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Cry of the Cat - R.L. Stine

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Genre: Horror / Author: R.L. Stine / Paperback / Reading Level: Ages 9-12 / 119 Pages / Book is published 1998-01 by Scholastic US / Alternative title: Goosebumps: Cry of the Cat

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2008 21:30
      Very helpful




      I presume everyone who ever reads this review has at least read 1 book from the massive-selling books under the series called Goosebumps, however I bet you haven't read any from the series produced for the Millennium "2000". This book "Cry of the Cat" is the first book in the series of "Goosebumps Series 2000". R.L. Stine especially made these books because of the millennium.

      Now as you may already know, I happen to be reading the "Goosebumps" series in order to see if there was a certain reason to why they have had numbers on the side in the past. If you didn't already know this then you do now.

      I have had "Goosebumps 2000" in my collection for some time, but a friend pointed out to me that it's a different series altogether, so I decided to start reading the series, while I'm trying to get the books I do not currently have in the normal "Goosebumps".

      Now for anyone who has never read any Goosebumps, that are a series of books created by R.L. Stine, who in my opinion, is one of the best-selling scary children's author of all time. At a very young age, I used to hate reading the Goosebumps books. I wouldn't say I hated reading them as such, more like love to hate the books. However these books in the series Goosebumps 2000 they are much scarier and I personally can see the difference...

      This book is a girl called Alison, who accidentally runs over Rip, the cat, with a bike. She could have sworn that she saw the head fly off the cat. But when she looks at the cat, he looks dead. She then gives him to his owner and all of a sudden the cat comes bouncing up and is alive. Now he's after Alison! Next she's at the school hall and she is in a play, and it's a rehearsal, but in the cabinet is Rip, and her character is to open the cabinet, and as she does so, out launches rip, trying to strangle her and everything. However somehow she throws the cat and all of a sudden it ends up in a heap on the floor, then CRASH down comes one of those scenes they have at theatres and the cat is torn in 2, this is the 2nd time she's killed the cat. Miraculously the cat is alive and runs under the seats.

      The Blurb continues the next part:

      "In the light of the full moon, I saw the cat sprawled on its back, its head twisted to one side, its four paws straight up in the air

      Even from my bedroom window high above the ground. I recognize the cat.

      The cat named Rip

      And I knew without going down there that I had killed it again.

      Killed it for a THIRD time."

      What really got me with this story is that it scared me and I'm almost 16! Which basically means that I read young adult books and adult books, but here's a story I'm afraid of. And it's for younger children. I am shocked by that. Anyhow I had to read the whole of this book, because at the end of each chapter there was a cliff-hanger, and I couldn't possibly leave it at those points, so I read on and on. I must warn you though, the twist at the end is GRUESOME and if you are sick VERY easily you mustn't read this book! Anyway... I also must say that what I have put above about the story is only like the first quarter of the story, there is many more twists and the reason why Rip stays alive in the book. But you'll have to read the book to find out how scared you'd be!

      There weren't really many things I hated about the book, you could say that the end made me quench! And the cliff-hangers prevented me from actually putting a bookmark in the book, but to be honest, there wasn't anything to dislike let alone hate or loathe about this book, unless you get scared easily, then that is definitely not the book for you.

      Do I think this would be a good Christmas present? Well yes and no... Take into account the above things and also I reckon that you shouldn't give this to someone who's recently had nightmare. And if I was to put an age rating on this book it'll be 13-adults, because some adults love reading Goosebumps and would be intrigued into getting all the Goosebumps 2000 after they have read this one.

      Now there is also RED text on a BLUE background on the back, and usually when there is red text on a blue background, the words shake. All you need to do is shake the book and the word will look as if they are moving. It's more effective if its slight shakes.

      There 3 things displayed on the book which really drew me into reading the book. The first one is shown on the cover and it says:

      "It's not in your wardrobe.
      It's not under your bed.
      It's coming for you."

      Whether that is supposed to scare you or something I really don't know!

      Another 2 things are the ones in red text on the back, which background happens to be blue:

      "Welcome to the new millennium of fear"

      "2000 times the scares!"

      Now I agree with both of them and for the people who like reading Goosebumps, and wants to know how scary these books are, all you need to do is calculate how scary Goosebumps is (Just read one to find out) and times it by 2000.

      I absolutely love the cover although it could just automatically give someone nightmares. Yup that what I said, the cover alone could scare anyone. And if you don't like the cover then you'll possibly not going to like the book itself either.

      Well to sum up this book is that this is quite possibly the scariest R.L. Stine book I have ever read. So if I were you I'd go out and buy this book.

      I hope I have helped you out.


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      Book Series: Goosebumps

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