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Lover Eternal - J R Ward

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6 Reviews

Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: J R Ward / Edition: Reissue / Mass Market Paperback / 464 Pages / Book is published 2006-03-01 by Signet Book / Alternative title: Black Dagger Brotherhood: Lover Eternal

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    6 Reviews
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      25.09.2011 13:18



      An excellent read

      The second instalment in JR Wards excellent Black Dagger Brother Hood Books
      The story of Rhage, aka 'Hollywood' the one with the dragon tattoo. Rhage is straight up catwalk material perfect face, hair, body and sense of humour. A lethal member of the brother hood, thanks to a curse delivered unto him from the Scribe Virgin, a lesson learnt from his mistake of shooting one of her beloved birds not a mistake anyone else will be making anytime soon.
      However Rhage can contain the beast only by means of keeping its hunger at bay be it fighting or sex until Mary that is. Mary is an ordinary 'girl next door' human woman that volunteers at a help line trying to save others in need. Mary however has her own issues to deal with. After one battle with Leukaemia already Mary proves to be a fighter and dedicates everything she has to helping others.
      Although this book is Rhage and Mary's there are others included such as Tohr, Bella, John Matthew and Zhadist. Excitement from start to finish with more twists and turns throughout
      A truly remarkable read that had me not wanting to put this book down. I had to read it twice as I thought this book was the first so after reading Dark Lover I read this one again as all of them follow on from each other.
      Although I love this book I must say that as the books go on the stories only get better.


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        19.09.2010 23:40
        Very helpful



        pretty good still not my favourite

        In this installment of J R Wards Series the Focus of the Romance is on Rhage (aka Hollywood- cursed with a beast inside that awakens during rageful moments to trash everything around it) and the human Mary who lives with the curse of cancer.
        This Book introduces alot more characters Bella, a member of the Vampire aristocracy with a fascination for Zsadist (see Lover Awakened), John the young pretransition boy fascinated with Mary who has the mark of a Brother, and Butch the cops continuing fascination for Marissa.
        J R Ward may be writing individual romances but she sucks you into the whole series and all the characters, Rhage and Marys story is charming, bittersweet and sad in many ways but still not my favourite of the series. Some fascinating glimpses into how the series will develop and the continuing fight with the Lessers and the Omega the story climaxes with the abduction of our next Heroine setting the scene for Lover Awakened.


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        05.12.2009 12:24
        Very helpful



        In this second book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Rhage aka Hollywood met Mary

        This is the second book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The story of Rhage aka Hollywood or Hal E. Wood. He's called Hollywood because he's really gorgeous and he's like a model.. He's also known as a playboy because he likes to flirt with women. But the truth behind those flirting is to satiate his excess energy-courtesy of the beast inside him-his other form. Because he was cursed with it by the Scribe Virgin after he shoot one of her favorite pet bird. So, to prevent the beast from coming out, he has to exhaust his excess energ6y by fighting or by having sex.

        And then there's Mary. She's sweet and fragile and a survivor. She was a cancer survivor, but unfortunately, it returned.

        She met Rhage after she and Bella - her friend and neighbor - helped a boy meet the brotherhood because Bella found out that he was one of their race, because Bella is one of them too, that's why she could tell that the boy is also like her, though Mary has no idea about it.

        And when they went, though in secrecy and strict orders after they contact the brotherhood, to the brotherhood's compound, Mary encountered Rhage at the underpassage of the mansion. And when Rhage met her, he's drawn to her. He has no idea why he liked the way she talked and the way she smell. And he even detected that she's ill.

        From that moment on he started pursuing her. And when he found out that Mary has cancer, he was devastated and did everything he could to make her better. Even asking the help of the Scribe Virgin and even agreeing to the Scribe's condition to him...

        This is a very touching and moving story for me that made me cry and wish for my own Rhage. Who would have known that behind the playboy image lies a loving and sacrificing man.

        I love this story, it really moved me. Love should be like this: Unselfish and Unconditional. You love because of love and not because you get something out of it.


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        30.07.2009 17:27
        Very helpful



        Give it a try!

        Lover Eternal is the second book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by award winning author J R Ward. It follows on from Dark Lover, the first book in the series.

        Lover Eternal was the first book that I read from the series and I didn't actually realise that it was not the start of the series until I came across Dark Lover on my next trip to the library. It shows that unlike the books later on in the series this book can be read as a stand-alone novel.

        The main characters in the book are Rhage and Mary Luce.

        A member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Rhage is legendary among vampires for his fighting ability and sexual prowess, however as the story develops we learn the reason why is driven to do this and how it makes him feel.

        Mary is a human who has no knowledge of the vampire world, however she lives (unbeknown to her) next door to a vampire called Bella. She is in her thirties and has had a hard life suffering from lukemia. She works with autistic children and volunteers at a suicide helpline.

        When a young man turns up in her back yard one night, she realises that he is the source of the phone calls she has been receiving at the suicide help line. Although John is mute he feels he has a connection with her, especially as Mary knows American sign language through her work with autistic children. When Bella meets John, she instantly realises that he is a pre-transition vampire and so begins Mary's entry into the world of vampires and her meeting with Rhage.

        I loved this book, it is beautifully written! Somehow J R Ward seems to write as though she is a man, you wouldn't realise that the author was a woman by reading the book. This makes the book far more realistic because you are able to connect with the characters and they seem real (well as real as vampires can be!!)

        If you haven't read any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books then I would recommend reading them in order to appreciate the connections and threads that follow through the books.


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          09.01.2009 00:11
          Very helpful



          Better than most paranormal romances but not as good as the rest of the series.


          Lover Eternal is the second book in J.R. Ward's paranormal romance/urban fantasy series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood. The series is about a Brotherhood of vampire warriors who protect their race against the Lessening Society, a group of humans who are turned into Lessers for the purpose of killing vampires and destroying the race.

          Rhage is one of the brothers. Out of all of them he is the best looking and the most conventional, with one minor exception. He turns into a beast when he's angry and has to control the beast through having sex with a lot of women (this is a romance novel after all!)
          Mary is a human who volunteers at a helpline. When a young mute man follows her home one night and is obviously in need of her help her friend Bella, who is a vampire, realises that he is a pretransition vampire. Through this Mary gets to meet Rhage and there the romance story begins.

          Mary and Rhage are the central characters in this book. Rhage is a warrior who also happens to be extremely good looking. While this is common in paranormal romance novels and romance novels in general it is not so common in J.R. Ward's books. Her hero's tend to be flawed in some way and I guess that Rhage is because of his beast.
          I thought that the beast added a nice dimension to the character. Without the beast I think Rhage was in danger of being too perfect.
          Mary is a likeable character. She's not my favourite heroine because I found her just a little bit dull. There's nothing particularly memorable about her except that she was a survivor of cancer. It was nice having a character who ordinary women can relate to. She wasn't particularly beautiful yet she still ended up with this man with movie star good looks.

          The other brothers are featured in this book too and I liked that the relationships between the brothers continued to develop in this book.

          Two new characters were introduced in this book; Bella and John Matthew.
          I have always liked Bella from her very first scene and John Matthew is my favourite character in the entire series.
          I liked that Bella was struggling to maintain her independence when her family, particularly her brother, were very over protective.
          John Matthew's character is really vulnerable in this first book and I love that J.R. Ward spent so much time developing him. He doesn't take a central role in this book but develops throughout the books and is going to have his own book soon (hopefully sometime this year or next year) and it was great to see him develop throughout the books.

          -My Opinion-

          J.R. Ward is one of my favourite authors. This was the first of her books that I read and I really enjoyed it. In many ways it's just your average paranormal romance novel. Good looking alpha male type man meets a woman and falls in love and they have to overcome difficulties to be together. I think that was the weakest thing about this book. It was so conventional compared to her other books.
          When you compare this to the books of other authors in this genre is far superior to most but when you compare it to the other books in thie series it's in my opinion the weakest.
          The writing is just as good, the characters are still developed well but the thing I love about this series is that it's so different. Most of the hero's have disabilities of some kind and the characters are all far from perfect. Except Rhage.
          Rhage of course has his beast to contend with but in many ways that doesn't present as a flaw when you're a warrior and sometimes need the beast to save your life. So, I felt that this book was different to the others because of the main characters.
          I really like books that are different and I like hero's and heroines who are not perfect which is why for me this series is amazing but this book while good is not as good as the others.

          This probably sounds like i'm being very negative when actually this book is pretty good.

          I love the way that J.R. Ward writes and I love the interaction between the brothers. She manages to combine humour, sometimes pretty dark, with heartbreaking situations. I don't think anyone writes angst as well as J.R Ward does.
          This book is full of angst and will have you close to tears at time. The writing is pretty powerful.

          I started with this book but wish that I had started at the beginning. I think this series is best read in order. You can read this on it's own and still enjoy it but you will probably understand things a lot more if you read the first book first.


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            10.12.2008 10:05
            Very helpful



            Another kick ass sexy vampire book

            * Lover Eternal - J R Ward *

            Book Two- Lover eternal is the second book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and follows on from the first story Dark Lover. The story is set a few months after Dark lover finishes so it carry's straight on with everyone from the first book. After getting the first two books in a raffle when I finished the first book I immediately had to read this one. Each book is very addictive and I found I read this book in 2 days as I couldn't put it down again.

            J R Ward continues her series and after a successful response from Dark Lover returns with the second book. For those who have not read the first book or my first review, the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is a vampire fiction story which is set around 6 Warrior vampires.

            * Plot *

            The second book Lover Eternal is based in the same location of Caldwell, NYC and is aimed around another member of the Brotherhood called Rhage. We have learnt abit about him in the first book only to know he fights along side his brothers including Wrath his king which the first book was about. Rhage has Hollywood good looks, charm and we learn he makes his way through the lady's but has a terrible curse among him, bringing danger to everyone around him. Rhage is also the Brother with the most power and appetites. This all changes when he sets his eyes on Mary Luce a volunteer worker and a current suffer of Leukaemia who is thrown into the world of vampires and lessers and put under Rhages protection. Rhage becomes bewildered by her and changes his typical ways in order to have Mary as his female of worth.

            The book also introduces a character called John Matthew a young boy who is mute and has a destiny within the vampire world but does not know of this yet. Mary takes care of John Matthew after finding him in her garden. We learn throughout the book at he is a future Warrior Fighter.

            * Main Characters in Lover Eternal *

            RHAGE- AKA 'Hollywood'. Rhage is the most powerful and dangerous of the Brothers. As well as being the best fighter of the group he is cursed by The Scribe Virgin and so is possessed by a beast which brings danger to everyone including his Brothers. Rhage finds he is gently calmed by a human named Mary who he becomes infatuated with.

            MARY- Lives alone and works a lot to keep her mind off having Leukaemia. She is quiet and has never had a relationship with a man. As she is thrown into the Vampire world she becomes intrigued by Rhage who seems to have an attraction to her. She becomes an important part of controlling his curse and helping the Brotherhood.

            JOHN MATTHEW- A young boy who is introduced by us at the start of Lover Eternal. He is a small, mute boy who comes across Mary while she is working in a call centre. He and Mary become friends as John uses sign language which Mary can understand. John Matthew says he needs to protect Mary and Mary's Friend Bella sees he is a future vampire. Bella introduces them to the Brotherhood as Martial Art teachers and John becomes aware of his abilities and his future.

            MR X- After kidnapping Beth and escaping Wrath's clutches in the end of Dark Lover, Mr X continues his quest to train Lessers and hunt the Brotherhood. They become aware of Rhage's possession and plan to bring his beast to an end.

            BUTCH O'NEIL- Butch continues to be a main character in this second book. We learn he has now moved in with the brothers and has become good friends with Vishous. He now leaving his cop ways behind him helps the brother's in fighting the Lessers and his on and off relationship with Marissa continues.

            There are many other characters throughout the story including Wrath and Beth who continue their loving marriage and also the other brothers Tohr, Vishous, Phury and Zsadist. A new character Bella is introduced as Mary's friend and Tohr's sister.

            * Opinion *

            The second book is not as great as the first book Dark Lover but it is an extroaniary story. The story of Rhage is interesting and I love the way each book is about one of the brothers so you get to know more about each on. Just as the first book, Lover Eternal is extremely passionate and contains a lot of explicit sexual references. The book is also just as beautifully written and the adjectives used are amazing.
            The atmosphere is tense and you get very involved in the action, unlike a film using music and camera angles J R Ward uses metaphoric language, amazing imagery and constant action. Each book is as addictive as the rest and I didn't put the book down for hours when first reading it. Doing this review I have now read all the books in the series a third time and I can read them over again and not get bored of the stories. I would say I am a fast and involved reader at times. I have to find a book I find interesting or I get bored of it easily but these books are remarkable in keeping you involved. J R Ward has kept the structure the same as well, the book flicks through the characters in each chapter from Rhage, Mary, The Brothers and Mr X.
            Even though there is a lot of information in the story and terminology in the front of the book is a list of the words that you may not understand - which helps you with some of the vampire's lexis. I found this very helpful so you don't get confused.

            The relationship between Rhage and Mary is very different from Wrath's and Beth's when they first met. Mary is quite stubborn and holds back a lot on Rhage as she cannot find an explanation for his love for her. Rhage is a beautiful man with the Hollywood looks hence his nick name from his Brothers and Mary describes herself as an average women who doesn't have a lot of confidence in herself. Mary does give Rhage a hard time and refuses him to get close to her she says a lot to herself- 'friends. . We are just friends', but knows he clearly wants her.

            J R Ward shows a lot of creativity in this book and the others. As I explained in my Dark Lover review she has created a whole new insight to the vampire world. The vampire Warriors are not the normal stake through the heart vampires. Even though she has kept a few things similar such as- they cannot go into the sunlight and they have fangs, there are a lot of new ideas for the species. One evident in Lover Eternal is the bond between the Brothers. As Rhage gets involved with Mary and gets her in danger, he brings her their mansion which is forbidden as Mary is human.
            We find out for this Rhage has to be punished for disobeying his Brothers and King. The punishment is pretty harsh, each Brother takes it in turn to choose a weapon and slash a mark on his body. Rhage accepts this as his respect for choosing Mary. They can also heal very fast from injury and can be killed normally but obvious takes a lot more than a human.

            * Conclusion *

            Lover eternal is an exciting and passionate story. I enjoyed the story and finding out more about the characters from the first book. I would definitely recommend this book and the rest in the series. There is a new book released in May 2009 which I will be getting as I think this is one of the best series of books I have read. The quality of her writing is extraordinary. And the story was a good length and written well.

            Website- http://www.jrward.com/index-books.html

            J.R Ward
            Pages- 400
            Published By Signet Eclipse
            ISBN- 0451218043
            Published- March 2006
            Book Two

            Thanks for reading *blackmagicstar4* Dec 08.
            Also publsihed on Ciao under same name x


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