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Gin O'Clock - The Queen (of Twitter)

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Genre: Humour / Author: The Queen of Twitter / Paperback / Publication Date: 2011 / Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2012 10:53
      Very helpful



      The @Queen_UK (of Twitter) humours diaries

      I am a huge fan of Twitter and make no secret about it. I love it. Even more I love some of the more humourous accounts which pick and poke fun at life in general, often making a very dull day much more interesting. One of my favourite accounts on Twitter is @Queen_UK a complete and total spoof account about our beloved Soverign Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

      The reason I love @Queen_UK so much is simply because the comments and tweets made are hilariously funny and upon seeing things like "Have sent Mr Clegg to Rio for an environment summit. He's so excited. He thought Rio was only a song" which is obviously in reference to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and "Have made Gary Barlow an OBE. It was a knighthood but one downgraded him after Cheryl Cole performed at one's concert". So the twitter account pretty much comments on everyday life with the kind of things you only wish the Queen would actually be saying and commenting on, though refering to Mayor Boris Johnson as Bungle is a tad harsh, though funny and best of all The Archbishop of Canterbury is called Dumbledore and always talked about in his Harry Potter role. All of these references can also be found in the book as well, so it works well alongside Twitter and Facebook with the over-laps.

      So once the Twitter account had taken over and today with a following of 795,000 people, there came a book which was originally written back in October 2011 and then was re-released to make the Diamond Jubilee with a few added chapters. Gin O'clock can be bought in E-version, paperback and hardcopy and in my house we have both E-version and paperback. There is also now a Facebook account for people to become fans of. To date no one actually knows who the author is because they have chosen to remain anonymous.

      Gin O'clock is a phrase used by the Twitter account, at 5pm everyday the Queen (of Twitter) announces that everyone has done their work for the day and should wander off home for a Gin and Tonic, therefore making it Gin O'clock along with any excuse to drink Gin. The book itself is a parody of life as the Sovereign and the trials and tribulations of The Royal Family throughout 2011, it is written as a diary with extracts featuring everything from The Royal Wedding to Trooping the Colour which are naturally big events in the Royal Diary but there are also entries from less important issues such as Eurovision where you are liking to find comments such as "One does enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest. Lovely to be reminded how much more civilised the British are than our European neighbours. Royal Eurovision Fancy Dress Party to celebrate. Unfortunately Camilla misread the invitation as 'Euro-tunnel Fancy Dress Party' and came as a train." There are also mentions of the Phone Hacking scandal, The Duke of Edinburgh's 90th birthday which was themed as a Vicars and Tarts Party and unsurprisingly everything revolves around Gin and is mentioned quite a lot.

      The book starts in December 2010 as the Royal Family arrive at Sandringham for Christmas and New Year and there are musing about Tony Blair's memoirs which are currently being used as a door stop and then onto the political satire of @Queen_UK making her own suggestions for cuts to Prime Minister Cameron starting with The Cabinet and Downing Street and including things such as Lord Sugar, Vanessa Feltz and Staines amongst the list. Then follows a list of Christmas presents for members of The Royal Family such as 'My Little Pony for Edward' and 'Pippa Middleton for Harry' and the book carries on through The Arab Spring, Valentines Day, Brit Awards, Wedding of Zara Phillips and it concludes with some sent items in Her Majesty's email outbox and a draft of Queens Christmas Message, all of which are very funny.

      Most of the Royal Family, or those you will have heard of, are all mentioned in one form or another throughout the book, for example Camilla is portrayed as being a chain smoking object of fun, Prince Edward being extremely camp and excitable always wanting to dress up in a costume and Prince Phillip. There is also the odd dig at The Duchess of Cambridge's family with comments such as "'Had Mrs "call me Carole" Middleton on the phone after lunch. Wanting to check "our outfits don't clash on the big day". One seriously doubts they would" and further digs such as "The Middletons arrived a little after 2.pm with an Asda 'bumper value box of meat and a case of Fosters'. Awkward. Very Awkward" and "Had the Middletons at Ascot today - placing £2.50 each-way bets. Awakward" and so on thorughout the whole diary.

      For me this book was a perfect entertaining read and it did have me laughing out loud and cackling to myself when I was sat reading it. It is also one of those books that you don't need to sit and devour in one sitting, you can keep coming back to it because of the style in which it is written.

      So, if you havent come across @Queen_UK yet and are on Twitter, I can only insist you go and find Your Soverign and see for yourself how funny it is and if you are not on Twitter you can find her on facebook and if you are on neither then buy Gin O'clock because it is funny and I only hope that Her Majesty does Skype with Angela Merkel and sing songs such as "Who can take a Rainbow, wrap it in a sigh? Soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie? The Soverign can...Oh The Soverign can...'

      For me this book made the perfect gift for the Husband who also follows @Queen_UK on Twitter and finds it amusing and I really enjoyed the sitty humour which really appealed to me. It can be found on Amazon, the only place ive ever bought it from for £4.76 in paperback and £4.99 for your Kindle or £9.09 for the Hardback version and it is a book I definitely recommend.


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