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Catch a Fallen Angel - Kathleen Kane

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Author: Kathleen Kane / Genre: Fiction

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2001 08:12
      Very helpful



      You will be fascinated by this book. What if you were given a second chance at deaths doorway. Would you take it no matter what the price? If the devil was the one giving you the chance, would you take it? The first thing I'll do is introduce you to the characters. Gabe Donovan: gambler and drinker. Got convicted for a crime he did not commit and was hanged. Maggie Benson: runs a restaurant in Regret, Neveda. She has a son who she dotes on. His name is Jake. She is also a widow. Henry: Maggie's dad and also a friend of Gabe and a con artist also. Doris: Friend of Maggie Devil; out to get Gabe's soul Those are the main characters. Gabe spends his time in saloons and never has even thought about settling down. He rides up on a town that Henry has been in and the town folk are all upset and are convinced that Gabe was in on the con that Henry had done. They decide to hang him which they proceed to do. The towns people are on their way back to town so they don't witness what takes place next. The branch where the rope was hanging from breaks and Gabe falls to the ground. He comes to and loo and behold there is a man all dressed in black talking to him. He makes Gabe realize that he is dead and tells him that he has a deal for him. He told Gab that if he brought to him the man that was supposed to be hanged he would give him two extra months to live. Of course, the man he is supposed to deliver is none other than Henry. Gabe agrees to the deal not realizing what lies in store for him. The first person he runs into in Regret is Maggie and things start to get interesting. She is the owner and cook of the restaurant in Regret. The interesting thing is she can't cook a hoot. No one wants to eat at her restaurant. So Gabe asks Maggie (after a very interesting situation happens) if she would consider highering him on. Maggie considers it and aft
      er some thought decides to hire Gab. He helps her improve her restaurant and even tries to teach her how to cook. The restaurant gets a remodeling job by Maggies design and everyone finds out that Maggie has artistic abilities. There is chemistry between Gabe and Maggie and things start happening between those two. Gabe keeps trying to let her know that in two months that he has got to leave. After they get involved Maggie manages to find out why he has to leave and thinks he is making it all up. One night she follows him and actually sees the devil materize and realizes that Gabe has been telling the truth all the time. You'll have to read the book to see how this all turns out. I will say it kept me on the edge of my seat. I read the book from beginning to end in one sitting and the end will definitely surprise you.


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      This book is about a gambler is hanged and makes a deal with the devil to get two more months to live and in those two months he falls in love with Maggie Benson who has a son.

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