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Kitty and the Midnight Hour - Carrie Vaughn

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2 Reviews

Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: Carrie Vaughn / Edition: New title / Mass Market Paperback / 288 Pages / Book is published 2005-12-16 by Time Warner International

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    2 Reviews
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      24.09.2010 23:16



      Music lovers beware a new talk radio for the supernatural kicks with kitty at the helm

      The first book in the story of Kitty Norville the werewolf radio DJ
      this book is set in and revolves around a late night dj called Kitty.
      We learn about how she became a werewolf after a traumatic event and the attitudes of the people who are were's towards her as a submissive wolf.
      Kitty begins the journey to realise she's alot more than her pack pegs her as during her late night talk show when she starts talking about the supernatural world and starts the show 'the midnight hour'. She encourages her listeners to think for themselves, and gradually does so herself.
      She bargains with her alpha to keep her show because it means he will get more money from her wages as the show becomes more popular.
      Unfortunately she offends the local vampire's and a hit is called on her.
      This starts a snowball of events, Kitty outs herself to the world, becomes friends with the hitman Cormac and sets the stage for events to come.

      I utterly love these books, this heroine goes on a true journey of discovery and power. She has little at the beggining and we really feel like she is growing as a person and you can;t help but cheer her on through her traumatic confrontations, her wins and her losses.
      The writing draws you into the characters though i do feel the pack is a bit 'flat' character wise.

      I can't recommend this series enough to supernatural fans it's different to some of the other stories out there and you can't help but be charmed by Kitty and grab all the other books in the series. I love some of the advice Kitty gives and her reactions to her callers! true genius.


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      24.08.2010 13:45
      Very helpful
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      Another urban fantasy series worth reading

      I keep promising myself I won't begin reading any more urban fantasy series and then I come across another writer in this genre who produces work that is compelling and entertaining and I'm back in the zone!

      Despite the plethora of vampires, witches and wizards on offer, there are still relatively few werewolves featuring as lead characters in urban fantasy fiction. Carrie Vaughn's creation of Kitty Norville is a welcome addition to this genre and this book is a great introduction to a well-written and ongoing series.

      Carrie Vaughn is an American fantasy writer, living in Boulder, Colorado. As well as the Kitty series which is now eight books long, she has written several short stories featuring various characters from the series.

      Price: £5.49 (new) or from £1.04 (used) at Amazon.


      Kitty Norville is a broadcaster with her own late night music request show. She's also a werewolf. When Kitty changes the format of her show one night to a phone in discussion of the paranormal, her ratings go through the roof and the show becomes syndicated and develops further into The Midnight Hour which offers advice to the supernatural community of Denver.

      This doesn't please Carl, the alpha of her pack, nor the leader of the local vampires, both of whom are afraid that humans will become spooked and want to destroy them. However, these are the least of Kitty's worries. A number of women have been found mauled to death and the police start to believe these may be the result of werewolf attacks. Then Cormac, a werewolf hunter turns up at the radio station one night and he doesn't want any advice from Kitty. He wants to kill her!

      My opinion:

      This is not only the first book in this series but also Carrie Vaughn's debut novel and it was certainly good enough to make me want to continue with the subsequent books of the series.

      The books are told in the first person so the reader only ever views events from Kitty's perspective, at least when she's in human form. When her wolf takes over, the text is italicised and she refers to herself in the third person. This is an excellent device for emphasising the difference between the human and the animal.

      Kitty is an interesting character, too, because in werewolf form she is a relatively lowly member of the pack and forms friendships and alliances to protect herself within the pack. However, when in human form, she's much more independent and feisty. Her radio shows are highly entertaining because like most radio phone ins, along with the more serious calls, she's receiving her fair share of calls from the more nutty inhabitants of Denver, some of which are very funny, but Kitty knows how to deal with the weird and whacky.

      The way the wolf pack is described seems plausible and is, I suspect, based on how dog and wolf packs interact in nature. As Kitty's show becomes more and more of a success, her confidence grows and her status within the pack increases too. This doesn't please the alpha female, Meg, who doesn't appreciate Carl's interest in Kitty or him showing favour to any female of the pack other than herself.

      With her growing confidence, the pack dynamics begin to change and Kitty begins to realise that Carl is not a good leader and that she should do something about it. She enlists the help of TJ, her friend and fellow pack member who is Carl's second in command. But in a wolf pack taking over the leadership and becoming the alpha frequently results in death.

      This being the first of the series, there is a good deal of scene setting and introduction of characters who will reappear in subsequent books, such as Cormac and Rick, the leader of the local vampires. All the characters in the book are well rounded and believable and the paranormal elements fit well into the story.

      Of the other leading characters the least imaginative is Rick, the vampire, who conforms to modern day urban fantasy criteria in that he's powerful and enigmatic. He was reputedly an aristocratic Spaniard who came to America with the conquistadors several centuries ago.

      Cormac, Kitty's nemesis is a strange character. He's a human who believes in the existence of paranormal creatures and who is determined to rid the world of them all. Through her charm and cleverness Kitty manages to enlist his help to find out who or what is killing the local women but the reader is never quite sure whether Cormac won't just turn on Kitty and shoot her anyway.

      I totally bought into Kitty's worlds, both human and wolf.

      Sometimes the lines between urban fantasy and paranormal romance are blurred but this book definitely falls into the urban fantasy category. Although there is a certain frisson between Kitty and Cormac, there is nothing particularly romantic about their relationship and this book is all about the plot.

      I've now read all the books in this series so far and enjoyed them, although like most long running series, some of the books don't seem to move the story forward very much and lack pace. However, this book doesn't lack anything. It's an entertaining read with a fast moving story and plenty of twists and turns to the plot.

      Recommended read.


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