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The Accidental Virgin - Valerie Frankel

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Genre: Romance / Author: Valerie Frankel / Paperback / 288 Pages / Book is published 2008-04-03 by Little Black Dress

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2008 19:49
      Very helpful



      The Accidental Virgin

      I won this and another little black dress book in a competition a couple of months ago. I had actually only heard of the little black dress series of books, because they are often given away as prizes in competitions I enter. My understanding is that this range of books by headline publishing, is basically supposed to be like a Mills and Boon type continuous series, but for younger women - essentially a series of chick lit. I chose to read this one, 'The Accidental Virgin' first as the blurb on the back sounded better than the other book I received which was called 'Reality Check'.


      Stacy Temple has a very demanding job at Thongs.com a new lingerie website that she co-created. She has been so busy with her work that her love life has pretty much gone out the window and she has not had time for a relationship, or even so much as a date for several months.

      When her best friend Charlie points out that Stacy has not had sex for almost a year, Stacy isn't too bothered - after all she has been too busy creating a successful lingerie company- a legitimate excuse, surely? But Charlie's continual teasing coupled with an article Stacy reads by a columnist who suggests that women purposely go without sex to 're-virginize' themselves, gets her worried.

      Stacy sets herself on a mission to find a man, and what follows is a string of disastrous dates with totally unsuitable men, and all sorts of consequences on the rest of her life. Will Stacy ever find a man? And is it really that important anyway?

      ~What I thought~

      Well firstly I must say that I thought the book is quite well-written in that it's funny, and for the first few chapters at least I thought there were echoes of sex and the city - I almost felt like Stacy was a Carrie Bradshaw type figure - a cool, attractive city chick, with a bad habit of over-analysing every little detail of every relationship no matter how minor.

      The character of Stacy is likeable, but as for believable, I am not so sure. Personally, I would have thought a successful woman who obviously has brains, would not become so consumed with a mission to have sex in the first place - especially when it's pretty obvious that this would lead to her embarrassing herself, and perhaps even putting her precious job on the line.

      Don't expect anything too deep from this book, we don't delve into the characters past or anything like that - in fact we barely find out anything about the character, she's pretty two-dimensional, but I wouldn't expect a probing analysis of her life from a book like this anyway.

      I thought that this book was very easy to read, and despite the fact it was a bit over the top, and the plot was a bit silly, I still found it quite enjoyable. Although it was by no means the best book I have ever read, it was just a bit of light, fluffy chick-lit, perfect from escaping from the real world for a while.

      ~Other Info~

      You can buy this for £4.74 from Amazon.co.uk. To find out more about the little black dress books, visit www.littleblackdressbooks.com


      If you look past the silliness of the whole thing, and don't analyse the characters too much, you will probably enjoy the read- it's certainly not deep and meaningful, but if you're looking for a light, humorous, easy-to-read beach-type novel, then perhaps this is worth a shot.


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