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Haunting Hour - R. L. Stine

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Author: R. L. Stine / Edition: New Ed / Paperback / 160 Pages / Book is published 2002-04-02 by Collins

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2008 18:06
      Very helpful



      Ten terrifying tales that will haunt you forever....

      You're in for a real treat today, usually I just do 1 review, and maybe once I have done 3 reviews, referring to the Midnight Library, but today I have to do 10 reviews. Why? I hear you ask; the reason being is that this book has exactly 10 stories inside, ok maybe not a whole story but short stories. What interested me the most was the fact that R.L. Stine gave us a little introduction to each story which tells us how he had thought of it and where it had come from. I shall include every introduction at the start of each review, hopefully it will capture your heart and make you go out and buy this book!

      But before I start, I want to type up the first half of the blurb (The back of the book) due to this is like a little introduction.
      "Some stories are too terrifying to tell," says R.L. Stine. "They are the ones that live in the darkest corners of my mind. The ones that give me chills in the dead of night. The ones that I must tell you now - or they will haunt me forever." Now if that hasn't ripped your heart in two then these stories will...

      The Halloween Dance
      "I always wanted to be very scary on Halloween. I wanted to be a ghost, or a mummy, or a skeleton. But my parents went shopping and brought home a DUCK costume.
      It was white and feathery and had a fuzzy yellow tail. On Halloween night I was embarrassed to go out of the house.
      I told my friends I was a vampire duck. But they didn't buy that story for a minute. They hooted and laughed and quacked at me all night. It was the worst Halloween of my life.
      I remembered that dreadful night when I wrote this story.
      It's about two boys who are DYING to have the scariest Halloween ever. But they quickly change their minds when the thrills turn to chills."

      The introduction speaks enough about the story to get you guessing but to be honest I don't know how to elaborate on the introduction due to the fact that I don't want to give too much away. All I can say is that it made me shiver at the thought of a Halloween as bad as that. And I tell you that their Halloween is DEADLY scary!

      The Bad Baby-Sitter
      "One night when I was a kid, a new baby-sitter came to the house. She was young and pretty, and I looked forward to a fun night.
      I was wrong.
      As soon as my parents left, the baby-sitter started telling me frightening stories. She told me about a two-headed kid who went to her school. And about a teacher who died but kept right on teaching.
      She told me about a scientist who kept a living human brain in a fish tank and brought it to parties. And about a boy my age who had fish gills on his neck and could breathe only underwater.
      She told me the stories were all true, and I believed her. By the time I went to bed, I was shaking so hard, I couldn't sleep!
      I remembered that baby-sitter when I started this story. And I tried to create a baby-sitter even more frightening than the one I had that night."

      Now that little introduction would make you creep out if you had a baby-sitter telling you such stories and you believed her. But that introduction was nothing compared to the actual story which had me in total shivers the night when my baby-sitter read it to me in 2001, now I'm grown up I still shiver with the thought that any baby-sitter could be just as terrifying due to the fact you don't exactly know her/him that well even now child minders also give me the shivers.

      Revenge of the Snowman
      "I live in New York City. And when you live in such a crowded, noisy place, you overhear a lot of conversations.
      One afternoon I was passing a junior high in my neighbourhood, and I overheard two boys arguing. 'You can be scared to death,' a tall boy in a Mets cap said. 'It happens a lot.'
      'No way!' his friend replied. 'You can't just see something and drop dead.'
      'Your heart can stop,' the first boy insisted. 'It can just freeze. You get so scared, you just freeze-forever.'
      Frozen in fear, I thought, watching the boys run for a bus. Is it possible for someone to be frozen in fear?
      And just as I had that thought, it started to snow.
      By the time I walked home, the snow was swirling-and my brain was swirling too. I rushed to my computer to write this story."

      Ok, this introduction doesn't help as such as it talks in slight riddles that make you question what it is about, I don't know whether to tell you more or leave you with the riddles to think up suitable stories that link with the introduction and the title. But I have a better idea I want to confuse you and make questions upon questions fill your heads upon this certain story so my evilness (according to boys at school) has got a use after all... well I believe that snowman's can't walk so how can a snowman who has a carrot for a nose and currents for a mouth and twigs for arms manage to have it's revenge? And who is the snowman having his revenge on? How would you feel if you were created into a snowman? Would you feel nothing because you have frozen........... to................. death?

      How to Bargain With a Dragon
      "A lot of my story ideas start with the question: What if...?
      This story began with the question What if dragons were real?
      I have always been fascinated by the giant winged creatures. In stories and movies and drawings, dragons have always seemed very real and alive to me. They are fierce and majestic at the same time. Ugly and beautiful. And so much more intelligent than dinosaurs
      I know they are mythical. I know that dragons never existed.
      But what if they did?
      This is a story about a boy on a terrifying mission. Ned is about to face the fiercest dragon of them all-and he will soon learn the answer to that awesome question"

      Again the introduction gives away most of what the story is about, and yet again I can not elaborate much more to the introduction as I'm failing to say the right thing to prevent you knowing to much, but one thing for sure is that this is not just a normal story it's one with a terrifying twist that makes you have cheers of joy, or am I wrong, does it give you cries of sadness? Find out by reading this book.

      The Mummy's Dream
      "The museum in my hometown was very small. When we visited there on school trips, my friends and I always headed to the same place-the mummy room.
      I'd lean over the big stone case and stare down at the ancient mummy. He seemed to stare back at me through the layers of gauze and tar. His arms were crossed over his slender chest. The gauze wrapped around his body was stained and torn.
      One day our fourth-grade class visited the museum. I headed straight for the mummy room. I was staring down at the ancient figure when a few of my friends decided to be funny.
      As I leaned over the case, they grabbed me. They lifted me off the floor-and started to drop me headfirst into the case.
      I let out a scream. I didn't want to fall on top of that mummy. I didn't want to touch him.
      Luckily my friends saw a guard approaching. They quickly pulled me out and stood me on my feet.
      Ever since that close call, I've always wondered what it would be like to lie on the bottom of a cold, ancient mummy case.
      This is a story about a boy who finds out."

      Now in my opinion this introduction has given just a little bit too much away as R.L. Stine's story as a child is as close as you can possibly find of an experience pretty much the same as the boy's in this story. But what is the untold future of this boy? Will he ever live to find that out? What will happen as he steps into the coffin? I shall not tell you I'll leave you in suspense... I'm sure all this has already made you stop reading and walk out the front door and you are probably stomping up to the nearest book store in search of this book, if you are not I believe you need more persuading READ ON... IF YOU DARE!

      Are We There Yet?
      "For our summer vacations, my parents used to take us on long car trips. My brother and sister and I were squeezed in the backseat-and we'd argue and fight the whole way.
      As we rode, my mom would point out every cow and horse. My dad always got lost. We hated these trips! They always ended with the three of us kids screaming, 'Let us out if this car!'
      'No Problem,' my mom would shoot back. 'This is a one-way trip. You don't have to ride back with us.' She meant it as a joke. But I always wondered-what if she was serious?"

      Now the introduction, yet again, has given a fair bit of information about the story and has now got you needing to read all the stories so far but you have yet to have been amazed as the next few stories are far the worst stories EVER!!!

      Take Me with You
      "I don't like going into antique stores, because I know ghosts are lingering there.
      I know that the old items on display are haunted by the ghosts of the people who owned them. Look around the store....
      The silver handbrush is still held by the hand of the woman who brushed her hair with it so many years ago. The old leather chair isn't empty. There's the man who sat in it day after day, leaning his ghostly head against its soft back.
      The antique jeweled beads rattle against the throat of their long-dead owner. And the wooden fire truck is still treasured by the ghostly children who played with it a hundred years ago.
      Ghosts everywhere you turn.
      I know. I can see them.
      This is a story about a father who brings a beat-up old steamer trunk home from an antique store. And guess what is waiting inside...."

      Now this story was the clearest in my head due to the fact that it's the most scariest in my opinion. And it gave me shivers the second time I read it which is weird due to the fact that I knew what it was about and the fact that I had already read it.

      My Imaginary Friend
      "Go away, Max. I don't have the time to talk now.
      No, really, Max, give me a break. Go away and let me write. I'll talk to you when I'm finished, okay?
      Sorry, readers. Max is my imaginary friend, and he's driving me crazy today.
      Do you think I'm too old to have an imaginary friend? Yes. So do I. But someone should tell that to Max!
      Max-get away from my keyboard. I'm going to write a story about a boy who has an imaginary friend-a very dangerous imaginary friend.
      No. You can't help me. Go away. I mean it, Max.
      Get away from the computer! Go away. GO AWAY!"

      I agree with R.L. Stine this boy in the story has got a totally dangerous imaginary friend, and at the start you question who is the imaginary friend, eventually you find out but then you question again and again, usually imaginary friends prevent you from getting into trouble but this one doesn't this one does the opposite...

      "Where do story ideas come from? This one came from a memory that has always haunted me.
      I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Every summer my friends and I look forward to the Ohio State Fair. We loved everything about it-the great junk food, the giant pumpkins and squashes and melons, the demolition derbies, the carnival rides, the award-winning horses, cows and fat, sloppy hogs.
      One night we stayed very late. Somehow I got separated from everyone. The fair was closing. The lights were dimming. I ran along a back fence, searching for my friends.
      Suddenly a huge man in a baggy black suit stepped into my path. His face was big and round and wrinkled, like a prize cabbage. 'Hurry,' he called to me. 'This way! Hurry! You're just in time!'
      I stopped and stared at him. The fairgrounds were nearly empty. What did he want?
      'Hurry-you're just in time,' he whispered. 'This way!'
      A chill ran down my back. I turned and ran. I heard the man laughing behind me-cold, cruel laughter.
      Some nights I still hear that laughter. I thought of that cabbage-faced man in the dark fairgrounds when I wrote this story."

      That introduction gives you a little hint to what the story would be about but for the people who still haven't clicked what the story is about then I should tell you that these 2 boys in the story sees a man doing exactly the same thing but these dumb boys thought it'll be a good idea to see what they were in time for... well done R.L. Stine, this story helps him to stop questioning about what would have happened if he did follow the cabbage-faced man, as this story gives the ending in which R.L. Stine would have been happy that he chose to run away...

      Can You Draw Me?
      "Did you ever wonder why some people can draw and others can't? What kind of strange magic is involved?
      When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a cartoonist. I spent hours and hours drawing little comic books. Then one day I looked around and saw that my drawings were like baby scribbles compared to those of the other kids in my class.
      I decided I'd better write instead of draw. But I've been fascinated by artists ever since.
      When I sat down to write this story, I asked myself these questions: What if an artist suddenly lost control of his painting? What if his hand started painting on its own? What if he couldn't control it at all?
      How terrifying would that be?
      You decide...."

      That, yet again, introduction has setted out what the story is about and I don't really need to elaborate upon what the introduction had said. I hope I have left you in suspense in every story and I hope that one day you all have read this book and there will be a lot more than just my review on this book.

      I shall finish up by putting the other part of the blurb here:
      Read the terrifying story of a babysitter who loves evil tricks...the chilling tale if a boy who dared to lie down in an ancient mummy case...the frightful story of two boys dying to have the scariest Halloween ever....

      Are you ready for these scares and more?


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