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Golem 1: Magic Berber - Marie-Aude Murail

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: Marie-Aude Murail, Lorris Murail, Elvire Murail / Paperback / 229 Pages / Book is published 2005-01-03 by Walker Books Ltd

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2008 21:25
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      I was mesmerised by this story... Everyone in this massive world would be mesmerized by this story. It doesn't matter if you're old or if you're really young, everyone who's read this will agree with me also I hope that after I have finished this review you'll be inspired to get this book ASAP, not only that but also there is 5 books in the series, I am currently reading the 2nd book so you'll get a review from me about a book called Joke. And I assure you, if you do not have the money yet to go and buy this book (Magic Berber) then you'll look forward for reading my next review on the prequel to this AMAZING book.

      In my opinion the cover doesn't look too magnificent, but then again you never judge a book by its cover although the cover is what's supposed to draw you in. On the front it says "Golem Virtual Reality Just Became Real." Now if that hasn't got you questioning the book, then you must have a weird mind...

      I'm not much of a gamer, I both get bored with a game and decide I'll never get past the level and give up, or I manage to complete the game although at times I may get bored. This book is based on a game... A very special game called Golem; you can never ever buy it from a shop or on the internet. It's a game that automatically installs and uninstalls all by itself.

      This story is not only about the game but also a whole class, not a normal class however, a troublesome and naughty class who all live near each other in council flats. They are all troublesome to some extent due to the families they live in. However, there is a boy called Majid, he lives with his mother and had a fare amount of brothers who have all left. He is the youngest and he never sees his dad although he knows he's about as he keeps on doing things for his Mother.

      Hugh Mullins on the other hand is a teacher and he teaches the troublesome class along with other teachers. But when Majid wins a top of the range computer from the BIT Company, Hugh can't resist but plunge into a friendship which he has to keep secret. Then while Majid and Mr. Mullins are chatting on each of their computers a blood screen pops up and down comes the word GOLEM and they are tossed into a game. They go separate ways, Mr. Mullins tries the left doors when Majid chooses the right, now they both are in the adventure but before they get too far the game uninstalls and then they resume their chat and lives.

      But Majid's class mate, Aisha, has recently seen blue smoke filling out of the cracks in Majid's front door, and when Majid is forced down to the basement, there is this massive white blob, which looks exactly like the Golem on the game?

      But Mr. Mullins and Majid have not found out what this game is doing to their world. It seems to me that the Virtual Reality game is seeping through the computer and into the real world, and will Mr. Mullins get his dream golem (Natasha) to come through the computer and will Majid notice that Mr. Mullins is staring at Natasha weirdly? And what is this mysterious blue smoke? These are the questions that are still in my head and I'll never find these things out until I've finished the second book.

      As soon as you start reading this book you can't loosen your grip on the book, you can't stand up as you are literally glued to the seat, if dinner's ready you end up not eating it and end up making it go cold due to the fact that you are soooooooo determined in finding the answers to the questions that happens to be swirling in your mind, you could say that you've entered a virtual reality, never to emerged into the proper world until you've finished the book and also to swap to the second book.

      Ok, Ok all that isn't true. But you do get annoyed when you get interrupted and come out of your virtual world, but I love these sort of books that when you go into a shop and you open the first page and start reading the first paragraph, you end up reading the whole chapter and you become angry at yourself as you've done what you keep on doing every single time.


      The Authors:
      I could not find any information on them on the internet, but in the book there is a whole page on them. The Authors names are Elvire Murail, Lorris Murail and Marie-Aude Murail

      The page about the authors is shown below:

      The Murail siblings are all hugely successful authors in their own right - Marie-Aude has sold over two million books worldwide, Elvire's very first novel was turned into a film and Lorris is well known for writing about his two passions: good food and science fiction. Together they make a truly formidable literary trio. When writing the Golem series, the siblings wanted not only to recapture the intensity and creativity of playing together as children, but also to write the kind of books they would have liked when they were young. "It was like a game," says Elvire, the youngest. "It was a huge challenge, but we wanted to lose our individual voices and morph into a new, even better one. It worked so well that sometimes we had trouble remembering who had written what!" Her sister Marie-Aude adds, "It's so important to remember what you were like when you were young. It gets more difficult as you get older - you have to have your own children to get it back again!" It took two years to complete all five Golem books.
      Now it is your turn to play...


      In my opinion you should go out and get all 5 books now before I end up telling you the whole story and I assure you that you do not want that, as you'll get sooooooo bored reading what I'd have put down. I was going to put the whole of chapter 1 but you are lucky that you have escaped it, but if I do not see any more reviews on this book apart from mine, before I've reviewed the second book, you will get that chapter.


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