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I Never Fancied Him Anyway - Claudia Carroll

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2 Reviews

Author: Claudia Carroll / Genre: Fiction

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2010 08:29
      Very helpful
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      Good book

      I bought this book as part of a 3 for £5 deal. I like any kind of chick lit so figured I probably had found myself a bargain and would not regret buying it!

      The book begins by introducing us to Cassandra, who at the time is a child. Her aunt and her aunts friend are questioning her about their futures and this is because she is infact psychic! Fast forward twenty one years and Cassandra has a column in a top magazine in Ireland. She is doing pretty well for herself and she is relatively happy, she can pay the rent and not have to worry and she also has fantastic friends. Cassandra has four close friends - Charlene, the daughter of a millionaire who cannot hold down a job for long and loves nothing more than boozy lunches, so much so they have nicknamed her 'Tipsy-Queen'. Then there is Jo, Cassandra's housemate who is the complete opposite to Charlene! She is an eco-warrior and spends her Saturdays working in the charity shop. Finally there is Marc - better known as 'Marc with a C' who is very gay and finds it difficult to hold down a serious relationship!

      So one evening the friends all go out, Jo and Cassandra decide to call it a night but Charlene and Marc with a C decide to carry on looking for men! Turns out, Charlene finds one and is totally beside herself by the next morning. Nobody has ever seen her this way and despite not spending the night together, Charlene is already planning her life with high flying Jack. Jack is a TV producer and when Charlene tells him of her friends psychic abilities he is desperate to get him on his show. Cassandra is excited but nervous at the same time and looks forward to her appearance. However, something is not quite right when she appears on the show as her abilities are seriously weakened. Will Cassandra find out what it is and can she put a stop to it before she loses her career?

      I really enjoyed this book from the outset. The story is told from Cassandra's point of view which makes you see everything from her eyes and helps you to understand how she is feeling. The character of Cassandra is very loveable and there wasn't a moment in the book where I questioned her actions.

      The supporting characters were very good throughout the book and added a lot of humour. Their sub-plots (namely Charlene's) helped to break up the story a bit, giving the reader something else to focus upon when things were going a bit slow for Cassandra. I'm afraid to say the book is very predictable and from about half way through I knew exactly how the ending was going to pan out. There were also quite a few dull moments throughout the book where for about 20 pages or so I felt the story was just dragging along. I did like the idea of the book as it was different to most other chick-lits I had read. It was interesting to read about somebody who wasn't chasing her first love or preparing for a wedding!

      I enjoyed Claudia Carroll's writing style and also found the plot quite good. I found it was a book that you could put down, leave for a few days and then pick it back up and know exactly what was going on. This was good for me as I find it difficult to find times to read. I would certainly read another of Carroll's books.

      *Additional Information*
      The book was published in 2007.
      It was published by Bantam Press.
      It has 480 pages.

      I did enjoy this book and would recommend it. However, it was a little slow in places. 3.5 stars.

      *Please Note*
      My book has a different cover to the one above and I believe it is the Irish version (mine is pale green with a cartoon Cassandra on the front).


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        02.01.2008 10:00
        Very helpful



        Chik lit Blah!

        As a member of Mango Bookclub I often read through the magazine picking out books to add to my 'to read' list. I'm not a great fan of chick lit but I Never Fancied Him Anyway sounded a wee bit different to the normal run of the mill chick lit that bores me so I added it to my list, the next month the book was the editors choice and as I forgot to cancel it, i was sent the book anyway so rather than mess about sending it back I decided to keep it and read it.

        The Blurb
        Cassandra never set out to be a famous psychic, with her very own magazine column, plus a glamorous TV slot thrown in for good measure. Let's face it, it's not exactly the usual career choice a girl might make, now is it? But whether she likes it or not, and most of the time she doesn't, ever since Cassandra was a little girl she's been able to see into the future.
        While she can make predictions with 100% accuracy for everyone around her, including her three best friends, Charlene, Jo and Marc with a C, there's a bit of twist. Why, oh why, does Cassandra's incredible psychic gift seem to float right out of the window whenever there's a D.S.M (decent single man) around who she actually fancies herself? And what if the D.S.M just happens to be her hot new TV producer boss?
        But even being able to fortell the future can't protect Cassandra from what destiny has in store, and sometimes fate won't allow you to look before you love...

        The Story
        The book begins in Dublin in 1985. Cassandra is 7 years old and while trying to do her homework her aunt and her aunt's best friend are asking Cassandra to make predictions about their future love lives.
        We then skip forward 21 years, where Cassandra is now the resident psychic at Tattle magazine. She has her own column where readers write in to her with their problems in the hope that Cassandra will be able to picture the solution or the resolution to their problems. Cassandra likes her job but not so keen on her boss, the Dragon Lady, who everyone at Tattle is scared of.
        In her spare time Cassandra spends her time getting drunk with her best friends and obsessing about men. Although Cassandra's predictions are always spot on for everyone else she has never been able to predict the outcome of any of her failed relationships and when the relationships have ended she's always consoled herself by telling herself that 'she never fancied him anyway'.
        One night after her and Jo return home early, leaving Charlene and Marc out to, Cassie gets a flash of things to come, Charlene in a club meeting a man, a man who Cassandra herself is going to fall for. Cassandra decides to ensure Charlene's happiness she must stay away from the man and avoid meeting him. This is easier said than done as the man in question, Jack is a TV producer of Breakfast TV and Charlene taking it upon herself to be Cassie's manager arranges a spot for her.
        On the back of this Cassandra is offered more work and documentary maker Oliver enters her life wanting to make a fly on the wall show about her. All this would be great apart from the fact that Cassandra's gift disappears whenever Jack is nearby and the fact that Charlene believes Jack is the man she's going to marry.

        The Main Characters
        Cassandra -the heroine of the piece, she's very down to earth considering what a great gift she has.
        Jo - Jo is Cassie's best friend, the two of them live together and Jo is a calming influence on her friend, she's very wise and level headed. Rather than obsessing about men like her friends Jo has a social conscience, she always raising money for charity and volunteers for Oxfam.
        Charlene - Charlene is the daughter of a self made millionaire, she doesn't really need a job as she lives off her trust fund, she spends most of her time shopping and getting drunk. Charlene is desperate to find a man and e married by the age of thirty but her standards are very high.
        Marc - Marc is gay so her also spends most of his time obsessing about men although he has more opportunity for meeting them as he's a fitness instructor in a gym.

        The Author
        Claudia Carroll was born in Dublin, where she still lives, she has worked as an actress on the Irish stage and has starred in Irish soap opera, Fair City (I have never seen this myself though)

        I had never heard of Claudia Carroll before reading this book but I think she takes some of her insperation from other Irish novelists like Marian Keyes and Celia Ahern but she's not as good.

        Other Titles By The Same Author
        He Loves Me Not.....He Loves Me
        The Last Of The Great Romantics
        Remind Me Again Why I Need A Man

        My Experience
        How disapointing, I really did want to enjoy this book but I found it just as boring as I find most other chick lit.
        First of all the characters are all way under developed, I didn't even feel I knew enough about Cassie and as for Jack, the love interest, the author really gave gave us nothing to go on apart from his name, his looks and his job. Marc with a C seemed to be thrown in for good measure, the obligitary gay friend that all spinsters in modern chick lit seem to have and Charlene is just a stereotypical spoilt rich kid with no depth whatsoever.
        The book is predictable to say the least and you don't really need Cassie's psychic abilities to see what is going to happen in the end.
        Ok so the book is meant to be light hearted but there really isn't anything in her to hold the reader's attention. It's the usual single girls living together, drinking wine and obsessing over men.
        Fans of this genre may enjoy but otherwise it's not worth bothering with.

        Price: I paid £6.99 from Mango Bookclub


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