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Goddess of Spring - P.C. Cast

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2 Reviews

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Author: P.C. Cast / 416 pages / Book published 2011-02-03 by Piatkus Books

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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2013 19:56
      Very helpful



      One of the best in a brilliant series

      The Goddess Summoning Series is in my opinion P.C Cast at her very best, although she writes fantastic Young Adult books she is most definitely one of the best Adult Romance authors out there as well as being a fantastic Paranormal author and these books combine the both perfectly.

      From the Start I will state that this book is not appropriate for teenagers (even though they sometimes will be found in the Children section next to the house of night series). The sex scenes are highly detailed and explicit so not something you want your kiddies reading, on the other had if you are a fully grown adult then carry on and enjoy.

      The story follows the same concept as all the others which includes a mortal switching places with a goddess or god for the sake of true love and a lot of passion along the way. This one is about a Mortal who owns a bakery which isn't doing to good, she finds an old Italian cook book that suggests she should invoke a goddesses aid to help her bakery. Demetry the Goddess of the Harvest answers Linas call and switches her with Persephone the goddess of Spring (her daughter). The deal being that Lina will bring order to the Underworld and help Hades while Persephone breaths new life into the old bakery.

      Lina embodying Persephone soon find she is more interested in the extremely sexy Hades than she is in returning to Tulsa and an extremely passionate love affair begins. The story is passionate and romantic but also emotional and grabs you on many levels it took me a few days to read even though I was extremely busy but I just could not put it down (which has happened with most of the series).
      Normally when I read these books I get a bit bored in the real world parts and just want to skip to the other world parts and read the goddess bits ( at the end of the day I am a fantasy fan). But found the characters in this one extremely interesting from the start and found I enjoyed all the parts equally.

      A must read for any Paranormal Romance / Fantay / P.C Cast Fans

      ISBN-13: 978-0749953713
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      Paperback : £5.59
      Kindle : £3.95
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      This review is available on my ciao account under username shellyjaneo


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      23.03.2011 17:47
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A fantastic read.

      Due to how many books I have got in my "to read" pile at home, I have managed to refrain from going to my local library for a nosey, unfortunately last week my daughter insisted and I ended up with two other books to be read, with this being the first!

      The book in question is - "Goddess of spring by P.C Cast".

      Lina owns a very trendy bakery in Tulsa, it is well known as "the" place to go and get traditional Italian breads and preserves and has a very loyal following.
      Unfortunately Lina has just found out that she owes the IRS a vast amount of money, this is due to a rather shady character who he deemed fit to do her tax returns for her, and failed miserably!

      Lina has to find a way of either saving money via down sizing, though this is not an option she wants to take as it will mean losing staff, which are her two best friends, or branching out, which she decides is the only answer.

      After collecting a few old and authentic looking recipe books for such a venture (her Italian Gramma wuld be very proud!) she finds a book that not only gives recipe advice, but also how to invoke the "Goddess of the harvest" to bless her bakery and all the food that is made in it, she is by this point desperate and a little drunk to boot, so does the invocation ritual.

      What happens from then on is a more than a little strange, as elsewhere the goddess of the harvest is at that moment pondering how to turn her beautiful (if somewhat flighty) daughter Persephone into a fully matured goddess, with Lina seemingly offering her the solution to her prayers.

      So this is what happens, Persephone becomes Lina to bring the bakery out of it's almost bankrupt state, while Lina has one little job to do in return, become Persephone and travel to the underworld to show Hades and the spirits down there that the goddess does care for them and give them the much needed moral boost.

      But does Lina know what she has let herself in for, the goddess and the devil?

      I have previously read one of these "goddess summoning" books before, and quite enjoyed it, though felt it was slow starting, this however was fantastic, with me feeling immersed into the story from the first page.

      I loved the character of Lina, a 44 year old woman who has cried off from having a man in her life, with two failed marriages behind her she feels that she concentrate on her career and the true loves of her life, her pets, but you always feel how sad she is about that, with it hinting a few times at how she knows she can never be a mother, so feels inadequate and unlovable.

      Then there is the Lina that inhabits the goddess's body and this again is fun to read, how she has all these abilities and magic, but still have the pithy middle aged wit of a woman who has been there and done it, so when she meets Hades (who just happens to be beautiful, very masculine and starved of female company for many thousands of years) her reaction to him is lovely, as she forgets at times that she is no longer the frumpy human woman (although she really isn't, bad self image!) but actually a 19 year old goddess, and can't understand his interest in her.

      This book is of course a work of fiction, though does have some of the stories of old threaded into it (though I was not personally privy to them before reading his!), and has a real mystical feel to it, with there being God's just strolling along, and spirits of the underworld being Lina's servants, this book is not going to appeal to many people, but for me was the perfect love story, albeit with a few more dead people in there!

      The book is told from the first person perspective, which not only showed everything from Lina's point of view, but also meant you were reading her thoughts to, which gave a real insight into how she felt about her unusual situation.

      Unlike some of the other books in P.C Cast's back catalogue (House of night series), this is most definitely not suitable for the teenagers, with it having a fair bit of quite graphic sexual content, though very little bad language (any bad language used was cleverly translated into Italian, Lina was taught to not use this language as it was not lady like, so that was her compromise!).

      This book is currently available for £3.99 via www.amazon.co.uk.

      To me this was a really enjoyable read, and although the subject matter would not be everyone's cup of tea, the love story would be any chick lit lovers perfect read, recommended!

      Thanks for reading x

      ISBN 978-0-7499-5371-3


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