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Killer Move - Michael Marshall

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Author: Michael Marshall / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 11 October 2012 / Genre: Crime & Thriller / Publisher: Orion Publishing Co / Title: Killer Move / ISBN 13: 9781409135999 / ISBN 10: 1409135999 / Alternative EAN: 9780061434433

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2012 20:17
      Very helpful



      Despite the ending which I felt could have been better, I still enjoyed this book.

      Bill Moore has a decent job selling condos in Florida Keys. He has a beautiful home and a great marriage. He also has a plan.
      His plan is fairly ambitious considering it was for him to seek world domination within five years and the problem is, it is already creeping into year six and so now he has decided to mix it up a little. This means getting himself in with the people in power and the players who run the area as personal kingdoms and Bill feels it is all going to plan, until the day he arrives at work to find a card left on his desk. The card is black on both sides with just one word printed in white: MODIFIED.

      From then on, Bill's life slowly begins to change. Indeed at first he barely notices. A book turns up from Amazon that he never ordered, a joke email is sent from his account to friends and co-workers and a restaurant booking he knows he forgot to make has actually been made. However, as these strange events increase and take on a more disturbing tone, Bill eventually discovers that he has in fact became the subject of a dark and deadly game and he has no choice other than to fight back.

      I really liked the sound of this book after reading the blurb on the cover and as I read the Prologue and opening chapters, I knew I was going to enjoy this book, even though Bill's character wasn't one I particularly warmed to. His ambition I suppose you cannot fault, but it does seem that he has quite a big opinion of himself and his life and therefore comes across as up himself and big-headed. Even his wife doesn't appear to be as happy as what he thinks she is. It seems he is so caught up in his plans and being successful, he doesn't realise what other folk really think about him.
      Even so, it is hard not to feel sorry for Bill as his life begins to take a worrying turn for the worse. As strange things begin to happen to him, it all seems to be spelling out increasing danger for him. Because of this, he displays a more vulnerable side to his character and I found myself beginning to sympathise with his plight, as he finds himself being held responsible for events he knows nothing about and is left not knowing who he can turn to or trust anymore. It soon emerges that some of the wealthy players in town, those whom Bill has identified as those he needs to be connected with, are bored. And when they get bored, they play a game.

      Killer Move is a well thought out tale which demonstrates how seemingly easy it can be to turn someone's life upside down. Add to the plot a man fresh out of prison and seeking vengeance against those who wronged him and pretty soon it is not only Bill's life which is thrown into chaos as those who think they are in control also find they have a few things to worry about.
      Whilst some of the story is a little far-fetched, it is at all times full of tension and suspense and was a story I found I could immerse myself in completely.

      I enjoyed the supporting characters and thought they were all well thought out and well developed by the author and also there were no long irrelevant descriptions or background, which again added to my enjoyment. Marshall wastes no time and gets on with the plot. The story flows well, the writing is packed with a steadily increasing tension and I couldn't get through the pages quick enough such was my enjoyment.
      I did find I was a little confused by the character of John Hunter who is seeking revenge and maybe one or two parts could have been a little clearer in my opinion, but I did come to understand what had taken place as the different parts of the story began to weave together.

      Reading Killer Move leaves you filled with promise of an explosive ending, but unfortunately this wasn't as good as I expected. I read that one critic said of this book that the promise Marshall makes during the story is not kept in the reveal and I can totally understand that comment. Indeed the ending left me feeling a little flat and didn't seem a fitting conclusion to what had been such an exciting and thrilling read. It seemed unrealistic and not what you would imagine or expect to happen, which I accept can sometimes be a good thing, but I personally felt that the ending here was slightly disappointing. It was almost as if the author wasn't sure how to leave things and goes with something you wouldn't expect, but it didn't really please me and I know I am not alone in thinking this.
      Having said that, although I was left feeling a little flat at the final few pages, I still enjoyed the book overall and would happily recommend it. Maybe others will enjoy the ending more than I personally did, but I am certain that those who agree with me about it would still say that they enjoyed reading this book. The concept is a good one and the tension is evident throughout. Killer Move leaves you thinking about how much our lives are controlled by online activity and passwords and I think this story would work well if adapted for a movie. I won't be surprised if the word 'MODIFIED' appears on the cinema screens in the future.

      Killer Move reminds you that ultimately your password is protected. Your life is not.


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