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Four Play - Fiona Walker

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Author: Fiona Walker / Genre: Fiction

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2008 13:37
      Very helpful



      A good easy read.

      So what have we here, Dilly (Deliliah Gently) who fancies Mags (Magnus), Nell (Penelope) who has just appeared after years of absence, Mags who has just quit his band and Flipper(Phillip) twin brother of Nell and just who are the Three Disgraces and just what is the dark secret Nell and Dilly have been keeping to themselves, will the truth every be told?

      Well read on and I will give you some glimpses as to who these characters are but not too much as that would just spoil the fun wouldn't it

      A little bit about the main characters

      Dilly Gently- Dilly falls in love easily and always ends up with her heart broken as she is searching for her soul mate, Dilly's mother Pheely (Ophelia) Gently - please who came up with these characters names, is a bit of barm pot to say the least and has high ambitions for her daughter to marry somebody with money. Dilly however, is when we first meet her totally and utterly heart broken and still at the point where she burst into tears at the shear mention of her ex boyfriends name and is not in the least bit interested in plunging into another relationship or looking for her soul mate. The book mainly focuses around Dilly and her close friends and how their actions affect each other and indeed how the act together affects their friendships and relationships with each other in some very interesting ways.
      Nell Cotterell - Dilly knows Nell from boarding school with the age of 8 - Nell is older than Dilly and Dilly used to idolise her way back then but just what hold does Nell have over Dilly and why is she so controlling and manipulative. Nell is by all accounts stunningly attractive and has no problem at all in getting what she wants no matter who she has to trample over to get it regardless of friendship or feelings. Nell knows she has a hold over Dilly and she uses it to her own advantage even if she hurts Dilly's feelings and gets in her way.

      Mags (Magnus)- Good looking talented singer who has just quit the band he was in or did they ditch him, Mags has found himself without a band and single at the same time which is unusual, but unbeknown top Mags there is a lot of ingenious manipulation going on that affects the direction of his life, though things don't always go to plan and we see quite a lot interesting moments with Mags along the way and his involvement with the other characters in the book.

      Flipper Cotterell- Twin brother to Nell and the local vet, totally horse mad and very close to Nell, total womaniser with the reputation to go with it. Flipper is the local heart throb and is the male version of the stunning Nell and flits from one girlfriend to another with no commitment at all as he has vowed never to love another again, though who was his 1st love, not even his twin sister Nell knows about this, but there is someone else who does watching in the wings, will we find out who this mystery lady is, wait and see as I am sure you won't get it until near the end of the book and think that it is somebody else before you get there.

      How do these four fit together, well Dilly bumps into Nell through a mutual friend and Mags is looking to start a new band and is holding auditions. Dilly, Nell and Flipper all go to the auditions with a bit a persuasion from the three disgraces, I can sense some manipulation going on here with the characters lives, lets see what happens. As it happens and all four end up forming a new band, Dilly has a wonderful voice, Flipper can play drums and Nell, well Nell just looks good and has no talent at all.

      The book then follows the ins and outs of the lives of the four main characters and what happens to them next, there are a lot of other characters in this book and initially over the first couple of chapters it is quite a lot to take in. After you have got through all the character introductions, its not that bad there are just a lot of them and worked out their relationships with each other and indeed these are interesting in places particularly as the setting for this book appears to be in a village in the middle of nowhere where as you would expect everybody knows everyone else and their business also so lots of village gossip.

      Getting back to the plot - our four main characters, a lot centres around their lives and relationships with each other, how these develop and affect each other and the consequences of their actions and I found that I was eager to keep reading to the point where I was most disgusted with my bus journey to work when I was near the end of the book as there was very little traffic and I wanted to read on.

      The book builds up to the leap year hunt ball where there will be a prize for the first lady to propose and be accepted and there are a few candidates and a few bets along the way as to what will happen. Anyway Mags old band have a new member and a new name are have been booked to play at the hunt ball, Mags band also manage to secure a spot at the hunt ball so that they can see who is the best but does it all end happily?

      As we get nearer to the hunt ball we see lots of meddling and manipulation of peoples lives, skeletons come out of closets and all secrets revealed and some speculation about some of the relationships of the character, but don't expect me to tell what these are or what actually happens at the hunt ball.

      Overall I found this book a very easy and enjoyable read and would recommend it as a good holiday book or as I read it commuting to and from work, yes there are quite a few characters but its easy to follow and understand and even the bus bumping along the road with lots of pot holes won't make you loose your concentration. I have also been seen with hover in one hand and book in the other particularly near the end as I just had to find out what happened.

      Initially I bought this book as I liked the cover, great book selection method I have going on - if the cover looks good I will read it regardless of author etc, it was the dusky metallic pink background which is nowhere near as bright as the picture above, with the big bold letter with underwear and a few butterflies floating between the letters which made me curios as to what it would be about.

      This is now in my holiday pile of books as I intend to read it again lying on a sun longer by a pool later in the year and I am sure I will enjoy it just as much as the first time.

      RRP is £6.99
      Supermarket price £3.74
      Amazon £3.99


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    • Product Details

      Despite her broken heart, when Dilly Gently joins Magnus Olensen's new band, the chemistry between them is explosive. Both impossibly romantic dizzy blondes with the souls of poets, they could be made for each other. But before they have chance to declare themselves, Dilly's friend Nell confides that she has a huge crush on Magnus, and Dilly nobly steps down in order to play reluctant matchmaker. Nell returns the favour by setting her friend up with her dashing twin brother Flipper. But Flipper the bounder is not a good rebound for a true romantic. He hides a secret that could break Dilly's heart all over again.

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