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Booty Nomad - Scott Mebus

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Author: Scott Mebus / Genre: Fiction

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    1 Review
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      09.12.2005 10:01
      Very helpful



      First novel

      Couple of weeks back in the Sunday Telegraph there was an interview with the daughter of Bertie Ahern who is a rather successful author despite her young age. In the interview she complained that her work is categorized as “chick lit” whilst if she wrote for men then her work would be called fiction. Well if there was such a thing as “bloke lit” then Booty Nomad would be firmly in that genre.

      Booty Nomad is the first novel by Scott Mebus and the New York author is a former producer with MTV whilst also writing stand up comedy and music. The rights to Booty Nomad have been snapped up by Hollywood so expect a cinema offering in the near future and also a second novel called The Big Happy.

      If I had read the inside cover of this book before purchasing it I probably would not have bothered as it contains the quote “Bridget Jones in boxers” as part of the advertising blurb and as I have avoided both book and film to date I would not have bought it. Fortunately I purchased this from Amazon so looking at the inside cover was not possible and I’m grateful that I did not as this book is a very funny entertaining read with some great situations woven into the storyline.

      The Plot

      The main character is David and the entire story is told through his eyes in the first person. David has recently broken up from what he believed to be the love of his life however one morning he realized that he was no longer happy in the relationship and ended it much to the distress of his former partner who refuses to accept that the relationship is over and has been steadily bombarding him with calls ever since.

      David lives in a small apartment in Manhattan and has an easy job producing a children’s puppet programme for which he is paid a good wage and does not have to over exert himself. Once again entering the dating world David shows his insecurity and immature nature initially deciding that he needs to assess his friends and workmates as being suitable for him rather than having to try to meet someone from scratch. However when he meets a girl at a party he falls head over heels in love with what turns out to be an equally dysfunctional character as himself.


      The strength of this book is threefold, the excellent characters, the great situations that David finds himself in and the fact that the book is not only funny but quite touching with a soft side to it that counters the cynical New York attitude to dating.

      A lot of the characters in the book have their quirks. David for instance has a nickname for every female contact that he makes. His former girlfriend is The Eater of Souls which I think is a wonderful description and immediately tells the reader everything you need to know about the person in question. The new object of his desire becomes The Goddess whilst others luxuriate in such great names as Moose Girl, Opera Girl and The Screamer.

      David best friend Jim has a hilarious obsession with Goths who he contacts through the internet and is busy planning a weekend of debauchery on a visit upstate whilst his closest female friend Annie is struggling with her own commitment problems and the family from hell, Annie also happens to be the Eater of Souls sister and hence is drawn into the break up even more so.

      Combined all of the characters provide a sort of drinking camaraderie with the sense of humour and banter that can only take place between good friends who still take a strange delight in putting each other down.


      This is certainly a book worth checking out, for the males out there who have lived through the dating maze it will provide a few memories and the odd knowing grin while for the female species it will just confirm some of your expectations that deep down we are all quite immature and self centered.

      Some of the situations David finds himself in are hilarious and wonderfully described with a biting black humour that really does paint a perfect picture of city life. David’ attempt to master the art of phone sex is both funny and frustrating whilst his encounters with his sexually rampant parents are cringe worthy. The highlight for me was the drug fuelled camping trip with his boss and three other colleagues from work including Bendy Girl who was the temporary home for his affections at the time of the trip.

      The storyline moves on a fast pace and rarely is there a wasted word with sharp biting text with David observations on life and the rules of dating. I will certainly be looking out for the next book by Scott Mebus as he has proved to be an entertaining and innovative writer.

      Published by Pan the rrp is £6.99. I purchased my copy a while back from Amazon as part of a three for £12 offer.

      Thanks for reading and rating my review.


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    • Product Details

      A wickedly funny and unexpectedly touching romantic comedy, shot through with vibrant, witty, dialogue and lovably mixed up characters How could I have loved the Eater of Souls, you might ask? She played games with my head, she mocked my insecurities, she refused to have sex with me because she said she felt like her dog was watching. Her dog was in New Jersey. She just felt like he was watching. You know, across space and time. He was that kind of dog. But despite all this she was perfect for me. That is, until one day I woke up and looked over at her sleeping face and noticed something. I was unhappy. I loved her, I ache for her to this day, but I wasn't happy. So I did the hardest and most courageous thing I have ever done. I broke up with her a month later by e-mail. Okay, in many ways, I'm small. But I'm trying to get bigger. David's a wreck. He doesn't know how to get over the Eater of Souls. He slept with someone else a week later (that was like poking the fresh wound with a salt shaker); he's tried looking at his female friends in a new light ('it would make it so much easier if I already knew the next girl of my dreams'); his friend Annie baked him cookies (she's wonderful, but like a sister); and he's hung out a lot with Jim (who has a kinky thing going with some internet Goth chicks). So far, though, he still feels the Eater there, like a phantom limb after a painful amputation. And then he meets the Goddess. She's funny; she's beautiful; she works with problem children, for goodness sake: she's perfect. David's clearly got about a one in a million chance of not screwing this up.

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