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Empire of the Atom - A E Van Vogt

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2 Reviews

Author: A E Van Vogt / Paperback / 155 Pages / Book is published 1978-06-01 by New English Library Ltd

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    2 Reviews
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      21.02.2009 00:04
      Very helpful



      Sci-Fi heads will love it.

      Empire of the Atom.
      A good little read but still a great story.

      There have been three world wars and the Earth barely survived, now thousands of years into the future the universe is much different. The planets of the universe are populated but barely eek out an existence due to the fact that they must send nearly all of their resources back to Earth.
      On Earth the populace and the outer planets are reined over by the Royals. The royal family tightly controls all technology and uses it mercessly if needed. They keep the planets in order by threat.
      But now a change has occurred. Clane has been born into the palace. Clane sadly has some deformities due to early history atomics. However Clane is royal and so is put in a house hidden away within the palace grounds. It is from here that Clane undertakes some schooling but the deformities of his body are counteracted by the phenomenal brain power he has been born with.
      Clane secretly develops new atomic technologies.
      If the Royals find out they will kill him, if the outer planets find out they will kill him to get hold of the power. But Clane has a plan and it will change the universe forever.

      Put simply this really is a page turner; you will end up unable to put this book down. The writing is crisp and fast. The plot has a few really good twists in it and although a little dated the book is still a wonderful read. This must be one of Vogts best novels. A good read on the plane or the beach.

      Highly recommended, give it a go

      Written by A.E.Van Vogt.


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      05.07.2008 11:12
      Very helpful



      You will not be disappointed.

      Empire of the Atom.
      Author - A.E.Van Vogt.

      It is after the Atomic wars and all the worlds history and the historical records have turned to dust.
      Those people now living, thousands of years in the future, are allowed access to only the basic sciences.
      Whilst the Palace strictly controls all of the sciences.
      The outer worlds are colonised but unhappy at the yolk around their necks imposed by the ruling royal family living on Earth.

      Then a child is born into the palace...
      A mutant child....
      Clane is deformed, his presence and very life is suffered by the peoples of the palace.
      Clane, having to live hidden and alone in the grounds of the sumptuous palace.
      Clane with a sharp inventive mind, a mind and body shaped by long forgotten Atomic wars and the resulting radiations.

      Clane discovers NEW uses for the Atomics that almost destroyed the Earth and outer worlds so many millennia ago. First he must protect himself from harm using tiny atomic generators small enough to fit inside of a ring and hence give him immense hidden powers.
      But the outer worlds are rebellious and soon a new war will come. A war that could annihilate the Earth completely.
      A war from the stars.

      But Clane realises that the ruling powers within the Palace will soon demand his discoveries and the outer worlds will want to kill Clane as quickly as possible.
      So Clane decides to go on the offensive and plot subtle and devious schemes to allow him to become sole ruler of the universe.

      A solid page turner.
      The flow of narrative is simple and very easy to follow.
      True the characters lack any real depth, but the book is simply a great read!

      Imaginative ideas make for light reading, A beach book.
      One of my favourite books.



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