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Did the Earth Move? - Carmen Reid

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2 Reviews

Genre: Romance / Author: Carmen Reid / Mass Market Paperback / 416 Pages / Book is published 2003-06-16 by Corgi Books

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    2 Reviews
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      13.01.2010 00:19
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      Not as good as it could have been, but an okay read.

      After reading Three In A Bed, I was excited to read another of Reid's books. I was slightly disappointed by this, however.
      The main character, Eve, is a single mother to four boisterous children by two men, and is starting to go back into the world of dating. After a few disappointing experiences, however, she realizes that she's still madly in love with her ex. A big problem, as he has moved on, and is now with someone new.

      I found Eve quite hard to relate too, especially compared to Bella from Three In A Bed. She seemed to lack any characteristics which would make her seem likeable, or even nice. She is portrayed as being understanding and laid back, but I actually found her to be quite uptight, and despite regularly referring to her ex as her soul mate, she didn't appear to know anything about him.

      There is a huge amount of pointless sex scenes, and the first 60 pages aren't very good, although the book does become slightly better after that. It was enough to put a lot of my friends off, however, and those who did read on said that had it been a better main character, it would have been a good book. It does have funny and sad moments, and is quite inspirational too.

      If you've got nothing else to read, this isn't terrible. I'd recommend Three In A Bed over this anyday, though.


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        12.01.2010 11:50
        Very helpful



        see review

        Having got a thing for Carmen Reid's books at the moment I bought this - 'Did the earth move?' at the same time as buying the 'Personal shopper' books also by Reid.

        Having read the first two in the Personal shopper series I felt I needed a break before reading the third one 'How not to shop' for the reason that although the books are enjoyable, the main character Annie is rather annoying.

        This book sounded different after I'd read the blurb it sounded like the lead character of Eve would make a refreshing change to Annie Valentine.

        I bought this just before Christmas but with it being hectic with two young sons, I didn't start reading it until Boxing day.

        I took the book to bed Boxing day night, exhausted, and planned to read a few pages to see if it was one of those books you could get into, or one of those which are a little more hard work.

        The plot~
        I won't give away any major spoilers here so here is a brief synopsis:

        Eve is the main character and the whole book centres around her life. She is a single mum to 4 children.
        Eve's oldest two children are grown up Denny (22) and Tom (20) who are from her previous marriage to the sleazy Dennis who abandoned her and the boys when when they were young.

        Eve's two younger children; 9 year old Anna and 2 year old Robbie were from her serious relationship to Joseph.

        Joseph is the total opposite to the sleazy Dennis and he and Eve are just perfect for each other. So why aren't they together anymore? Why is Joseph about to get married to new girlfriend Michelle? Why on earth has Eve started to sleep with the hunky dutch vet Nils? Eve and Joseph should be together according to matchmaking daughter Anna and thinks if she can just get them to start being nice to each other again they will fall back in love with each other.

        My thoughts and opinion~
        What I liked about this book is how nice and likable the character of Eve was. Instantly I warmed to her and unlike other lead characters in Carmen Reid's books she was nice. I found the Annie Valentine in The personal shopper books and Bella from Three in a bed to be selfish and I thought that's what Reid's leading ladies were all going to be like.

        Eve has been single for 3 years since splitting from Joseph and even starts wondering why they can't put their differences aside and try again. She thinks this is all just a fantasy in her head so knowing that he has moved on she tries herself to - by sleeping with the vet.

        You could feel Eve was trying her best to please everyone and I liked how she put her kids first.

        Right from the first description of her ex husband Dennis you could tell he was going to let Eve down. He was a selfish sleaze who wanted to make Eve into his perfect woman and once he had he bored of her and cast her aside without a thought for her welfare or a care for their two young sons.

        As I've mentioned before in a previous book review by Carmen Reid, she has a habit of devoting a whole chapter or two to the past of her characters. It's normally a few chapters into the book before you get too involved. In this case having read about Eve's past I really connected to the character and liked her even more.

        As with Reid's other books, she is not averse to adding quite a lot of sexiness to the story and this has it's fair share but is more tamer than others I have read so far and I think that's because Eve is portrayed more as the strong motherly character rather than the foxy minx leading ladies in other books and this works well.

        The books is far from weak and is very graphic in some details of Eve's past that some may find harrowing. It relates to Eve suffering a miscarriage and Reid pushes the boat out a bit too far in my opinion at the whole description of Eve's loss. Having lost a baby myself I found those few pages just a little too hard to read as it was like reading about myself. On the other hand it described the raw emotion down to a tee and maybe that made me like Eve just that little bit more as I could totally relate to each and every word as it echoed what had happened to me.

        Right from the start of the book where Eve is asked about a ring on her finger that Joseph gave her and she says 'It's complicated' you are wondering all the way through if these two will get back together or not.

        I didn't find the book predictable at all and having only just finished reading it I have found I want to read it again.
        I just wish all Reid's books could have characters that were as likable as Eve. In fact apart from Dennis the ex, there aren't really any others I took a disliking to. They all had their own little stories in the background which centred around quirky Eve and her struggle to get on with her life.

        Would I recommend this?
        This is chick lit at it's finest and I really mean that. I started reading it that first night and was very tired from the hectic festivities and intended to read those essential first 'ice breaking' pages to get me into the story and to get familiar with the characters. What happened was I read (bog eyed) three chapters as I just couldn't bear to put it down. I wanted to know more about the story and any book that makes me think 'just one more page' is always going to be a winner with me.

        Like books that are feel good, funny, heartwarming with a touch of sadness at times then this is for you.


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