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Lessons in Love - Kate Lawson

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3 Reviews

Genre: Fiction / Author: Kate Lawson / Paperback / 400 Pages / Book is published 2008-08-25 by AVON, a division of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

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    3 Reviews
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      26.10.2010 15:53
      Very helpful



      A book worth reading. Again and again.

      I'd never heard of Kate Lawson before but when my boyfriends Mum lent me a bag full of books, this was the first one I went for.

      The cover is a super shade of blue so that drew my attention immediately.
      The front cover is pretty simple but looks really good. At the top is the author's name - Kate Lawson - in yellow lettering. In the middle of the front cover is a massive pair of red lips in a "kiss" shape, on which the title of the book -Lessons in Love - is written in white lettering but the 'V' in 'love' is a big pink love heart. (Appropriate, yes.) And finally at the bottom in white lettering is written, "Can you teach an old dog new tricks". All of the text on the front cover is in a handwriting kind of font which I think looks really cool.

      The back cover is pretty much full of text. The "Lessons in Love" picture from the front cover has been shrunk down and put in the top left corner. The top right is occupied by some yellow text which reads, "Two women separated by 20 years - and the letter Y..."

      "Firstly there's Jane Mills - she's suffering from a broken heart, no job, and a house she can't afford.
      Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Jayne Mills can afford anything she wants, but at what cost to herself?

      In her late 20's, Jane's up for a challenge. Fast approaching 50, Jayne's had more than enough of them. The two women embark on a life swap that gives Jayne the chance to assess her choices, and the opportunity to remake the one she most regrets. It seems that even far along the road, you are never too old to learn new tricks...

      For anyone who's ever wondered what became of the one who got away or dreamed of escaping on a grown-up gap year, this wonderfully warm read about walking in someone else's shoes is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face."
      And then there's the praise for Kate Lawson at the bottom.

      Now my opinion on this book is a very simple one, it's so easily the most readable book I've ever set my eyes on. It's brilliant.
      It's got funny. It's got sad. It's got heart-warming romance. It's got nightmare neighbours. It's got infuriating, love-rat ex-boyfriends. It's got it all.

      Poor Jane Mills had just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. And as if that wasn't bad enough, she lost her job and was replaced by the very woman who stole her man.
      She has also been receiving mail addressed to 'Jayne Mills' of a very similar address across town.
      So she takes Jayne's mail to her and explains the name and address similarities, and the two wind up sharing their stories over a glass of wine, and on a complete whim Jayne offers Jane a job running her company and decides it's high time she had a break and went on holiday, in a sort of "life swap" arrangement.
      So it seemed like the perfect plan... or was it?

      I guess you'll have to read this book to find out.
      It's a really fantastic read and I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy it as I did.
      I'd have to say my favourite character throughout the whole book is the younger Jane, because she is such a strong woman and when she discovers something is amiss, she is willing to do anything to foil the evil plans of Ray, Jayne's business partner, incidentally my least favourite character.

      This book has an RRP of £6.99 but is apparently cheaper on Amazon.
      I really do recommend it whole heartedly to girls who love a good juicy story line!


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        28.04.2010 15:49
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Read It!

        I recently had a week's holiday off work which meant I had a lot of spare time for a change! I used to be a big reader , but thesedays I find it hard to find the time to sit down with a book , however this time I managed to find the time to read some books. One of the books which I read is one called Lessons In Lovee by Kate Lawson. The book was released in 2008 and is available to buy from Amazon for just over £5 , although I managed to get my copy for just 50p in a charity shop.

        Jane Mills has just been cheated on by her boyfriend and what's worse is that she's also lost her job and is replaced by her boyfriend's 'bit on the side'. Down in the dumps , how will a random meeting with a stranger with the exact same name as hers , change her life ? Read Lessons In Love to find out!

        I was really impressed with the storyline. To begin with I wasn't sure how the plot would be so interesting based on two people with the same name. I didn't think that it would be realistic although it was written to be very well realistic. I loved the plot , especially the glamourous events and exotic holidays.

        There are some great characters in this book , and although I couldn't pick a favourite ,my favourites were ; 'Young Jane' , Gary and Kit. I did not like the character Ray at all as he was so sneaky and horrible , but it certainly gave the plot a great twist and made an extremely enjoyable read.

        I liked how the plot moved really fast. Usually , when I'm reading books , I really enjoy the story , but sometimes I want to know what's happening , but yet find it boring sometimes if there is a lot of written. Despite , the chapters and events being written and described very well , I loved that the reader was left with a great image of what was happening , and how fast it moved that I just kept reading on and on until I eventually finished the book. It's definately the kind of book which once you start reading just cannot put the book down! I was so disappointed when the book ended ( the ending was great!). It's the kind of book that would make a great series or film , like The Shopaholic series. This book would make a great holiday read ; on the beach or by the pool! It's a real feel good kind of book!

        I had never heard of the author until now ,but judging by this book , I will most certainly be looking out for her other books ; having looked online , I can see that she has written quite a few. I most certainly be buying more of her books in the future , perhaps I will take them to read on my holidays this summer.

        If you like chick-lit , then I would definately recommend this book!

        Thanks for reading!
        April 28th 2010
        xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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          16.01.2009 14:52
          Very helpful



          a good chick lit book

          One of my recent selections from the library was Lessons in Love by Kate Lawson. I had never heard of the author before choosing this title; however a quick read of the blurb indicated it might be a book I would enjoy.
          The novel appeared to be loosely based on Life Swap by Jane Green, and as I enjoyed that book, I decided to give this one a go too.

          In Lessons in Love we meet two main characters, Jane Mills and Jayne Mills. Yes that's right two women with the same name. One is approaching fifty and lives in a large new build house with her own businesses, whilst the other is approaching thirty and has just been dumped by her cheating boyfriend and made redundant from her job and lives in a grotty road a few miles away from the other lady.

          Jayne and Jane both have very similar addresses as well weirdly enough which is how the two will meet when the young Jane starts to get Jayne's post by accident. As she has opened it by mistake she decides to deliver it by hand, aware of how she will look if she hands it into the post office.
          When the two ladies meet a couple of times due to mistaken addresses via Royal Mail, they get to talking as you do, and both discover how they aren't happy with their original life and would love a change.
          Well what better way to change than to almost swap, except the rich Jayne goes on holiday rather than living in Jane's grotty house.

          To start with the book seemed a bit farfetched to be real. Who in their right mind would just give up their house to a stranger to look after, including their businesses whilst they went on a holiday to "find themselves"?
          Jayne didn't leave Jane in charge with no back up. She has a housekeeper, Gary, and business partner, Ray, to look over things for her.
          Both Ray and Gary have been with Jayne for years and she trusts them enough to let them run the house and the business for her while she is away.

          The book takes a turn with young Jane moving into Jayne's house when she goes travelling. She seems to settle very well for someone living in a stranger's house. I'm not sure that I would appear so comfortable in someone else's house.
          Immediately young Jane doesn't take to Ray and she doesn't know why. Gary on the other hand will do anything to help her.

          The book takes on the tales of both ladies adventures and splits between the two. There is a lot happening in the young Jane's life that does require some keeping up with at points during the book. She goes through more situations than seems humanly possible, from looking after the lady next door, to being accused of blackmail and extortion to falling in love.

          We touch on Jayne less on her travels but you still get a good idea of how her life is panning out, especially when it appears she is being cut off from everything with no money and phone. Could Jane be behind this in England and not be trusted after all?

          I won't give the plot away but I did get drawn into the storyline very quickly in this book. Lawson has a good way of gripping the reader's attention and keeping them there. I did find that the book went a bit stale in the middle and I was wondering if it was going to be picked up again, but thankfully she saved it again quickly, and got it back on track for suspense and love.
          There was a good twist to the book, despite the whole idea being very farfetched. I had guessed what was going to happen very quickly, but I don't think she did enough to hide the culprit and turns of events as good as she perhaps could have as an author.

          I did find there were a lot of characters to get your head around during the book as well as a sub plot happening that was being brushed over quite a lot. It was important to the book but I also think it could have been left out as well.

          Overall this was a great read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes chick lit. I will be looking out for more by Lawson in the future.


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