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Dead Reckoning - Charlaine Harris

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3 Reviews

Author: Charlaine Harris / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 13 September 2012 / Genre: Fantasy / Publisher: Orion Publishing Co / Title: Dead Reckoning / ISBN 13: 9780575131408 / ISBN 10: 0575131408 / Alternative EAN: 9780441020317

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    3 Reviews
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      20.05.2012 10:41
      Very helpful
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      Classic Sookie story

      ==Synopsis of the book:==

      Sookie Stackhouse the telepathic waitress from Bon Temps has a bizarre and amazing life. Her lover is Eric Northman who is the Sheriff of area 5 is a powerful Vampire, she works for a Shapeshifter and she is living with two Fairies!! As if life wasn't confusing enough she receives word that Sandra Pelt is out to kill her wanting to avenge her sister's death which she holds her responsible for.

      Sookie is working one night at Merlotte's Bar when a fire-bomb is thrown through one of the windows. No-one is hurt but the Bar is badly damaged and while Sam her Boss thinks its because he has come out and admitted Publically he is Shapeshifter, Sookie is not sure and thinks she maybe the course of this attack. Meanwhile Eric and his Second in command Pam seem at odds with each other, which Sookie doesn't understand as no-one is really talking to her about it. She feels there are secrets they are keeping from her but are they really protecting her from the truth?

      ==My thoughts on the novel:==

      Once upon a time there was nothing I would have looked forward more than a new novel by Charlaine Harris in the Sookie Stackhouse series. However I have been disappointed with her last two books so I found I picked this new one with some trepidation. This is book 11 in the series and was written in 2011. These stories have been successfully transferred to television in the 'True Blood' series and are loosely based on the novels.

      Before I read one of this series I certainly would not describe myself as a fan of Supernatural stories. But I feel Charlaine Harris converted me some time ago with her marvellous Vampire stories. Well maybe not completely as I have tried several other authors and for my money they do not compare with the wonderful characters this author has created. What I like about this series other than the depth of some of these characters is the Vampires but I have criticised this author for in the past is created so many Supernatural breeds that can be confusing and do not seem to have the same impact and personalities as the Vampires do.

      Enough background, I thought this was a good novel and certainly one that is well worth a read. I think the reason I enjoyed it was there was once again a re-focusing on the Vampire community that I love and while other communities where around and participated the main thrust of the story involved the Vamps as did the early stories in the series. The only thing that did surprise me in the early stories the Vampires lacked humour and Sookie's wit and sarcasm was wasted on them and caused some amusing situations. Now however they have discovered humour and I think that's a little sad as I did enjoy the misunderstanding when they took Sookie's sarcasm seriously.

      I picked this novel up from Amazon and was pleased it took only two days to arrive and cost me just under six pounds. And because of my concern that this wasn't going to live up to my expectations I finished the book I was reading before attempting this one. I was impressed with the novels summary on the inside of the book. This though can be misleading as I have previously thought this was practically the best feature of the last novel. It was a really good three paragraphs long with lots of varied details about what was happening so the major characters and it certainly impressed me as it brought up a few new ideas that I wanted to learn more about and try and understand where this would lead.

      I think in the previous novel where I criticized the author for going on far too long about what had previously happened and a lack of action she must have listened to me. Because no sooner had the story begun than the action was happening and as always it was fast paced and exciting. It was a perfect start for me and really got me involved in Sookie's life once again and wanting to know more. It was not only that there where new developments not necessarily about Sookie but affecting her. This I found intriguing and like her I needed to know what was happening and what they where trying to protect her from.

      For me the story had a really good feel and I liked the pace and way the story developed. Yes there where developments that didn't quite make sense and occasionally characters acted out of character which is always frustrating but then I suppose even we act out of character sometimes. Although I do find this frustrating!! For me this was the book that answered some of the questions that needed resolving and allowed some closure on previous topics, although the author created several new ones for the future, which allowed me to try and find the solution before the next book.

      What Charlaine Harris has is a very clever imagination. I really liked some of the ideas and concepts she introduced in this book. It's like she really understand this Supernatural world she has created and has a clear path to what is going to happen which she only shares with the reader as it happens. And while I quite often criticise her quite simplistic writing style, I do find it easy to follow and she always comes back to conclude ideas brought up earlier in the piece, but sometimes very much later.

      The story I always felt was leading somewhere. There where several strands and while they didn't all interest me they tended to be quite short so that if you didn't like certain characters and scenes they where all quite short and would move on to the next quite quickly. What I do not appreciate are the love scenes, principally between Sookie and Eric, for my money they are a little too graphic and I just think they cheapen their relationship. However my colleague at work really loves this aspect and the lust and sex between these two characters. I guess you can't please everyone can you?

      A key feature of these stories is violence and generally it is between communities themselves. This story was no exception and as always this one aspect that Charlaine Harris excels at. I find myself being able to clearly picture the scene she is setting and even in a fight to the death she is able to describe really well all the actions that are happening simultaneously. I think it helps they are seen through Sookie's eyes and so you get her views on what is happening but for me they are always honestly written and never predictable.

      The concluding chapters had two very good fight scenes that made for a very exciting and fascinating conclusion to the story. With enough new ideas that the author can take forward and develop in the future. What I always enjoy about these books is the humour within them. Yes it has changed but it still often makes me laugh as I can picture the scene the author is describing.

      Without question Sookie is the star of these stories. She is a fabulous character because she is so down to earth in a most unreal world. She is such a caring lady always thinking of others and trying to help them, which sometimes lands her in trouble. I think the author really understand her and I don't know if she developed her based on someone she knew but she really seems to understand her completely and this comes through in her story. Particularly I like her relationships with the other key characters in the story as I feel their personalities like Sookie's have developed as the stories have. Sookie is the kind of character despite being Telepathic that it is easy to like and relate too. But she is supported by a number of excellent characters such as Sam, Eric and Pam who help to create a sense of realism in this Supernatural adventure by virtue of their consistent personalities and wonderfully deep characters.

      I thought this story was exactly the right length and it finished at a logical point. I did enjoy this one and felt the author was back on the right track focusing more of the story on the most interesting community the Vampires. As for me the others are hard to believe in and it can get confusing the different attributes of these communities.


      Yes I would recommend this very good well written Supernatural adventure. As always the author had some wonderful ideas and there where plenty of different threads to enjoy. This book for me puts the series back in the fascinating and exciting arena and I am once again waiting for the next in the series with baited breath.

      ==Other Information:==

      Paperback version:

      Pages: 352
      Price 5.99
      Publisher: Gollancz
      ISBN-10: 0575096543
      ISBN-13: 978-0575096547
      More about the author: www.charlaineharris.com
      Year of Publication: 2012

      Thanks for reading my review.

      This review is published under my user name on both Ciao and Dooyoo.

      CPTDANIELS May2012.


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        06.01.2012 17:30
        Very helpful



        brill books please read

        Dead reckoning is book 11 in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Our favourite telepathic waitress has not only come though so much in her short life but things just dont seem to be going any better for her in her home town on Bon Temps, Louisiana.
        Her relationship with the vampire sheriff Eric Northman was going well however he seems to be keeping something from Sookie and she doesnt know if it is down to his boss trying to get Eric out of power or something else. Eric is very protective of Sookie and when someone decides to firebomb Merlottes ( Sookies place of work) and Sookie ans Sam are slightly injured in the process, Eric does nothing more but try and care for Sookie in th only way he knows how. To get angry and to get her a hairdresser.
        Eric and his progidy Pam end up fighting in the kitchen of Sookies house after Pam nearly lets slip what is wrong with Eric and why he is so distant.
        Just what is bothering Eric and will it affect his relationship with Sookie.

        Bill as usual loves Sookie and although he knows Sookie will never leave Eric for him, he also doesnt want to be with the vampire ( his blood sister) anymore and in a private chat with Sookie in her back yard he tells her just that, although not aware that his sister is listening.

        Sookie has alot of problems to deal with in this book, pretty much like every other book. Not only has she got to deal with the fact that she is telepathic and a feary she also has her feary uncle and cousin living with her after being shut ot of fae by her great grandfather niall after the fae war, her good friend Amelia who is a witch is determained to break the blood bond between Eric and Sookie, a bond that Eric and sookie share after exchanging blood quite a few times that makes them feel eachother emotions.
        Debbie Pelts sister has been released fo prision for trying to kill Sookie and she is still on the war path for Sookies blood and her friend Alcide, the werewolf pack leader is also trying to get into her bed. Will it work and will Sookie leave Eric after finding out his secret? Who knows you will have to read it to find out.

        I did enjoy this book however i did find that the stories themself are starting to slow down a little. I dont know if it is because Charlaine is struggling to keep writing exciting things about our Sookie or because the series is coming to an end soon, all the same though i did enjoy it. I started reading the sookie stackhouse books after my mum and sister told me how good they are. They are also the the main story of the tv series True Blood which is also awesome.
        Sookie has always been one of my favourite characters in the book. She independant, strong witted, funny and also very hot and being telepathic gives her an edge that the vampires love.

        I would suggest that if you wanted to read this book to please pick up the first book and read from the beginning but there is that much story and refernces to the older books you will be a little confused to where you are. There are also many many characters that come into the whole story in stages throughout the 11 books so to know who they all are and to know why they are all there you will have to read from the very beginning but when you do start you will not regret it because they are very good books


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        25.08.2011 13:00
        Very helpful



        A fantastic read.

        Having been a huge fan of Charlaine Harris's series of books, and in turn the "True blood" series, I was more than happy to find the newest book in the Sookie Stackhouse series - "Dead reckoning".

        After the vampires had successfully "come out", meaning they no longer lived in the shadows, the shifters decided that they would take the leap, unfortunately they were not as well received, lets be honest who wants a werewolf teaching your kids maths?!

        After facing a fair few, but reasonably un-violent protesters outside his bar, Sam, (Sookie's best friend and boss) had assumed that everything had quietened down, that was until someone decided to firebomb the premises and nearly killed everyone inside, ever et the feeling it never rains but it pours!?

        Sookie soon finds herself not only dealing with Sam's problems but also a few of her own, these being interfering friends (witch Amelia, who is insistent on finding a way to break the blood bond between Sookie and her vampire lover Eric), Eric himself, who seems intent on keeping secrets from her and finally the fact that two of her distant relatives have moved in with her, these of course are not just relatives but also faery, and have to live with her after being effectively "locked out" of faery land.

        Will Sookie ever get the quiet life she craves?

        I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book, and how much better it was than the previous book in the series!

        The book is fast paced and full of action, enough for the vampire/werewolf/action lovers out there, with there being just enough blood and sex to keep me entertained for the duration, this said this is obviously a book for an adult, there are a few sexual scene's, all of which go into a lot of detail!

        This is not a book that you would be able to pick up and read without at least a few of the previous books having been on your "read list", there are so many characters within the books it would extremely confusing to you.

        Sookie is as she always has been, independent, feisty, self sufficient and aware of her sexuality enough to allow herself to be loved, but not walked all over, I think the fact she is also a telepath sometimes is a secondary issue, she really is a modern day gal, and one that seems to have it all under control.....sometimes!

        I love how the book portrays every character you meet within the book as everyday people, even though they obviously aren't, you get a real sense of almost reality, which is down to the fantastic writing.

        This was a really fantastic book, that I literally lapped up reading it within two days (and getting on everyone's nerves in my house in the process), this book has completely redeemed itself after he last book, and now can't wait for the next book to be published to follow saint Sookie and her mad, bad life, recommended!

        Price wise this is available for around the £6.00 mark via www.amazon.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x

        ISBN 978-0-575-09652-3


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