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Black Sunrise - Kindle Edition

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Genre: Sci-Fi & fantasy / Author: Christina Engela / Kindle Edition

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2011 14:04
      Very helpful



      Christina Engela does it again with another great novel!

      Black Sunrise is another awesome sci-fi novel written by the hideously under-rated transgender author, Christina Engela. Most people will never have heard of this author (I myself stumbled over her by accident) and this is a crying shame as her work is brilliantly good sci-fi!

      Black Sunrise depicts events that happened a mere two months before those that occur in The Time Saving Agency and hence first introduces us to some of the inhabitants on the planet Deanna whom fans may already be acquainted with. Marsh'k is a Ruminarii obsessed with furthering his career. Already as high up on the promotion ladder as he wants to be, and determined to keep himself there (Ruminarii are normally only promoted after assinatring their predecessors!), he decides to launch an attack against a seemingly easy target: Deanna.

      A couple of centuries ago, Rumanarii invading forces were repelled by humanity in an infamous conflict called The Gimp War. Time has passed but old rivalries run deep and Marsh'k sees this as a way of bringing back some old fashioned honour to his people especially as Deanna has no official Military presence!

      Unfortunately,he doesn't factor into the equation the determination of an angry mob (who resent having their capital city bombed), an ex Colonial Intelligence Agent who is on an extended vacation after changing her gender, a passionate Bounty Hunter whose moniker is The Bad-Feller (and not for the reasons you might be thinking!) or a sentient shrubbery and a case of expensive sherry?!?

      Once again, this is a great novel that has been brilliantly conceived. The theme of prejudice against Transgendered people lifts its ugly head and is casually thrown into the mix but nevere forced down your throat giving you an exciting sci-fi adventure that comes complete with something a little different; a moral message.

      I loved this and thought it one of the best books in her series, my only upset is that I onl;y have a couple more to read and then there are no more! This is a crying shame because Christina has a real flair for storytelling and it would be great to read a few more tales set in the same universe!

      Once again, this is available for free from Obooko.com as a PDF file which can be easily transferred to Kindle. If you own such a device, I cannot recommend this highly enough!


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