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Lady Boss - Jackie Collins

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3 Reviews

Author: Jackie Collins / Genre: Fiction

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    3 Reviews
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      26.11.2010 14:20
      Very helpful



      A great read, nothing too heavy and a great book to relax with.

      Jackie Collins is known for her gritty, raunchy American-based novels. I am a huge fan of her work and read most of her books. "Lady Boss" is the fourth installment of the Santangelo Novels.
      To read this book I would recommend you read the first 3 in the series as there are lots of references to past books, and the characters all link together.

      I will try and explain the book now without giving any spoilers!

      ---------------The Main Characters---------------------

      Lucky Santangelo - Heroine and main character of the book. Daughter of a 30's Mafia Don
      Gino Santangelo - Lucky's Dad and ex Mafia-Don
      Lennie Golden - Movie Star and Lucky's Husband
      Venus Maria - Feminist Movie Star
      Abe Panther - Current boss of Panther Studios
      Abigaile and Mickey Stolli - Abe's Grandkids who manage Panther Studios for him
      Martin Swanson - Business Tycoon who is having a secret tryst with movie star Venus Maria
      Deena Swanson - Martin's ballsy wife

      ----------------The Plot--------------------

      "Lady Boss" begins by getting us up to speed on Lucky Santangelo, the heroine of the mini series, by saying what has happened since we last saw her in the previous novel. We then meet several new characters and discover links between them all which all come to play throughout the book. Lucky is now dipping her fingers into the world of movies and begins the takeover of "Panther Studios" - encountering many struggles, trials and tribulations along the way! Lucky has to go into the studio undercover to find out what secrets the current studio bosses are hiding and how things are being ran....
      Soon Lucky finds her marriage to Lennie Golden on the rocks when he accuses her of trying to take over his life by muscling in on the movie studio where he is signed up on contract..... Lennie then has a brush with death, will Lucky be waiting on the other side for him?

      -----------------My Opinion---------------------
      Like all her other books its hard to put down. There is the usual mix of sex, amazing characters and an unpredictable storyline. I would recommend this book to all non-fiction fans, and particularly Jackie Collins fans.

      The only downside to the book is there are too many of the same references to past books, for example how many times do we need to know that Gino Santangelo was called "Gino the Ram" back in his Mafia days? I must have read that at least 10 times throughout the book! Other than some repetition - a great book which is hard to put down!



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      21.11.2008 23:06
      Very helpful



      A fantastic holiday read, if you like your bonkbusters.

      Jackie Collins novels, for me, are like literary meditation.
      It doesnt take a lot of effort or concentration to read them, and afterward, you feel vaguely soothed.

      A Bit of background.
      Jackie Collins is an English writer, born in 1937. She is the younger sister of "Dynasty" star Joan Collins.
      Jackie Collins has published 26 novels (if I have counted properly), and each have spent time on the New York Times bestseller list.

      "Lady Boss"(1990) is Jackie Collins third book about Lucky Santangelo, (the previous two novels are "Chances"-1981, and "Lucky"-1985).

      "Lady boss" is followed by more Lucky Santangelo books.
      "Vendetta:Luckys revenge"-1996, "Dangerous Kiss"-1999, and "Drop dead beautiful"-2007.

      Who is Lucky Santangelo?
      Lucky Santangelo is the daughter of mobster Gino Santangelo.
      Her Mother was murdered when she was young, and for most of her childhood, she had a fraught relationship with her then distant Father.
      Lucky is fiesty, independant and bold, determined to make her mark on a male dominated world.

      Give us the gossip on "Lady Boss" (plotline)
      Lucky, who has been successful in the hotel business, wants to branch out. She has her heart set on taking over the famous "Panther" film studios, esspecially since her actor husband Lennie Golden is tied down to a frustrating deal with the badly run studio.
      Lucky makes a deal with the studios owner, recluse Abe Panther. His studio is being run by his daughters husbands, and he is unhappy with the situation.
      He agrees with Lucky that if she works for the studios, undercover, for six weeks, and reports back to Abe, then she can buy the studio.
      There are catches though. She has to work there in disguise, and she cant tell her husband, who becomes more and more frustrated with his wifes secrecy.

      What was good?
      I love the character of Lucky. She truly is a ballbreaker. A fantastic strong independant woman, esspecially considering the book was written 18 years ago.
      Although I have read the pevious books, I dont think this is essential to enjoy "Lady Boss". The backstory is well explained, and history is prefectly clear.
      Along with the Lucky storyline, there are several other subplots, and plenty of other interesting characters to keep you involved in the story.
      The writing is pacy, witty and funny. The characters are well written and interesting, and the storyline is well thought out and fast paced.
      As usual, there is lots and lots of sex and violence, which is wonderful if you want to be entertained.

      What was bad?
      As usual in the Jackie Collins books, all the characters are beautiful, unless they have a sever character flaw.
      I dont have a problem with pretty people, but it does become incredibly unrealistic.
      This isnt the most thought provoking of books. Once its read, thats it. It doesnt really give you any space to ponder or think.
      Its rather like a hollywood blockbuster, aimed at women, in book form. Light, frothy and exciting, but mostly devoid of realism or intellectual stimulation.

      Final thoughts.
      I buy and read Jackie Collins books to chill out. They are perfect for a quick holiday read, and are always entirely satisfying, provided you dont expect too much from them.
      I enjoy the fact that the female characters and mostly strong, and that Lucky always overcomes any adversity, regardless of what it is.
      She is truly a heroine, and completely holds her own with the men in the book.
      I suggest buying this for a holiday, or an easy book before bed.
      I also suggest it if you have read any other novels about Lucky Santangelo.
      Even if you havent, pick this one up. It isnt hard to follow, and its entirely enjoyable.

      Genre-Chick lit.
      Length-560 pages.

      Buy from...

      "Lady Boss" can be bought from here, for £5.49.



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        29.07.2000 04:57
        Very helpful



        This is the fourth book in the Santangelo novels, and it's just as good as the others! The book, as you would expect, centres around Lucky Santangelo and her husband Lenny Golden, an actor. Lucky is getting bored with buidling hotels and her vast fourtune, so decides to take over a movie studio. The only hiccup is that she has to go undercover as a boring secretary to get all the inside info to tell the current owner before he agrees to sell. The twist is, that Lennie works at the studio and Lucky can;t tell anyone what she is doing. All goes smoothly, and pretty soon Lucky is in control of the studio - which upsets Lennie a tad because he didn;t know anything about it. As always, Collins writes with a racing pace that will leave you unable to put this book down. It's totally addictive, and you'll want to BE Lucky! If you haven;t read any of the preceeding books, then I suggest that you do so before you read this one, because although there is a fair bit of summarising to bring you up to speed with what has gone on so far, you'd be better reading it for yourself so you can get into it better.


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