

      Written by Richard Morgan.


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      12.05.2008 09:14
      Very helpful



      An Okay Read

      Black Man.

      Author - Richard MORGAN.

      Ok, here's a rough outline of the plot/plots,
      Carl Marsalis is a variant Thirteen (a genetically engineered subject of a failed government and military program, to create the deadliest of soldiers).

      He is now a hit man with a UN mandate to find and dispatch ROGUE thirteen's. The problem is that Carl has lost the will to kill. Then a job takes a turn for the worse and he's arrested in Miami. Carl believes that he can now leave his troubled past behind him. However, what APPEARS to be, a mentally unstable thirteen returns from Mars and crashes the ship he's on into the Pacific, Only to reappear later and leave a trail of devastation and bodies in his wake for no apparent reason.
      Soon afterward, government officials arrive at jail and bail Carl out. But nothings free and they want him to help them deal what those seemingly random murders. Unfortunately there is much more to this than meets the eye.

      Background info,
      The USA has now split into three separate States: the North Atlantic Union, the Pacific Rim and the Republic, also known as Jesusland.
      China is now a superpower with the rest of the world is falling far behind.

      The characters are gritty and well written but there is no real background on why the world is the way it is now.
      Sometimes however the book seems to stall on pace, only later to pick up again.
      The main character has 'hunches' which are always spot on, (a bit of a lazy way to move the plot forwards).There are twists and turns but i never found them original.
      The book is described as "a high octane, action packed thriller", which in some parts is true.

      Make no mistake, I enjoyed reading this book but only give it a 6.5/10 rating.



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    • Product Details

      One hundred years from now, and against all the odds, Earth has found a new stability; the political order has reached some sort of balance, and the new colony on Mars is growing. But the fraught years of the 21st century have left an uneasy legacy ...Genetically engineered alpha males, designed to fight the century's wars have no wars to fight and are surplus to requirements. And a man bred and designed to fight is a dangerous man to have around in peacetime. Many of them have left for Mars but now one has come back and killed everyone else on the shuttle he returned in. Only one man, a genengineered ex-soldier himself, can hunt him down and so begins a frenetic man-hunt and a battle survival. And a search for the truth about what was really done with the world's last soldiers. BLACK MAN is an unstoppable SF thriller but it is also a novel about predjudice, about the ramifications of playing with our genetic blue-print. It is about our capacity for violence but more worrying, our capacity for deceit and corruption. This is another landmark of modern SF from one of its most exciting and commercial authors.

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