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Double Shot - Kindle Edition

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Genre: Fiction - Erotic / Author: Christine d'Abo / Kindle Edition / Publication Date: 2011 / Publisher: Carina Press

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    1 Review
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      18.10.2011 21:01
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      Double Shot is the first novella in Christine d'Abo's Long Shot series. This is a trilogy of erotic romance short stories featuring three siblings. Each of the novella's features a different sibling and tells their romance story. First up we have Sadie Long. Sadie owns a coffee shop with her brother and sister. When her close friend Paul asks Sadie to provide the food for a function at the sex club where he works Sadie is happy for the opportunity to expand her business. But Paul wants more than her food, Paul wants to know what Sadie's fantasy is. Sadie has lusted after Paul for years, but she's not about to tell him that. However, soon Sadie finds herself living out her fantasy of being with Paul and his friend Josh. Sadie wants more than one night of great sex, she wants Paul but what will happen when the party's over?
      I have to say from the start of this review that Double Shot doesn't exactly cater to my own preferences when it comes to erotic romance. I like dominant men and in this Sadie seems to be the one kind of taking control. I only mention this because I think it's saying something that even though this wasn't exactly my cup of tea when it came to the sex I really really enjoyed this novella. From the start I found myself hooked on the romance side of the plot rather than the erotic side and I think this was in part because there was such a big build up to any actual sexual contact. D'Abo knows how to tease! There's the thoughts, the desires, the fantasies but there isn't any actual sex for quite some time. In fact by the time the sex scene comes I was so hooked on the romance side of things that they could have had sex in the missionary position, in the dark and I would probably have still enjoyed it!

      The way that d'Abo develops the romance between the two characters is excellent. I have a soft spot for the old friends who actually are in love with other but won't tell the other storyline and I thought she put a nice, kinky twist on the plot in this novella. I liked that they had a strong, long standing friendship, it gave me a sense of security. I also liked that there was clearly heat between the two of them but that they were both still so unsure of themselves.
      Although you could be forgiven for thinking this might be a polyamory romance novel, it's not really. Josh is somewhat of a strange addition to the novella...not in a bad, more in an intriguing way. There isn't romance between Sadie and Josh. I always kind of had the feeling that there could be in the future, that they had a strong physical attraction that had the potential to be built on, but at this point there was no romance between them. The romance is pretty much just between Sadie and Paul. Paul and Josh's relationship is an interesting one. It's not quite a sexual one, but there are elements of sex in their relationship. It's not a romantic one, but they have a really strong bond that seems to be different to conventional friendship. I really felt that I wanted to gain a better insight into their relationship. By the end of the novella I was left with so many questions about Josh and Paul and I really would have liked to read more about them, and about Sadie with them. It's actually left me hoping that after the initial trilogy d'Abo might write another novella featuring these three characters because I certainly feel that there is a lot more potential there. In fact I will be really disappointed if she doesn't revisit these characters. I read a lot of romance novels featuring various numbers of participants, various genders, various supernatural beings and various lifestyles and it's so rare any more that something intrigues me like this but their relationship has.

      No review of an erotic romance novel would be complete without writing about the sex scene. Although it was the romance element of the story that initially grabbed me, that in no way indicates that the erotic side of the story was lacking. As I said it's not really to my personal tastes but I still really enjoyed it and found it very erotic. It features a threesome between Sadie, Josh and Paul. In this scene Josh encourages Sadie to take control of the situation (and of the men) and take what she wants. Which she does with increasing confidence. I found this to be such an empowering scene and as well as being erotic it left me feeling really positive. There is plenty of kink here and some light action between the two men (nothing heavy). I actually liked the way that Paul is so unsure of his sexuality when it comes to Josh, it makes a nice change from all of the novels where the men are all super confident in their sexuality. I felt that this added some realism to plot and some depth to the character.
      For those of you, who like me, like your romances to be dramatic, you don't need to fear. There is drama in this novella but it's not over done and for once it's not the female character who's the one causing all of the drama! Although this novella wasn't necessarily to my personal tastes, as a feminist I did like the way that it seems to kind of take a more empowering stance for women than some stories in this genre. And I actually enjoyed this novella as much as any story that caters to my personal kinks and fetishes.

      Long Shot is available now from amazon.co.uk in Kindle format for £2.31.


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