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Die Softly - Christopher Pike

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2 Reviews

Author: Christopher Pike / Genre: Crime / Thriller

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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2009 18:42
      Very helpful



      dont mix drugs with cameras

      the first book i read by christopher pike.

      let me say this first. it is a book aimed at teens about heavy drug taking and voyeurism. maybe you should read this when you are a young adult as it freaked me out pretty bad when i was 11.

      a camera geek has a crush on a cheerleader so decides to put up a camera in the girls showers in school to see her naked. when he develops the photos he does not see what he expected.

      thus the story begins proper and murders happen thick and fast. there are huge amounts of action packed into a 200ish page book. it will make you look at hot cheerleaders in a whole new light. also, never let the girl have it all her own way on a first date lol.

      a great book well written with a strong plot and enough twists and turns to stop you from putting it down till its finished.

      my advise, buy it now!!!


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      19.07.2007 00:44
      Very helpful



      Why it isn't always a good idea to perv on hot chicks

      When you're a teenage boy with a photography hobby and are burdened with the 'awkward loser' label, I imagine it'll be quite difficult to get some action. So when a friend of yours hatches a plan to capture on film some of the beautiful high school's cheerleaders during the showers, it would be an opportunity too good to miss, right?

      But what if somehow it goes horribly wrong? What if rather than getting photographs of the naked teenage girls, Herb Trasker discovers he has somehow manages to picture someone with a baseball cap sneaking up behind the popular blonde bitchy cheerleader Lisa? Lisa, who was apparently killed in a car accident not long after his camera was timed to take the pictures...

      Meet Herb Trasker, a tall teenage boy with a real talent for photography. He does his best to financially help his mother, even taking on a nightshift job in a factory despite it frequently affecting his school attendance as well as grades, which were never that great to begin with anyways. With an unrequited love, he thinks that she'll never feel the same way...

      The book itself opens with Herb having a disturbing dream, then being awoken to speak with a police sergeant on the phone. The two coupled pretty much scream to the reader that something damn serious has been going on, and like all good stories are told we have to go back to how it all started.

      We're soon introduced to the other characters:

      Alexa. The beautiful cheerleader and aspiring actress who is the object of Herb's affections, despite having a boyfriend.

      Theo, one of Herb's best friends. He works with Herb at the factory, although since his brother Roger died in a car accident he's began drinking and generally going a little off the rails.

      Sammie is Herb's other best friend, and harbours a grudge against the cheerleaders who have never been exactly friendly towards her and her overweight and dressed-down appearance.

      Lisa is Alexa's best friend, and had been dating Theo's brother Roger, and is believed to be at it with most of the football team (American football that is - bloody wimps with their protective gear).

      Stephen is Alexa's boyfriend and has already graduated school, but isn't a nice character. Herb is a little scared of him, especially after witnessing him introducing a referee's crotch to the ball during a match.

      Frustratingly, it becomes clear as more motives and lies are exposed that Herb is trusting people he shouldn't and he wouldn't recognise the truth if it grew teeth and bit him in the goolies. Obviously it is alright for someone to be a little naive, but the level of this boy's idiocity caused me to shout at the book and almost chuck it across the room. So although I'm a pretty fast reader, it took a little longer than my usual few hours to get through this book, what with my little tantrums.

      As you may have guessed, my feelings towards Herb weren't as sympathetic as they should have been - although he almost redeemed himself by actually developing a backbone. A bit too sodding late, but nevermind.
      The other characters were believable to an extent (though perhaps it was my lack of life experience that caused my cynicism), and although I had some sympathy for one, I felt absolutely nothing for any of the others - especially when one meets an untimely demise. In fact, all I could think was 'serves you right you stupid fecker'.

      All in all I don't consider this to be one of Christopher Pike's strongest offerings, but is still readable nonetheless. I adored his Last Vampire series and a couple of others, but was glad this had been a gift and I didn't spend any money on it. Mind you, I must have enjoyed it more than I'm letting on since I've read it three or four times now.

      ebay.co.uk - from 99 pence
      ebay.com - from 1 cent
      amazon.co.uk - from 1 pence used and new
      amazon.com - $5.99 for a re-issue... best sticking with the uk site then.


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    • Product Details

      An automatic camera secretly rigged up in a girl's shower room leaves nothing to the imagination where murder is concerned. Herb bent over the negatives. He was in a position to see exactly what there was to see. Oh, God. Herb almost fainted. Herb is a nobody, with a passion for taking pictures. He takes photos of cheerleaders in the school showers. But he also catches a murderer on film. A murderer who knows his secret... Another terrifying read from the master of horror.