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Blood and Sand - Nick Shadow

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Nick Shadow / Paperback / 192 Pages / Book is published 2005-10-13 by Hodder Children's Books

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2008 15:52
      Very helpful




      This book happens to be the second book in the Midnight Library series, and I have done a review to the first book which is called Voices. Now for anyone who hasn't read my review on voices, I am asking you to read that review first considering you will not understand what I'm talking about.

      Now there are (as always) 3 stories inside this book, well I should say 3 spine-chilling stories in this book. Now you might be wondering what the author is of these 3 stories, because last time they were adapted from the original author. This time the author is Ethan Spicer. Now I know that on the front of the book it says Nick Shadow, but he only adapted the stories to make them readable to his readers.

      Now I am going to do what I did to the first book, and review each story as if it's a book on its own because, the stories were individually different...

      The first story is called Blood and Sand (Which is also the title of the book)
      Now I shall keep this review pretty simple considering this story was only 36 pages long... It is about 2 children who are at the holiday park they always have been going since they remember, but I wouldn't call it a holiday park more like a battered old place with no life in it what so ever. But the only reason they go every year is because their parents first met there. Problem is that then it was lively and there were tons of people about and tons of shops and everything, including a pier. But now the pier is falling to bits, almost all the shops have closed down, and there is only the sand competition left to keep it fun.

      But they've noticed they have no chance, because the sandman always wins... Last year he created a dog, one exactly the same as the dog found on the beach, but now the dog has disappeared and John and Sarah are on the sandman's tail. But when they come up against the sinister Sandman, they really begin to wish they'd stay at home...

      Now this first story had to be my fave story so far

      Well the second story is called Man's Best Friend
      Now I also liked this story, it had a brilliant story line, but considering the book before it was short, this one was quite long with 98 pages, but it was a good story...

      It's about a boy named Ben, and he's Grandpa died. Now Ben was fond of his grandpa and also his grandpa was fond of him, and when he died Ben inherited 2 things. A) A nice watch, & B) A horrible, ugly-looking Parrot. Problem is, that the bird has hypnotised his parents and they aren't acting the same and they love the parrot more than Ben. But the parrot wants to kill and destroy Ben as Ben and his dog Rex can not be hypnotised by the parrot. Also Ben's new watch has a secret message from his Grandpa. And Ben reads it... He then finds out that there is a demon trapped in the parrot's body and it's up to Ben to find a book, his grandpa ordered, to read the spell, and get rid of the parrot, easy right? WRONG. The words are in a total different language and if he says 1 word wrong then something drastic could happen... Will Ben be able to defeat this demon or not?

      Now I really loved the twist at the end but it'll kill the story, but I'm telling you. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK SO YOU CAN FIND OUT THE TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Now the third and final story in the book is called Stranger in the house
      Now this story was a short but exciting one, its 42 pages long...

      It's about 3 children named Robbie, Jessica and Megan. And a babysitter whose friends with all 3 of them, but today she's came home and she is not the same person, she has horrible green eyes, and she is totally mean, they then find out that she is a doppelganger... It's kind of like an opposite version of a person. Everyone is supposed to have one somewhere in the world. A very nice person will have an evil doppelganger, and vice versa. And you can usually tell them apart because they're not completely identical. There might be small clues, like different eye colour or slightly different teeth. And if the two shall ever meet, the weaker one shall die. But will often but up one heck of a fight.
      And now she was taking poor Megan t5o possibly see Megan's Doppelganger. What can they do, she's shutting off all types of communication to the outside world and Jessica is all on her own, her brother Robbie is now a doppelganger, can she get Mom and dad to help or not? Read it before I tell you the twist!!!

      Now I bet you are wondering how I ever got into reading the midnight Library series... Well it started when I saw the first book Voices hidden in The Works book shop for just only £1.00 I didn't really know what it was about and so I just picked it up, then all of a sudden I fell in love with the beautiful story lines and then decided to try and get the full series off Amazon, but I'm still after the last 2 books.

      Now I shall not tell you anything that interested me into the book because I presume you have already read the review I did on the prequel to this book and I shall not bore you by repeating myself. But I do love the covers on the books as they are shiny and life like, especially the shadowed picture.

      Now all I'm hoping for is to find more reviews on this book although that is highly unlikely, and if you don't think I deserve a crown for this review please tell me why


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