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Lost 2: Secret Identity - Catherine Hapka

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Catherine Hapka / Mass Market Paperback / 176 Pages / Book is published 2006-01 by Hyperion Books

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2010 11:04
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      The only occasion where TV is better than the book

      This is a spin off book based on the hit tv series Lost. It was released in 2006 and there are several similar titles available by various authors. This is cashing in on the success of a popular show with the plot running parallel to the events occurring on the series. It contains familiar characters but branches off in several places.

      Back of the book blurb: There are things no one knows about Dexter Sterling. His friends believe he's just another moneyed Ivy League student. But Dexter is leading two lives - until a fateful trip to Australia exposes the truth. Dexter books the first flight out of Sydney, wanting nothing more than to return home after his deceit is revealed. The plane he boards, however, never reaches its destination. Instead, Oceanic Flight 815 crashes, trapping its 48 survivors on a remote island. Faced with a blank slate, Dexter reinvents himself once again. When tragedy strikes, his carefully constructed farce begins to crumble, and Dexter must trust his fellow castaways with the truth. But Dexter isn't the only one lying. And, he quickly learns that on the island there are many unknowns, but none are deadlier than the secrets of its inhabitants...

      The story is set at the same starting point as series one, where the plane has initially crashed and we are with the survivors that landed on the beach area of the island. We are introduced to a new character, Dexter Stirling aka Dexter Cross. He has not played a part in the tv series and was created solely as the main character for this book. There is no reference to Dexter at any time through all the 6 seasons of Lost.

      So, Dexter is a psychology student attending an Ivy League college. He seems like a pretty ordinary type of guy and over the first few chapters it is difficult to discover anything particularly interesting about him. He has a poor family background, falls in love with a beautiful blonde, makes it in to his dream placement at a top University, but feels like he doesn't fit in.

      The book is a very quick read as the narrative is structured in a concise, clear way and there are large amount of dialogue. The writing style seems un-refined and I would guess this is primarily aimed at the young adult market, as it does certainly not meet the usual standards for an adult fiction book. It was odd for me to read about this new character and he didn't seem to fit into the familiar situations. Compared to characters we have got to know such as Jack, Hurley, Sayid et al, Dexter is weak and un-interesting with a shallow personality and dull back-story. The tv series has created characters with strong identities and draws you into their lives, and this book failed to involve me in that way, I had no emotional attachment to the character and couldn't care less what happened to him.

      I don't feel that this added anything to my enjoyment of the series and I consider it unnecessary. It was only ~170 pages and I managed to finish reading it quite quickly so I don't feel too cheated but it was a waste of time. I imagine I could find fan-fiction of a better quality available online and wouldn't bother reading any of these other books published by Channel 4.

      The book was passed on to me for a friend, but if you are really desperate to have a look for yourself it's currently £4.99 on Amazon.


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