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Hit List - Laurell K. Hamilton

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Laurel K. Hamilton / ISBN: 0755352599 / Publication Date: 2011 / Publisher: Headline

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2011 07:19
      Very helpful



      Not a bad read.

      Anita Blake has been nicknamed by the "monsters" as "the executioner", not a mean feat when she is friends and lovers with a great many more scary individuals, mostly vampires and were animals.

      When a series of gruesome murders take place in the Pacific Northwest, she is called in, in her capacity as honorary marshal (awarded recently to all so called hit men and women working on the supernatural side of things!),alongside her partner Edward (who is incidentally nicknamed by the monsters as death!), to work out if these murders are being committed by were animals.

      Anita soon realises that she may well be a little out of her league, as the finger soon starts to point to the oldest branch of vampires known simply as "them" (they are actually called the Harlequin, but to utter there name is to sign your own death warrant, very Voldermort isn't it!), which are renowned for there speed and skill in executions.

      Alongside the vampires in question there is the chance that "mommy dearest" may be involved, she is the oldest vampire ever, and though her body was found and destroyed she has found a way for her spirit to survive, and now wants Anita's body and all the power that comes with it........

      You may have gathered that this book is quite involved and detailed, and as the newest in a long line of books within the "Anita Blake vampire hunter" series, has had many books previous to this to introduce the characters and set the very strange scene's!

      Again within this book Anita is pulled away from what she deems as her "power base" which are effectively her lovers with whom she feeds off power wise, this is very often done (much to Anita's distaste!) through sexual contact, which then triggers her own form of power, which is known as "the arduer", and a by product of being linked to the vampire master of the city Jean Claude.

      Anita finds herself again with her former work partner, and best friend Edward, on a case that may well see them both dead!

      I half to be honest the first half of the book seemed to take forever to get through, as it seemed to be all about the too-ing and fro-ing between crime scene's, and filling in the story with what had happened previously between Anita and Edward, and his now live in family.

      The book did get going a bit towards the middle, with it finishing really well, plenty of action, excitement, as with most of these books now, loads of sex, but I did find that it worked well.

      This is at times quite graphic in all areas, with some people (me at times!) likening it to supernatural porn, but I still find myself coming back to the series of books, even with there being a real hit and miss feel to them, though I am veering more towards hit with this!

      Price wise this quite a new release so expect to pay around the £10.00 for a hardback copy.

      This was a good book within the Anita Blake series, but don't think you would be able to dip in and read this as a starter book, I have tried this a bit earlier in the series, and got completely confused, so if interested I would recommend reading this from book one, as however strange the story may sound, it is a really gradual process within the series of books.

      Thanks for reading x

      ISBN - 978-0-7553-5259-3


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