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Falling - Christopher Pike

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Genre: Crime / Thriller / Author: Christopher Pike / Edition: Reprint / Mass Market Paperback / 416 Pages / Book is published 2008-02-06 by Tor Books

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2008 18:45
      Very helpful



      Really good and smart book, well worth checking out if you have a strong stomach.

      This is not like my usual reviews recently, I sat down to do a music review tonight and just wasn't able to write one for some reason. Dooyoo has only just accepted this product proposal, never done a book review with this much information before, tell me what you think. Rating's appreciated as are comments.
      For those of you wondering about the title, the book starts off with this wonderful quote and I really thought it was quite fitting. Coming up with a decent title was hard, so I chose this. It's by an unknown author.

      Christopher Pike- Falling

      I remember the first time I read a Christopher Pike book, I was around 11/12 and it was the first book I've ever read that it didn't have something kiddy or a romance tale to it and I was hooked. Pike is most famous for his teen-thrillers, which is what a lot of my book collection contains, however this book, 'Falling' was the first ever Pike adult-thriller and I was very intrigued to say the least.

      The Plot

      Matt has been dumped by his girlfriend, he becomes depressed and his psychological look on life changes as it does when we have been betrayed by the person we love most.

      However Matt is different, he decides to act on his pain and take revenge against his ex, in a plan that is not only very smart, but intriguing and terrifying at the same time.

      This would have been enough however the story changes and then you meet Kelly.

      Kelly is a psychologist turned FBI agent. Her latest case is a man called 'Acid Man' who kills deceitful women by using acid. Kelly finds this murderer, but gets a lot more than she bargained for. Will she survive?

      Is The Plot Good?

      Really good, the book is so fantastic and so smart. That's one thing about Pike's books, you never feel like he's let even one little part of the researching he obviously does go. He researches everything and uses a lot of facts in his stories, which all tie up in the story.

      At the start of the book you'll find yourself thinking it's going to be two different stories, and this seems this way for the better part of the book, but Pike's brilliant mind somehow brings these two different people together.

      The Cast

      Matt: Matt is a man scorned. His love Amy cheated on him and dumped him, and now he wants revenge, but is his way right? Matt was a good character in my opinion, I found myself interested in him, which is something Pike does so well.

      He creates these colourful and complicated characters that you either hate with every fibre of your being or love. Matt was actually one that was just in between, I myself was never too sure of him. One minute you think he's the good guy and then Pike puts in something else and then he becomes the bad guy, some amazing writing on Pike's part as even when the book is finished you still not to sure who Matt really is.

      Kelly Fineman: Kelly was a good character; a lot of people compare her to the character from silence of the lambs. She is a very smart character with a lot of depth which Pike is brilliant at writing.

      She's a very strong character and you can't help but rooting for her throughout. She like Matt however, you are never too sure of her actions which makes it just that more interesting.

      Amy: The woman that hurt Matt, you can't help but hate her from the get go, however you do see how she is able to manipulate everyone just so. Another very smart character.

      Acid Man: A serial killer who kills women when they have been cheating. He strikes a weird relationship with Kelly. This storyline was fantastic, I haven't seen any better in Criminal Minds and that's a damn good show. A brilliant writer only can write people like this.

      My Opinion

      Like I said before, I've pretty much grown up reading Pike books and have always enjoyed them immensely, but I do believe this is his best so far. It's so full of surprises and the storyline is so unique and so powerful that you will never be able to put it down.

      When you start the book, you'll be thinking, what the hell is going to happen here at the blurb doesn't really give much away, however when you reach about 50/60 pages maybe less you'll find yourself immersed in not only some of the best writing but a very smart integrated plot which will have you guessing throughout.

      Every page is filled with something new, another turn, you think you've figured something else and then it just seems that Pike laughs at you, goes wrong, and changes the story and the plot and more startling things will happen which you'd have never expected.

      I'm always one for thrillers, as I can usually guess the ending but I never was able to get all of this, as no one has a brain as intricate as Pike'. Falling manages to fill its 400 pages with twists, great in-depth characters, which you find yourself hating or caring for, and most importantly a great story.

      The story doesn't seem to slow down, you think when the first twist hits you that that'll be the end of it, but boy are you wrong, there's more right up until the last page.

      The Acid Man alone made this book worthy to read, as a fan of a lot of shows like Criminal Minds and Bones where you do get to see some of the sickness people in the world, the Acid Man rivals them all as he is truly evil and truly a smart and in-depth character.

      I've only read Hannibal Lector once, but this book is a lot more fascinating and definitely much better written.

      Christopher Pike always manages to bring a sense of mythology to his books which I always enjoy, he researches so much information that he manages to think of things that no author or person would of, he picks up on the slightest details which he uses in the book and makes you have to read every word on each page and no way are you able to skim the words as you'll miss something important.

      He manages to put the characters together so well and what I always find with his books is, that they are so smart, however they are not like the usual books I read, you always find yourself missing a piece of the jigsaw if you will, that he leaves for you to think for yourself.

      Pike is a truly brilliant, smart and talented writer and this book Falling is one of his best pieces. However I will have to say, that I was shocked by the sex scenes in the book as I thought it was a teen-thriller, however there are quite a few sex scenes, which is quite annoying for me as I usually hand these books off to my little sister after I have read them, but I wouldn't like a 14 year old reading this.

      It isn't like a lot of Pike's other books; it's a lot more mature, a lot more gruesome and a lot more scary that previous teen books he has written.

      Christopher Pike- Writing Style

      Christopher is one of the best writers that I have ever read. I'm a big old wimp when it comes to thrillers even thought they are my favourite film and book genre, going as far as to even contemplating putting the books in the freezer like Joey (friends fans will get it).

      Pike has never made me want to put the book in the freezer though; I'm always transfixed when reading his books.

      There's always so much going on, and he really makes your brain work. This is the first adult book by Christopher Pike that I have read and it's a definite favourite.

      Being the age I am, I'm still in between adult and teenager, and Pike's books have always suited my style, very mature writing, and very mature storylines full of action and full of suspense but still at the same time, they do not terrify the pants off me.

      His writing style is very unique I think as well as his stories, he usually uses a supernatural sense to his books, a lot of them focus on mythical stories including this one.

      This is one of the things I like about his books; you can tell he researches his books ten fold. The detail he puts into the mythical stories is well worth buying the book for, he makes sure he uses them and makes them so critical to the storyline.
      Christopher Pike's Characters
      The thing I always loved about Christopher Pike books was the lead character and this book is not the same.

      Matt I found to be very intriguing, at points you were rooting for him, understanding the pain he was going through and then in the space of a few lines, your love for this character changed and you find yourself actually questioning his motives, why he did this.

      Not only are Christopher Pike's storyline's intriguing the thing that makes the stories what they are has to be the characters.
      Kelly is brilliant; she really makes the story what it is.

      Where you questioning Matt's motives and your feelings for him, Kelly stays constant throughout, you do feel like questioning why she does certain things, but one thing does remain constant, you know she's the good guy and is always looking for the good in people. She is truly a fantastic character.

      Acid Man and Amy are such brilliant and well written characters. Especially the former.

      The idea of Acid man was just truly smart and the integral part to the story that acid man played was just amazing and so well written.

      Christopher Pike is not only just good at writing lead characters, his niche has always and always will be the bad guys, he manages to make you almost terrified of these 'character's'.

      With books this takes a lot for me to get quite scared as I don't feel the same way as I do when watching a film, however Christopher Pike always manages to actually make me check under my bed before going to sleep, make sure that all of the doors were locked.

      The characters in this book are just fantastic; they brought so much to the storyline and really made you think. Like I said earlier Pike is one of those writers where someone using an inhaler can mean something important at the end, I find my mind, which works in weird ways, I was never good at the likes of maths of science, never being able to remember much, but I pick up a lot of things in books and films that a lot of people don't and this helps me to work out the ending. This book was just a bit too complicated and integrate that it was almost impossible to work it all out.

      Should you buy it?

      You should definitely buy the book, even if you are not a fan of Pike you will love it and won't be able to put it down. If not this book, buy any of Pike's work and I assure you, you will love it.

      I think his style of writing is just incredible and will get even the easily bored people involved and they'll be able to sit and read this all the way through. There are over 400 pages and it is a very long book, but at the end it's so very worth it.
      However there are a few problems with this book if you are Pike fans, as like I said before, most of Pike's books are of the teen-thriller genre, this is an adult thriller and is a lot more thrilling, a lot more horror and there are quite a few sex scenes. I would not recommend this book if you're not comfortable with this. However if you don't really mind, then this book is truly amazing and well worth checking out.

      A fantastic book, probably one of Pike's best pieces.
      Hoped this helped.

      This review is completely my own, no one else's © Please rate, and comment, greatly appreciated.


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