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Echoes - Danielle Steel

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Author: Danielle Steel / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 01 November 2005 / Genre: Modern & Contemporary Fiction / Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd / Title: Echoes / ISBN 13: 9780552149945 / ISBN 10: 0552149945

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    1 Review
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      02.05.2008 20:27
      Very helpful




      Echoes is another great book from Danielle Steel. What I love about Danielle Steel, is that the reading is very enjoyable, but many of her books have a lot of facts from reality and that's how you also can gain information from history. Of course the writer add some fiction to it, but if you know something about topic (this time contraction camps) you can easy see different between fiction and reality. Her books are most the time about love, but sometimes they can be really breathtaking and this one is one of them.

      Cover of the book is brown with three kids and the train. I don't know what brown means for other people , but before I read this book I somehow new , it will be some sad story with a lot of breathtaking moments. When you start to list the book at the beginning are all her books she published and I really like that, because next time when I go to the library I know which one I am going to get. Echoes was published in 2004 , so it is not the newest book. The price of the book was $27 , but now you can buy it for much cheaper on Amazon or somewhere else. I like to go Target, because they have sometimes her books for good price, so maybe next time you go shopping you might find some good bargain there.

      The story start with introducing the main characters, this time Beata Wittgenstein with her family. It is 1915 and the World War have started and they are in Switzerland for a short holiday to get away for as long as possible from the War. Visit in Switzerland is changing Beata's life, when she meet Antoine de Vallerand from France. She is Jewish from Germany and this is not the best time for them to fall in love with each other. They see each other only few times , but know already they want stay with each other forever. But Antoine have to return back to the War and she have to go back with her family to the Germany. Even if they are so far from each other, their love continue and they keep in touch by letters. She keep her love to Antoine secretly until her father want to marry her to some older man from his bank. Antoine get hurt in the War and Beata have to decide if she want to marry him even if her father is gonna write her in the book of the dead and she will be not allowed to se her family anymore. Beata decided to marry Antoine and she convert to Catholic religion. They are living in Switzerland because his family dishonor him too. It is not easy for them , but they are happy to be together and they are having soon their first daughter Amadea. The first World war ended and they are moving to the Germany. They are having happy life and another daughter Daphne. But the happy time is ending when Antoine fall from horse and he is dead. Beata can't imagine how to live without him and that's why her older daughter is taking care of the Daphne. When Amadea finished her high school, she is going to convent. Her life is totally different like before, but she is the happiest in the world. Only one thing worrying her is what Nazi are doing to the Jews. But in that time she still don't know, she is half Jewish. But when mother Superior explained her later about arresting her mother and her sister and their deportation. She have to leave the convent to protect other nuns. She is hiding in her father friends house for a while, but later it start to be dangerous and she have leave. The Nazi find her riding on the horse and they deport her to the Theresianstadt concentration camp. This is the part what the most catch my eye and many times I had problem to even move myself or go get something to drink, because I was so thrilled what will happen next. You will read a lot about how people were handling situation in concentration camp, how hard it was for them and how many sacrifices they had to do. Amadea will survive the concentration camp and after that she is working secretly for freedom fighters. The ending of the books was unexpected for me and that's what is good about D. Steel book , you never know what is going to happen.

      Many men doesn't understand why so many women love D. Steel. i think it very simple. Her books are just interesting to read and How I mention already you can get many interesting information about history and also have a little bit of romanticism. But there is another think I love too. When I read the book, I just stop many times and start to ask myself all this question how I would manage situations like that, what I will do. It always force me to think how we are planing our life to be and how it can change under circumstances like War.

      I have read this book in two languages and every time it was something different for me. Maybe because there was a 2 years different between first reading and second one and maybe my point of view is changing and this is what is amazing of D. Steel books, you will always find something new in her books, even if you read it many times, it will give you new ideas , new thoughts.

      I would definitely recommend you to read this book, even if you are not much fan of the romance novels.

      Thank you for reading.


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