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Christmas with a Vampire - Merline Lovelace

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: Merline Lovelace/Lori Devoti/Linda Winstead Jones/Lisa Childs/Bonnie Vanak / Paperback / 544 Pages / Book is published 2010-11-05 by Harlequin, Mills & Boon

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2011 05:49
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      A christmas book with bite!

      I have a real penchant for reading, any book will do I am not proud! Though I do enjoy the new (and old!) wave of vampire stories available to buy, with me and my sister taking it in turns buying series, then swapping for the other to read, it saves money!

      So for Christmas I wanted to get her a new vampire book as part of her present, but wanted to make sure it wasn't one she already had, not an easy feat I can assure you!

      After perusing through the vampire section in Waterstones, I found the book I will review for you now, this of course was "the one", and after taking a sneaky peek to see what the text was like, fell straight into a rather erotic but well worded sex scene, so knew that it was perfect!

      The book in question is - "Christmas with a vampire".

      The book contains five sort stories, all supposedly set around Christmas time, and all are in my opinion "love stories".

      "A Christmas kiss" by Merline Lovelace (I know, a fantastic name isn't it!)

      Brett is a man on a mission, after his wife was murdered by the notorious serial killer "the Christmas killer" (I know, not original!), and had captured him previously, the killer had now escaped custody and was once again on the loose.

      After working a 48 hour shift as the local law enforcement officer, he nearly runs over what appears to be a very drunk young lady, but of course nothing is as it ever seems.

      "The vampire who stole Christmas" by Lori Devoti.

      Dryston is a vampire on a mission. After his heartless adoptive mother left him for dead when a drug deal went wrong with his adoptive brother, she decided to save face with her very famous political family and the media and leave him to die and blame all the scandal on him.

      Little does she know that a vampire found him and turned him, so now she has one bad ass dead dude after her, wanting to avenge his death, but with all good revenge stories there is always a girl in the background......

      "Sundown" by Linda Winstead Jones.

      Abby has been around for a long time, 600 years to be exact. She runs the local bar where all the local vampires gravitate to, for pigs blood after hours, and for advice on how to blend in with the humans, knowing that exposure would mean them all having to move and starting somewhere new, something none of them want to do.

      Unfortunately there is a murder, one that seems to be pointing the finger at the vampires, with a local girl being completely drained of blood and then having her throat ripped out.

      When the local law enforcement comes around with questions Abby feels a pull towards the officer, something that she hasn't felt I a few hundred years.......

      "Nothing says Christmas like a vampire" by Lisa Childs.

      Sienna is finally alone in the world, after losing her parents in a tragic car accident when she was a child she was taken in by her Grandmother and brought up by her too.

      Though she is now gone, taken by her old age leaving Sienna to piece back her life, though she is particularly disturbed by the ramblings of her grandmother towards the end, though is not worried by it.

      She really should be worried though, the ramblings are actually confessions of another breed of person, one that takes human blood to survive, and in breaking the code of silence she has now endangered Sienna's life.....

      "Unwrapped" by Bonnie Vannak.

      Everyone on both sides of the clan warned them they shouldn't mix, let alone fall in love.

      Adrian is a vampire and Sarah is a werewolf, but when the pair decide to join forces to defeat the evil intentions of a breakaway group of werewolves, Sarah seemingly defects and leaves Adrian to his death, though thankfully his own kind help him, but not until he is damaged, a scar to remind him of his foolishness.

      It is a year later, and Adrian has been given a rather thoughtful gift by the goblins he is being served by.....Sarah.

      As you may have gathered this is not in depth or intellectual reading by any means, being shortish stories of the love that could potentially happen between vampire and human (or werewolf!).

      The stories range from being relatively readable (the first two listed) through to actually quite good (the remainder of the list, though the third one more so due to how erotic it gets in the sex scenes!).

      The stories are around four to five chapters long each, so the story doesn't really get much time to develop, this is a good thing though as the characters and scene setting happens quickly, almost rushing towards the culmative sex scene's, and believe me there are quite a few of them!

      I did enjoy this book though, it is quite amusing at times and full of blood and sex which I have to say is the ideal vampire story for me, though I did laugh when looking at the back cover of the book and discovering that this is actually a "Mills & Boon" creation, that would explain why all the sex was there!

      Price wise this purchased for £7.99 from www.waterstones.co.uk.

      This is a fun book that, even though very erotic in places is never actually sexually explicit with the language being far too flowery for that, recommended!

      Thanks for reading x

      ISBN 978-0-263-88823-2


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