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Goddess of the Sea - P. C. Cast

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Author: P. C. Cast / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 07 July 2011 / Genre: Fantasy / Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group / Title: Goddess of the Sea / ISBN 13: 9780749953669 / ISBN 10: 0749953669 / Alternative title: Goddess Summoning Series: Goddess Of The Sea - P. C. Cast / Alternative ISBN 10: 0749953667

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    2 Reviews
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      18.08.2013 01:50
      Very helpful



      A sexy twist on the little mermaid

      Part of the Goddess Summoning series by P.C Cast (my faveourite Paranormal Romance Author) Goddess of the sea follows the same basic structure as the others in the series, with a mortal managing to invoke the goddesses aid in some way, there is then always a very fiery romance with lot of fantastic sex scenes and this book is no exception.

      The Book is based around an Air Force Sargent Christine Canady who on her 25th Birthday drinks far to much Champagne and is feeling particularly loanely and sorry for her self, she decides to recite a prayer to the earth goddess Gaea asking for someone or something to brighten up her life. Christine never really believed the spell would work.

      On her way to duty her military plane crashes into the ocean and when she awakens she finds herself in another world were myths and legends are true and she is inhabiting the body of the Undine the maermaid.

      I won't go into the plot in much more detail as I would not like to spoil it for anyone, but the story that unfolds is one with loads of great mythology which P.C Cast researchers really thoroughly and never disappoints. She creates whole worlds of creatures with great back stories for the characters and interesting relationship structures.

      There are really interesting bad guys in the book and some very uncomfortable scenes which make you squirm which are written in a very gritty and graphic way without being crude, this is something that P.C. Cast does very well.

      There is also a very good romance story in the book with some passionate romantic scenes and a great twist at the end, a good point of this series is that the ending have always surprised me which is great.

      The are well written but easy to read and suck you in really well ensuring for to many late nights

      ISBN-13: 978-0749953669
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      This review is also on my ciao account under username shellyjaneo


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      15.03.2012 07:44
      Very helpful



      Another good book in the series.

      There are very few books that I won't give a go, but much fewer that I will endeavour to read the entire series of, with the majority of those either being vampire or magic orientated books.

      After reading the entire collection (so far anyway) of the "House of night" series of books, I was of course pleased to find hat the author of said books also had a series of books out named the "goddess summoning series", so called as they are based on fairytales, but always include mythological beings and creatures, couple that with some incredible sex scenes and this series has been interesting to say the least!

      This particular book is called "Goddess of the sea", and before even reading it I knew I would enjoy it, due to this book being loosely based on the original story of "the little mermaid".

      As US air force sergeant Christine Canady is home alone on her 25th birthday, and of course extremely drunk, she yearns for something or someone to enliven her life up, so (as you do!), she recites a divine invocation to liven things up (prayer to the earth goddess Gaea, which she just happens to have studied at college before joining the services!).

      On her way to active duties her plane crashes into the sea, and when she awakens she finds herself in a land of legend and magic, and seemingly no longer in her own body, but that of a mermaid called Undine.

      Is she dead, is she hallucinating, will she ever get home.....or does she want to?

      Ok, after writing the synopsis down it may seem extremely silly to many of you, but to a dedicated follower of romance books, this is just another way of re-telling the oldest story of time.....when the boy gets the girl (or in this case fish!).

      The story is easy to read, and filled with mythology and magic (my Greek mythology was never up to much, but I am slightly more confident now after reading these books!), and at all times romantic to the last.

      There is of course always someone or thing that will try to thwart true loves course, with this particular baddie being very bad, with there being a couple of rather uncomfortable scenes which nearly end in rape, they were boldly written but never to explicitly and did add an air of desperation to the tale.

      I loved how this, and the other books in the series, don't end the way you expect, with there always being a final twist at the end, with this book having a really weepy ending (in the good and bad ways!).

      I am under no illusions that this will appeal to everyone, but after reading a few of them, then also a small inscription to the reader from the author in the front, I celebrate these books as much as she does, stating that these are books to celebrate strong independent women everywhere, which (just because you are) doesn't mean that love shouldn't be part of that process....I feel empowered already!

      This book is ideal for you if you like a good romance (in any form, keep your options open! Lol!), with a nice "sexy, modern twist", perfect!

      Price wise this has a RRP of £7.99

      Thanks for reading x

      ISBN 978-0-7499-5366-9


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