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Extinction Point - Kindle Edition

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: Paul Jones / Kindle Edition / 239 Pages

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    1 Review
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      13.06.2012 11:42
      Very helpful



      Absolutely awesome sci-fi thriller for Kindle

      Every so often, a book comes along that is absolutely jaw-droppingly good and simply quite amazing. A book that makes you stop and think; that thrills you, entertains you, keeps you hooked and even chills you to the bone.

      Extinction Point is that book!

      The first in an ongoing series by author, Paul Antony Jones, Extinction Point is set in the not too distant future (where all good sci-fi is set!) and focuses around a Global Extinction Event which sees much of humanity wiped off the face of the earth. How much of humanity, we are not sure but this first book takes us through what happens as seen through the eyes of investigative journalist, Emily Baxter; a young, intrepid roving reporter who soon finds herself in a Manhattan empty of anyone else but her.......

      Anyone human that is.......

      It starts with red rain; big, red thick drops that fall from the sky in cities all across the globe. For some reason, Emily is compelled to stay out of the downpour and keeps her distance from anyone who has been contaminated by it. It is not until she reaches her Offices that she discovers that similar rainfall has been reported all across the world. And then people start getting sick. And after they get sick, then they start to die....very quickly and very, very messily!

      As one of the few people who has avoided contact with the rain, Emily manages to survive but finds herself alone in a vast, unpopulated city. Determined to escape and find refuge....other survivors....anything, Emily prepares to leave New York. But she is not alone. The red rain was just the beginning......

      Something is colonising the earth......

      This book is simply beyond words! Someone on Amazon has commented that the only downside of this book is that the next chapter is still in process and urges the author to hurry up and I concur! This is an amazing novel that moves at its own pace, merely revealing more and more layers of mystery without really giving us any answers. One scene in Central Park left me breathless and dying to know what was going on and where this book will lead us on its journey. I have only read one other Sci-fi book this good this year and that was The Icarus Void by C.K.Burch! And Extinction Point definitely comes a close second to that other awesome book!!

      This is currently priced at £1.94 on Kindle Amazon but if you were lucky, like me, you will have snapped out a free copy when it was first formatted! If this IS sitting on your Kindle and you haven't read it yet then I recommend you do so now! The next episode is due out around September time and I for one am not sure I can wait......


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