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Funhouse - Diane Hoh

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Genre: Horror / Author: Diane Hoh / Edition: New Ed / Paperback / 176 Pages / Book is published 1999-04-16 by Scholastic Point

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2009 09:37
      Very helpful




      As many of you know, by now, I have set myself a task to read all the point horror books I have. I have actually done that now, and this is my last point horror book, which is shocking, however they are really good, and I have finished revising, so I have more time to read! This is my last Point Horror book left to review; I have read all of the Point Horror books I have. But recently, I have just received "Amy" by Samantha Lee, by www.bookcrossing.com so I'm really interested into getting my eyes upon those pages!

      I am officially a massive fan of the Point horror books and I'm dreadfully upset to find out that they've gone and disappeared. I love the way these books are created and I think they are a real inspiration to everyone who would like to go down the author career route, as they are simple but brilliant. And if a publisher did the same as Point Horror has, then tonnes of new authors would find limelight. Famous authors (from the Point Horror series) include R.L. Stine (See reviews on "Hit & Run" & "The Boyfriend"), Richie Tankersley Cusick (see reviews on "Trick or Treat" & "The Lifeguard"), Malcolm Rose & Caroline B. Cooney to name a few. Although there has been a few books from this series I've read that I thought the author should have became famous only they didn't, here's a few I think: Samantha Lee (Read Reviews on "Demon" & "Demon II"), Sinclair Smith (read review on "The Waitress"), Linda Cargill (read review on "The Dark"), Carmen Adams (read review on "The Claw"), D.E. Athkins (See review on "The Cemetery") and Diane Hoh (author of this book. If Point Horror had lasted for a little longer I reckon these authors would have been famous, and I really feel for these authors, it usually is the ones whose books are quite possibly the better ones of the series.

      Diane Hoh must have been a really good author, considering that Point Horror took her on to actually release a whole series under their publication. This series is called Nightmare Hall, and was released during the 1990s! She has done a few more series such as "Med Centre" which looks really intriguing! Recently she has just struck limelight, and released a new book under the series called: "Horror High", which introduces back some Point Horror authors, such as R. L. Stine, and Caroline B. Cooney, as well as the not so famous authors like Diane Hoh! Could this be her way of entering the cloud of becoming an official writer? I don't know, but what I do know is that I shall collect all of the books that are in the "Horror High" series, so that those authors who didn't become famous because of "Point Horror" may be able to come famous because of Horror High. I have already got the first 2 books in the series, and can't wait to get the others! What I've been thinking is that these Horror High books, could possibly be a finalised goodbye to Point Horror publications, however, I could be totally wrong and it could mean the opposite, what I mean is, is that it could be an official welcome back sort of thing for the publication, I sure hope I'm right! But we'll just have to sit in hope and find out later!

      Ever since I heard the title of this book, a song wouldn't stop running through my mind! This song is called "Funhouse" by Pink, so no wonder it got stuck in my head every time I read the name of this book.

      This book isn't really centred on a funhouse, but it has its reasons for it being called "Funhouse" near the end of the book, so I cannot possibly tell you why it's called funhouse without giving too much information away!

      The book is centred around a group of friends, but you are introduced to them all at the same time, and therefore aren't given much about each person, so you have to learn who is who one at a time which can be an annoyance at first! The first person you have to learn about is Tess. She is the main character in the book, and you follow her story!

      The group of friends are on the pier at the start of the book, but then, all of a sudden a roller coaster car comes off it's rails and lands in the middle of the pier, but Tess is safe, for the moment, but she's seen someone, some dark figure who is running away from the crime, and not only that; the figure was up by the roller coaster tracks! Maybe the figure was tampering with the tracks? But why would anyone do that?

      Tess tells the police and all her friends, only no one believes her. Well apart from one person who knows she's telling the truth and that person is playing a deadly game and Tess is in the way. So when Tess becomes the target another "accident" happens in the funhouse, and she knows that she was the intended victim, only she's just now lost another friend, and she's on her guard to protect her and her friends! But who would do such a thing and why?

      This was such a great book and I fully enjoyed it. This was, sure enough, a full-on point horror book. The reason I think this is because I couldn't guess, at all, who was the culprit. I threw around guesses every single time I read this, and I changed my mind half a dozen times! I've never ever read a book that has ever put be in such a confused state! What really got me was the second story; there is a first person account from the culprit who gives you the reason why this person is doing these evil things! But when I got to the end, I was fully shocked. Never ever were any of my guesses for this person. I don't know why I never even thought it could be that person, but this book makes you surprised by who it is, and some people could get annoyed at how bad they were at guessing the culprit! I cannot believe that this was my last Point Horror book that I owned and never actually managed to guess who the culprit was.

      My favourite character had to be Candace, as she reminded me of myself as she's a quiet one but can speak up for herself when needs be!

      I'd like to thank you all for reading and rating and commenting, this was my last point horror book to be reviewed, and so my next review might be a lot more intriguing based on the fact that I won't be repeating myself a few times! I hope that will keep on rating my reviews, as I'm sure I've been rating yours!


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