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Into the Hollow - Karina Halle

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Print Length: 447 pages / Publisher: Metal Blonde Books / Published: 12 Nov 2012

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2013 15:03
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      Fantastic story for a fantastic series

      Into the Hollow- Karina Halle

      I came across this wonderful series of books a while ago after reading some fantastic comments and reviews on the very first book. It took me a while to get around to reading this set as I have so many books in my to-reads list (I am obsessed with reading!) though finally I got around to them, and my luck was in. I found the very first book; Darkhouse, FREE to download on the Kindle from Amazon. Free is certainly a word I love! At the time of writing this review, Darkhouse continues to be free, so waste no more time - download the first book now and get started on this wonderful series. Do not worry if you do not have a Kindle, Amazon also allows you to download their Kindle absolutely free for your PC or mobile phone.

      From the very first book in this series, I was hooked! The writing, characters and storyline was written in such a way that it all seemed so real. I almost forgot that I was reading a fictional tale many times. I was extremely glad that I had got hold of the full set from the word go, as I would have hated waiting. Of course, with the Kindle, it is an easy point and click and you have the book there with you. I love hard copies of books, though the fact that these are all also in Kindle format means that it is so much easier to grab them all quickly!

      To date, there are six main books in this series, with another one due out later this year (2013) and a further two books (at least) in the future. There are also a number of mid-books which fall in between certain main books. These you do not have to read to enjoy and follow the series, though if you are like me and fall in love with this set then you will want to go back and fill in the blanks with these sub-books. The main books so far include;

      Red Fox
      Dead Sky Morning
      Lying Season
      On Demon Wings
      Into the Hollow
      Come Alive (Expected out 2013)
      Ashes to Ashes (Not yet published)
      Dust to Dust (Not yet published)

      With all this said, I will now take you on to my review of the sixth book of the series...


      "This is me trying, Perry," he said softly, the anger being drained of his face. "This is me taking my heart out of my chest and putting the bloody mess in your hands. I can't give you much more than that."

      The Experiment in Terror series focuses upon the supernatural, though as the books progress, we see a lot more of the complicated relationship of our favourite main characters, and now that we are at book six, so many will be wanting to see so much more with Dex and Perry, especially after the last couple of books, though will readers receive this?

      Perry Palomino had the fight of her life against her inner demons...literally, and with the help of Dex, she came out the other side, though the battle is far from over. She is now left broken and alone, not knowing who she can really trust, and fighting to prove to her own parents that she does not belong in a madhouse. The only sane thing she can do is leave her family behind and move in with Dex...well, nearly sane thing anyway!

      Whilst staying with Dex, the Experiment in Terror series is given a fresh new start, though will hunting a monster who locals call 'Bigfoot' really help their relationship, or will their past mistakes continue to haunt them?

      As they make their way to the desolate terrain of the Canadian Rockies, Dex and Perry realise that the only way they are going to survive and leave the snow-covered peaks for good is if they put their faith in one another, but can Perry really trust the very man who sent her to Hell and back?

      The first thing I thought of when reading the synopsis of this sixth book is: Bigfoot?! If this was any other series then the pure mention of this snow dwelling monster would have me rolling my eyes and walking away, though Experiment in Terror has a way that can make anything unbelievable into the believable, and it did not fail me in the slightest. Yes, the duo go of on the premise that there is a Bigfoot type monster roaming the mountains, though neither really believe it, though will their time alone in the mountains with only themselves and a scary companion change their minds?

      This book continues very soon after the last book, and it is almost as if there was not a break. I was able to fall straight into the story from the beginning, and although I have found this very easy in all the other books of this series, it was perhaps even easier in this one. This could be due to the fact that over the last couple of books, so much has been left in the air, with shocks and surprises galore. I could not wait to read this book and had a lot of expectations and hopes for certain storylines so was very eager to get into it, and the style allows this to happen extremely quickly.

      The style and flow continue to be fantastic throughout the whole of this book, with the flow changing as the story changes, which matches up to the action and fear of the characters. It is almost as though the flow and style reflect Perry's own thoughts and feelings.

      The supernatural element is not as high as most of these books, though we do get a small sense of creepiness and fear from the mythological aspect and more from the main storyline and its scenes. In these certain points, the writing and the characters really provide the creepy aspect which allows us to fully emerge ourselves into the story and feel what the characters feel, such as the fear emanating from our heroine. On a scale from one to ten, though, with ten being the scariest a story could be, I would have to rate it quite low, perhaps at a three. This is certainly not a bad thing as the story has become much more character based and therefore it is their story that readers will be more interested in at this point rather than the supernatural scares.

      Speaking of the characters, those who have read my past reviews of books in the series will have come to understand that the characters themselves really make these stories what they are. Although there are smaller characters, both relevant and otherwise, the main two characters; Perry and Dex are the ones to watch out for. These two are written so perfectly that it is difficult to believe that they are fictional characters. Never before have I read a main character part I can relate to in many ways, and one which pleads for my full attention to completely. Neither one is fake in any way, and both seem to jump from the page with such perfection - I was absolutely amazed with their characterisations, personalities and the way that they are both written into the story. From reading the books until this point, we have learned a great deal of their history and backgrounds, and although there is so much more to learn, it is their present characterisations and situations which are in the limelight at this point.

      It is difficult to properly put this book into one particular genre, though I would say that it best falls into the paranormal romance setting. It also has a great deal of humour and action, with mystery and adventure also chucked in throughout. It is certainly a book for 16 and above at least and contains a lot of adult content.

      The following warning is written in the blub;

      "Darkhouse and the Experiment in Terror series is a horror/romance for mature audiences only. Readers who are easily offended by harsh language should think twice about reading it."

      This is something to take note of. I am not one to love reading harsh languages within a book and often feel that it is put there for no good reason other than the way younger readers tend to speak these days, though I do admit that most of this language within this book feels right to be there. Perhaps it is the 'real' feeling of the characters and storyline which makes these words seem in the right places? Perhaps it is something else, though either way, I was not offended by it in the slightest and it became as part of this story as the characters themselves were. There is a lot of this type of harsh language, though, so do be warned. Other aspects to be aware of are such things as violence and sexual tension

      The story is written from the third person perspective, and this is from Perry's perspective. This is a fantastically written viewpoint and we learn just as much as the author wants us to about this character, with the story opening up before us as it does to Perry. We see and feel her insecurities about her life, her body and her thoughts and feelings. We feel her fear. We cry out in shock the moment she does. It is possibly one of the best third person points of view I have read as there is nothing unreal about this character, and although I can not relate to everything about her, there is bound to be something with this person that everyone will be able to relate to.

      There is a small amount of predictability, though you will still be surprised and shocked a number of times and not see it coming.

      So what makes this book any different to other books along these lines?

      Everything! This book, and the whole series altogether, is simply amazing in every way. Whilst it would not be for some people, I would estimate that it would appeal to a very large audience. A friend of mine did not know whether she would like these books as she does not usually read ones of this kind, though she, like me, was hooked from the very start. The flow and style matching the characters feelings and thoughts really stand out and the way that the characters are written is simply spot on.

      The whole 'real' feeling of this book, both with the characters and the storylines, really aid this book in making it very different to other books of this kind.

      One thing which I find very important in a book is the ending. A story can be written perfectly, though if the ending is wrong, then it gives me a really terrible feel to the whole book, almost as though I feel my time was wasted reading it, even if I did enjoy the rest of the story.

      So how does the ending of this book compare?

      The ending of this book will be one which fans will be highly anticipating, though I can not say too much about it for fear of giving anything away. I will say, though, that you will not be disappointed in the slightest. The ending matches the rest of the story in the fantastic way it is written, and you will be left wanting more and more.

      A little trivia for you - did you know that Karina Halle names all her books in this series after songs? This particular book is entitled Into the Hollow which is by Queens of the Stone Age.

      "Avoir, adieu, goodnight
      I'm too wrong to get right

      But I can't wait forever
      I've always been alone
      A fool believes he's clever
      Don't you wanna go
      Into the hollow?
      I don't go alone
      Aren't you gonna follow?

      I live behind my eyes
      Be sure to keep the surprise
      I break what I've borrowed
      That's why I always go
      Alone into tomorrow

      Don't you wanna go
      Into the hollow?
      I won't go alone
      Aren't you gonna follow?"


      "No, you're not shooting me down, kiddo ... Because I'm not really trying. When I do try, you'll know it. And then you'll throw the whole damn rulebook out the window."

      I absolutely loved this book. I love the fact that in the last couple of books we really see more of the character stories and the relationship between Dex and Perry with the supernatural still continuing, though with this book it almost takes a back seat. You know it is there, though your focus is upon the characters and in my opinion, it is the characters which really make these books what they are.

      Will I read the next book?

      I have already ready the next book! I have read up to the very last book out and am now awaiting the next book to be released which is making me go through withdrawals from Dex and Perry! If I did not have so many books in my to-reads list then I would be rereading these without a doubt!

      The paperback version of the book is 447 pages

      As far as I can tell, this latest full book in The Experiment in Terror series is not yet published in paperback, though I would imagine that it will be soon as the other main books in this series are on both Kindle and in paperback form. The Kindle download book is on Amazon at the moment for £2.49 which is a fantastic price for such a brilliant book.

      Do I recommend this book?
      Without a Doubt!

      This is certainly my favourite series of 2013!


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