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Cowboy Domination - Stacey Espino

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Genre: Fiction / Erotic / Author: Stacey Espino / Kindle Edition / Book is published 2010-12-29 by Siren Publishing

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2011 00:05
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      This review is of an erotic romance novel, that means that it will include references to sex.

      Callie is a cowgirl who lives on a farm with her sick Grandfather. Taxes have been high and there's been pressure for her to sell to the Black brothers who own a much bigger farm nearby and need her land to expand. Callie is struggling financially but she's determined to keep her family home, at least while her Grandfather is still alive. The Black brothers offer her a deal, her body in exchange for them backing off and allowing her to keep her land. Callie soon finds herself developing feelings for the Black brothers but do they want anything more than sex and even if they do how can she make a relationship with three men work?

      This ebook was an impulse buy, amazon recommended it to me and it seemed like it might be something that I would enjoy. I generally prefer my menage romance novels not to include brothers, but as long as there's no incest I'm happy to read about these less conventional relationships. I think that because it was an impulse buy and I had no preconceptions I'm perhaps feeling a bit more generous towards the novel than I would be if it was written by a writer who I know and like.

      As a romantic erotic book this novel was severely lacking and if I was reviewing this just as erotica then I would be rating it higher. This novel was very erotic. The sex is the main focus of this novel and it's all very kinky. Think bondage, light s&m, domination (as the title suggests), group sex and sex toys. In some ways the romance side of the novel actually got in the way of the eroticism because there were so many times that sex scenes were interrupted due to the fact that the author was trying to move the plot along. The sex scenes were, in my opinion, very hot, kinky and well written. Although I have to say completely unrealistic. Not the actual sex but the circumstances around it.

      The romance is where this novel really falls down. The plot isn't particularly good but that's to be expected in a novel in this genre, people don't read it for a well thought out plot! I was never really convinced about the romance. The three brothers have quite distinct characters but they're not particularly well developed. I don't think it would have been possible for the author to really develop their characters in such a short novel and it already feels like there wasn't really enough space to do this book justice. In some ways the men become more like symbols of the kind of men that they represent. So you have Boyd who is the gentleman and Colton who is the womaniser and then Waylon who is the irresponsible one who has never really found his place as the youngest of three brothers. I think that had the characters been better developed it may have felt like the novel had some more depth. Callie is reasonably well developed and as the novel starts with her worrying for her grandfather I immediately sympathised with her. I thought that she was a great combination of fire, independence and vulnerability. But even Callie wasn't amazing well developed.

      We are told that all of the brothers have feelings for Callie but I never really felt that they did. Part of the problem for me was that I didn't actually like Colton at all. In fact the only brother that I really liked was Boyd, Waylon I felt pretty indifferent towards. I spent a lot of the novel hoping that she would just end up with Boyd and that is not something that you should be feeling in a ménage novel. Another part of the problem was that they did treat Callie pretty badly at points in this novel and didn't really seem to be considering her feelings at all. And with the exception of Boyd they seem to make it clear that expanding their farm is more important than she is.

      The author does seem to set up some really dramatic scenes but she never actually carries them off. I think that novels like this need the angst followed by the dramatic make up scenes but this novel didn't have that. The author attempted to do that but it didn't feel like it was enough. Everything just felt very shallow. By the end I was convinced that they would have a lifetime of great sex but not that they would live happily ever after.

      This novel is reasonably well written and the sex scenes were hot but that's about all this novel has going for it. I'm going to rate it three stars because it at least fulfilled part of my expectations for an erotic romance novel. I just think there needed to be more romance and that it needed to be more convincing.


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