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Infinity Plus One - Keith Brooke

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Keith Brooke, Nick Gevers / Hardcover / 288 Pages / Book is published 2001-08-31 by PS Publishing

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2008 14:44
      Very helpful



      Its ok, but nothing special.

      Infinity plus One.

      A collection of 13 short stories.
      Edited by Keith Brooke & Nick Gevers.

      Introduction by Peter F Hamilton.

      Authors -
      All the below authors have signed this First Edition, First Printing and the book is number 385 of 500 limited edition.

      Introduction -
      All of the stories where picked by their authors as either being their favourite short story or as deserving a rebirth in print.

      Radio Waves;
      Author - Michael Swanwick.
      When you die the world turns upside down, you become sparks of conscious electricity and can move along anything conductive. But if you let go for a second you will fall into the sky and be spread into the universe.
      A story about the dead and their battle to at least stay dead!
      Starts off well but slows down in the middle and has a predictable ending.

      The Second Window;
      Author - Patrick O'Leary.
      About McDonalds of the future! Honestly. Only10 pages long.
      A silly pointless story.

      Author - James Patrick Kelly.
      A sad but intriguing alien story about a Mother and Father their Mam (kind of nanny) and their 'Scrap' (baby).
      The Mother leaves to visit the aliens (Humans) in a local city, abandoning her hubby, child and nanny.
      The story is a 'Columbus meeting the savages' and nothing is ever the same again.

      Ghost dancing with Manco Tupac;
      Author - Jeff Vandermeer.
      A long winded disappointing story this one, concerning looking for an Aztec city of gold.
      Dull and uninspiring.

      Home Time;
      Author - Ian R Macleod.
      A story about time travel or time jumping to be precise.
      A small crew are pulsed back to 1565 and from then onwards must frog leap forward through time to get back to their own time zone. Collecting data as they progress.
      The story ends in a similar vain to Scott and Oates last trip. Which ended with that immortal line "I am going outside for a while, I may be sometime".
      One must sacrifice, so that the others may survive.
      Well written and a good read.

      A spy in the domain of Arnheim;
      Author - Michael Bishop.
      A man wakes up in a strange room unsure of how he came to be there. Is he a spy planted there with his memories removed in case he is captured.
      A cleverly written story, but would have liked more.

      Memories of the Flying ball bike shop;
      Author - Garry Kilworth.
      The secrets that this shop holds are both spiritual and scientific.
      A short but enjoyable spooky tale.

      Author - Mary Gentle.
      About a young man falling in love with a spirit, then loosing her and morning love lost.

      Gods Foot;
      Author - Tony Daniel.
      A story that takes place or the mountain of the Hallowed Snow,
      It is essentially about a city man who decides after reaching the top of the mountain to change his life and how he lives it.
      Mediocre story and writing.

      Tomorrow Town;
      Author - Kim Newman.
      Set in the year 2000, ha.
      Or rather set in what they think a town will be like in 2000, Richard and Venessa try to find out who killed one of the founders of 'Tomorrow Town'.
      What they find at TT will unravel all of the founders' plans for the future of mankind.
      Written in the 60's, this is a fair novel and has good plot lines and clean cut narratives.

      Jack Neck and the Worrybird;
      Author - Paul Di Filippo.
      A confusing story, set in the far distant future. Where people's bodies are odd shapes and the language is weird and tricky to follow.
      Silly and difficult to read, gave up before the end.

      Old Soldiers;
      Author - Kit Reed.
      A crypt with a difference, you can talk to the dead. Who killed Vic?
      Well ask him...
      You still don't find out at the end of the story!

      The Lunatics;
      Author - Kim Stanley Robinson.
      Promethium is the material that drives all the Earths economy. It is desired by the rich and powerful.
      But it is only found in the deep tunnels of the Moon. Jakob and team are condemned to dig for the Promethium. But things are changing and Jakob is about to make some startling discoveries.
      A great read and will look out for some of Kim S R longer novels.

      Opinions -
      I am not a fan of short stories but thought I'd give this a go. A few gems hidden amongst some dross.

      Book Features;
      Book length is 281 pages.
      Publisher - P.S. Publishing.
      Rating 4/10
      ISBN - 1902880234



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