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Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual - Bobbi Brown

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2 Reviews
  • Full Colour
  • Great Hints and Tips
  • Feels like she is showing off a tiny bit
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    2 Reviews
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      19.10.2014 11:48
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Great Hints and Tips "
      • "Full Colour "
      • "Easy to follow diagrams "


      • "Feels like she is showing off a tiny bit"

      Fab Makeup Manual

      Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

      I have been in love with makeup for some time now (as you may be able to tell from my reviews) and earlier this year was bought this book by my colleagues. I had already seen this reviewed around the internet and was really excited to start reading it.

      This book is set up into twelve different c hapters these include:

      • Makeup Artistry – this is an introduction about Bobbi’s work and also what it is to be a makeup artist.
      • Equipment – this is about what you will need as a makeup artist, where to get the tools and how to care for them.
      • Skin – this talks about how we look after our own skin and the skin of clients.
      • Face- this talks about how we prepare the face for makeup, concealers, foundation, different skin types, how to use powders, bronzers and blush.
      • Lips-what colours best to use, types of products and how they are applied.
      • Eyes – eyebrows, eyeshadows, eyeliners and eye lashes are all discussed here.
      • Ten Step Guide to Perfect Makeup – this includes photo face charts that are really easy to follow.
      • Special Makeup Application- this is all about makeup at different stages of life. As a teen, a bride and an older woman , along with makeup during pregnancy.
      • Artistry – this is all about getting into the industry and career options.
      • Essential Equipment for the professional – very similar to the first chaper but focusing more on the makeup artist role.
      • Advanced Makeup Applications – for various types of media.
      • Memorable Makeup and Makeup Legends – this section is really interesting revealing the history of makeup.
      First of all this book is beautiful. It is packed full of colour photographs, easy to follow diagrams and some fantastic pieces of advice. The way to booked is sectioned makes it very easy to follow and it is great to use for reference. As I am fairly experienced with makeup a lot of the basic bits did not apply for me, but this is perfect for the beginner. My favourite section is the history of makeup and it makes me want to buy a whole book about the subject.

      There is one niggle. Throughout the books it seems a little like she is showing off her celebrity friends and status. This can not only be a little off putting, but give burgeoning makeup artists a slightly unrealistic view.
      This book retails for £25.99 and can be bought from any good bookstore. I would recommend this to beginners or just makeup obsessives!


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        21.08.2009 21:16
        Very helpful



        Brilliant book to the basic to the professional

        Bobbi brown Makeup Manual

        ~About Bobbi Brown~
        Bobbi Brown was born April 14th 1957. Bobbi's cosmetics are sold in over 400 stores and 20 countries worldwide.
        Bobbi Brown has written may books in her time and all have been a huge success.

        Bobbi also partners with a charity called Dress for Success where she gives underprivileged women attractive clothes to wear to job interviews

        ~About the Book ~
        Bobbi gives her professional advice on all things beauty.
        The contents include:
        * Makeup Artistry
        * Equipment
        * Skin
        * Face
        * Lips
        * Eyes
        * Ten-Step Guide to Perfect Makeup
        * Special Makeup Applications
        * Artistry
        * Essential Equipment for the Professional
        * Advanced Makeup Applications
        * Memorable Makeup Moments and Legends
        * Lets start with Makeup Artistry

        Bobbi talks about when she first got into makeup and how it happened. How she used to use her mother's makeup to experiment. Bobbi wanted people to say she looked pretty and not notice the makeup she wore.
        Years later Bobbi started to work as a makeup artist and she learnt all her skills from the leading professionals.

        By the time Bobbi had her own line of cosmetics she all ready had makeup artists working for her who helped her with fashion shows. Bobbi loves working with people and making them feel good not caked in makeup.

        Bobbi talks about her makeup kits and what should be in what bag for quick easy access. Bobbi tries to keep makeup to a minimum so you don't have to carry loads of products with you. She talks about your home makeup bag, everyday bag, evening bag, in your work desk draw, in your gym bag and for travel.
        Very useful as they really are the basic items that you need unlike me who wants to carry everything.
        Essential Tools - Here is where Bobbi talks about her different makeup brushes and makeup accessories and what they are used for and why. How to assess their quality and tips.
        Shopping for Supplies - Bobbi gives you some great tips of where to shop for good quality products.
        What happens if your favourite product has been discontinued, purchasing tips do's and dont's.
        How to take care of your tools and makeup also maintenance.
        Ever wondered how you take care of brushes, sponges, eyelash curlers etc? Bobbi tells you how.

        Bobbi talks you through about your lifestyle and nutrition. How to feed your skin and making it look its best from food and health. What vitamins are in which foods. How sleep, alcohol, exercise, smoking, sun and more contribute to your skins health.
        Skincare basics - There are some women and men who don't even know the basics of taking care of your skin or don't even know there skin type. Bobbi tells you in a step by step guide so you can determine your skin type at ease.
        Cleansing and Toning the Face - Ever wanted to know what cleansers and toners would be best for your skin? Confused by the different types on the market? Worry no more.
        Removing makeup has never been easier with Bobbi helping you.
        Moisturising and Skin Protection - Bobbi is good at describing how to take care of your skin while in the sun and how to moisturise properly.
        Bobbi also gives you a run down in her skincare glossary.

        Bobbi tells you how to prepare the skin for makeup application.
        Concealers and Foundation - Bobbi tells you why concealers are so good and a must in every womans makeup routine. How to choose the correct corrector colour, correct brightener. How concealer brightens the face and how to set it in place.
        Foundation - Which formula to use, how to find the perfect shade, tools to use while applying foundation. Foundation application with pictures.
        Multicolour Foundation and Powder Application - This section is for darker skin types.
        Special Skin Conditions - Bobbi tells you how to disguise scars and tattoos, acne, freckles, wrinkles etc.
        Powder - How to choose the right power for your skin type and colour.
        Bronzers and Self Tanners - How to choose the right colour, which formula is best, how to apply.
        Blush - Different formulas, application.

        Colour and Application - guide to selecting the right lip colour, formulas, application with pictures. How to use a lip pencil and how to apply gloss.

        * Eyes
        How to shape your eyebrows and get more definition, colour chart, how to do it with pictures, pictures for Asian brows, how to tweeze.
        Eyeshadow - Colour chart for your right shade, basic application, how to contour, playing with colour. How to apply cream eyeshadow.
        Eyeliner - Correct eyeliner application, formulas, how to apply pictures. Special effects with eyeliner. How to create the smokey eye look.
        Eyelashes - How to apply mascara without lashes looking clumpy, different formulas, how to curl lashes, and false eyelash application with pictures.

        *Ten Step Guide to Prefect Makeup
        Bobbi goes though a ten step chart with pictures to perfect makeup application.

        * Special Makeup Applications
        How to do bridal makeup, special occasion makeup, teens makeup, makeup for more mature skin, makeup during pregnancy, bad day beauty.

        * Artistry
        Bobbi talks about what it takes to be a professional.

        * Essential Equipment for the Professional
        Bobbi talks about what makeup you need in your professional kit. With hits and tips.

        * Advanced Makeup Applications
        Applications for television, magazine shoots, photography.

        * Memorable Makeup Moments and Legends
        Bobbi goes though the years of makeup and the legends in them.

        ~Where to buy and Price of Book~
        You can buy this book off www.amazon.co.uk for £12.99 and free post and packaging.

        ~Personal Review~
        I have found this book to be most useful, I haven't got any other books from Bobbi but I am glad I have this. I have found some useful tips that I can always refer back to.

        A winning book from Bobbi Brown


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