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Dark Resurrection - James Axler

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: James Axler / Kindle Edition / 320 Pages / Book is published 2009-03-01 by Worldwide Library / Alternative title: Deathlands: Dark Resurrection

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2011 14:26
      Very helpful



      Ryan and his friends are captured by Pirates!

      The follow-up to Plague Lords, and the second part of The Empire Of Xibalba duology, Dark Resurrection is the eighty-fifth book in Gold Eagles extensive Deathlands series set in an alternative America devastated in a nucleur holocaust.

      Ryan Cawdor and his group of fellow survivalists travel the length and breadth of Deathlands mainly using hidden Matter-Transporters buried deep beneath Goverment Redoubts scattered all throughout the world but when those aren't conveniently nearby, they are forced to use their feet. On a recent excursion, Ryan and his pals found themselves falling in with the legendary Trader Tom who agreed to help them broker a deal with some explosives they had obtained in exchange for a cut of the profits. But things soon went sour and Ryan and his pals were captured by Pirates, intent on taking them to the Empire of Xibalba; largely untouched by the bombs that fell during Skydark!

      Using their own version of Typhoid Mary and an unprecendeted strain of virus as weapons, the Pirates seem virtually unstoppable but Trader Tom goes after them anyway as a matter of principle. His rationale being that he was the one that got Ryan and his buddies into this mess and only he can get them out......but things are often more complicated than they seem.....

      This is one of the better next-generation Deathlands novels ghost-written by several different authors after the death of Lawrence James who wrote the first thirty-six. It is also the first book to tie-in with companion series, Outlanders, set one hundred years later. Without giving too much away, Outlanders strongly asserts that extra-terrestial beings have long had an influence over events on our planet and Dark Ressurection provides the first real evidence of this in its final pages. It is a clever move on the writers' part and is probably aimed at getting Deathlands fans to cross-over but I am not sure it works as the majority of fans prefer one series or another and very few read both alongside each other. Of course this might just as much have something to do with the sheer volume of titles now available in each cycle!

      I enjoyed this but thought it a little bit of a let-down after the promise shown in the previous book and some of the questions that that story asked about the future of Deathlands. In this installment, those questions have been largely forgotten!! The whole Outlanders connection too, I am not entirely sure of and the main redeeming feature for me here is the return of Trader Tom who I strongly believe deserves a return to the series sometime in the future!

      Overall, this is one of the better Deathlands adventures of more recent times but not without its flaws. Still, Alan Philipson puts in another sterling effort and it is clear he actually cares about the series and its characters! Long may he continue writing for Deathlands!!


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    Book Series: Deathlands

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