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Diary of a Mad Bride - Laura Wolf

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2 Reviews

Author: Laura Wolf / Genre: Fiction / Publisher: Orion mass market paperback

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    2 Reviews
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      07.07.2011 05:07
      Very helpful



      Light-hearted and enjoyable :)

      I was bored at work a while back and decided to have a look through the books that we had in to see if I could entertain myself for a few hours. Most of the books we have in are definitely not my cup of tea, so I settled with 'Diary of a Mad Bride'.

      I had no idea what this book was about and the writing on the back of the book was impossible to read (who would use a lilac background with pale yellow writing?! You can even see the writing!) so I just decided to get stuck in and see how I got on.

      ** The Diary **

      Diary of a Mad Bride is written in the form of a diary. The only character whose opinion we really get is the main character, Amy's.

      To start with, Amy cannot work out why getting married sends all of her friends crazy. Is it really that difficult to pick out a dress, shoes, flowers and whatever else it is that you need? She is constantly bombarded with phone calls from her engaged friends asking for advice on their weddings and it drives her crazy.

      So when her boyfriend, Stephen, proposes, and she accepts, she declares that she will plan this wedding rationally and not become a 'mad bride' like her friends!

      However, with her tight budget, she soon starts to panic about her dress, shoes, flowers, venue etc etc etc and when her wedding 'to do' list grows from 20 items to 70, it is clear that she is also becoming a mad bride!

      ** One Mad Bride! **

      This isn't the kind of book that I would usually go for. For a start, weddings do not interest me one bit (I'm sure when it's my own I will change my mind) so I wouldn't have chosen to read this if I had a choice! Also, many girly books wind me up because the women are so self obsessed it makes me angry!

      Saying that, I must have enjoyed the book as I had read the whole thing within a few hours!

      I needed something to lift my spirits, and it definitely did that! The light-hearted, quick-witted comedy makes you really want to laugh out loud and I did actually find myself wanting to get through the book and find out what happened at the end!

      The only thing that actually annoyed me about the whole thing was the cover to the book as the writing and background clash that much that it is impossible to read what the book is about!

      If you're looking for a quick, easy read, I would definitely recommend this.


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      07.04.2008 13:54
      Very helpful



      Worth a look

      Diary of a Mad Bride - Laura Wolf

      "What is it about getting married that can turn a sophisticated, level headed woman into an obsessed wreck?"

      "That's what Amy wonders as she watches her girlfriends nosedive in bridal dementia - dropping a hundred I. Q. points, losing all fashion sense and dramatically increasing their ability to cry. The whole thing sends shivers down Amy's spine. It will never happen to her!"

      Oh yes it does.

      I brought this book as a bit of light reading; and yet, with my sisters wedding looming on the horizon, I can see so much of it ringing true!

      I've been reading this over my Easter holiday, as a relaxing thing, when I probably should have been reading some textbooks! But I felt like just kickin' back with a good book for a change!

      It appealed to me because its cover was cartoony, (I know, I know, don't judge a book by its cover!) and it seemed forever relevant! I'm not a particular fan of the ones that have a picture on the front from the 80's, they look outdated! I liked this one because it was bright and colourful. It's purple and has cartoon pictures of wedding related objects: cakes, flowers, bridge and groom statues (as in the ones you have on the top of the cake), shoes, invitations etc.

      At the beginning of the book, Amy is discussing the issues surrounding her best friend Mandy getting married. However, after being proposed to, Amy finds herself spiralling into the wedding planning void, as she promised herself she wouldn't. She starts putting wedding related tasks onto her long suffering secretary, Kate. Amy buys a magazine called "Beautiful bride" which makes her realise she has more work to do than she ever thought she would have to do.

      Amy has previously been nagged by Mandy and her husband Jon about needing to get married; one reason given in particular is that looks don't last forever. This immediately gave me a dislike of Jon. It seems like Jon doesn't think before he speaks, even if it means something that someone else would take offence to.

      Amy has plenty to contend with in the run up to her wedding: her colleagues, family, her sister in particular, not to mention the mammoth task of finding shoes.

      It's written in the format of her diary, from during Mandys wedding planning until after Amy's wedding takes place. Amy is taking care of all the plans as Stephen has work things to deal with, and it's a case of "See you at the Altar". So understandably she does get stressed and those around her feel the pain.

      This book is quite funny and I did enjoy it, however Amy tends to irritate me in places, because she is walked over by Mandy and Anita. Not to mention her sister Nicole who I took an instant dislike to.

      This book retails at £5.99
      Published by Orion publishing
      ISBN - 0 75284 612 4


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    • Product Details

      Marriages are made in heaven - but weddings are made in hell ...What is it about getting married that can turn a sophisticated, level-headed woman into an obsessed wreck? That's what Amy wonders as she watches her girlfriends nosedive into bridal dementia: dropping a hundred I.Q. points, losing all fashion sense, and dramatically increasing their ability to cry. Amy will never let that happen to her! But when her boyfriend unexpectedly drops to one knee in the popcorn queue she can't help but say yes. And before she knows it, she too has been struck by the madness. Can Amy overcome her mania? Regain her senses? Stop agonising over the perfect white satin pump in time to get the wedding day of her dreams? Or will it all go horribly, wincingly, hilariously wrong?

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