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Fallen in Love - Lauren Kate

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Author: Lauren Kate / Format: Hardback / Date of publication: 02 February 2012 / Genre: Children's Fantasy & Magical Realism / Publisher: Random House Children's Publishers UK / Title: Fallen in Love / ISBN 13: 9780857531643 / ISBN 10: 0857531643

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2012 18:09
      Very helpful



      Not worth bothering with!

      After reading the first three books with Lauren Kate's "Fallen" series, I was of course simply waiting for the fourth and final book to be released to find out he outcome of the star-crossed lovers Lucinda and Daniel, a wait that should have taken me until at least the summer!

      After a quick rootle in the book section in my local Asda recently (I know I shouldn't, but I can't seem to stop myself!), I was surprised to find a spin off book from the said series called simply "Fallen in love", which (after a quick look at the synopsis) stated it to be stories of the angels in the main series, but they would feature predominantly, with there being a back story on the three main one's, Arianne, Roland and Lucinda's friends from Nepherim school (yes there is a school dedicated to angel descendants!) Miles and Shelby.

      What I discovered when starting the book though was something slightly different!

      You will of course have had to have read the first three books in the series to be able to read this book (Fallen, torment and passion), as this book starts with the main character Luce (who just happens to be a reincarnation of a Luce who is cursed to fall in love and die repeatedly in every lifetime she enters, due to Daniel, who happens to be a fallen angle, loving her, I know complicated!), who has discovered a way of entering other peoples memories, and is currently retracing all her old self's throughout time, to try and find a way to lift the curse, and stay with her true love Daniel.

      There are two factions of angels, the one's who have been sent to help Daniel and Luce, the goodies if you like, and then there are the one's who have sided with Lucifer, which I would like to say are the baddies, but don't seem to be as evil as I would have expected, with the book interpreting the divide between heaven and hell as more of a spat between God and Lucifer, then the distinction between good and evil, needless to say the lines that shouldn't be crossed by either side are not only crossed but at times run parallel to each other!

      The story follows one of Luce's trips into her past, to medieval times, and this involves Luce finding her former self to merge with her and discover little secrets to her different lives.

      Throughout this main thread of story, the aforementioned angels are also following her (but never quite catching her!), and reminiscing about the loves they lost (unsurprisingly all around this particular point in time!), and revisiting loved one's and seeing how their lives have actually panned out.

      The entire book is set around an ancient tradition of a festival called "valentine's faire", and to be "faire" seems like a ridiculous way of trying to cash in on the brand itself!

      I love the series of books preceding this one, so of course fans are going to buy this one thinking it is part of the series, so needless to say I have been incredibly disappointed that this book has neither added to the series itself, or even lived up to the previous books.

      Ok, good points, I liked the story the fallen angel Arriane's lost love, being that of herself and her lesbian lover (another fallen angel, though unfortunately on the other side!), this was done in a way that showed some people's prejudices towards sexuality, and was done in a lovely but heart wrenching way, but unfortunately even this little glimpse couldn't save this book for me!

      This book is currently being sold in Asda for £5.00, but if you are a fan and this review hasn't put you off, try and borrow a copy!

      Thanks for reading x

      ISBN 978-0-857-53164-3


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