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Maradonia and the Seven Bridges - Gloria Tesch

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: Gloria Tesch / ISBN: 9780615214795 / Self published

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2011 16:29
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      Début novel that's infested with clichés.

      ~The Author~


      Maradonia And The Seven Bridges is the first novel by Gloria Tesch. She's been a self published author at a very young age. She started the book at ten years old and her website claims that she published two novels by the time she was thirteen. Which would be in 2009. The books themselves are at an average length and it's clear to see that she's heavily motivated. They're not cheap either, the $24.95 (around £15.74) including a fee to ship. In the US version of Amazon, there are sellers being quick to get rid of it for a higher prices. The novel is only available online or at a book signing.

      One of the author's main problems is not handling critique very well. She tends to either ignore or delete anything she finds that isn't praising her work due to a large ego. Heavy evidence of this is over at the Amazon site where all the reviews are negative apart from two which many believe is written by the author herself.

      ~The Novel~

      I first heard about the book by a friend who promised me that it would be the worst book ever. It's quite infamous around the internet and a lot of people have only just read the excepts and witnessed the very desperate and awful ways it was promoted, assisted with a terrible book trailer. Many of the ways she used to promote her book was to claim that she was the world's youngest novelist. If she had done some research onto this, she would know this was not the case.

      The book is about two siblings named Maya and Joey. They've recently joined a new school and when they find a portal, they enter The Land Of Maradonia and end up going on a quest to fight Apollyon. It's completely unoriginal to the point I actually thought it was plagiarized. It read like a poor modern adoption of Narnia. The book contains heavy influences from the likes of C.S. Lewis, Christopher Paolini, J. R. R. Tolkien and J.K Rowling, but offers very little originality and fresh material leaving a novel full of clichés.

      "...the feast was being prepared at the palace of 'Apollyon, the King of the Evil Empire'. All the principalities, powers and rulers of the air, the underworld and the commanders of the ground troops had arrived for the meeting of the general council. was still waiting for her opportunity to talk to King Apollyon, but the 'Hoodmen', the organizers of the meeting, gave her no chance to talk to him. They advised her to sit down at the end of the big hall, far behind the oval table in the information area which was prepared for witnesses and attendees without voting rights. At the oval table was enough room for the seventy most high ranking rulers of the 'Evil Empire'."

      Not really the best way to start a book. I was quite lost because I think it's a bit of an unclear overload that made me struggle to read it. I finally managed to read it last week with a lingering disappointment. There is plenty of room for improvement in the writing department. The writing lacks flow and consistency. The vagueness in the writing made it very hard to imagine and feel the scenes. The heavy use of ellipses (...) made it even harder to follow, I know Tesch used it to give it a dramatic effect, but it didn't work for me.

      Unfortunately it doesn't get much better from here. I could only recommend it if you're interested to see how bad it is, but I don't think it's really that worth it considering the price. In a normal situation, no I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

      Joey is a rather poor imitation of Harry Potter, whilst Maya was just bland clone of Bella Swan at best. There are plenty of opportunities to make them unique and likeable but any attempts failed to work. Arabella is described as a sex icon, but there is very few proof. Apollyon is far too weak to be considered a villain. He's so poorly executed that could be considered hilarious. As for the rest of the characters, they seemed to have been taken from other novels, stripped from some of their personality and renamed.

      The only redeeming factor about the book is that the illustrations are quite decent. They could be better as I think the front cover makes the book look really dated and irrelevant.

      It's quite sad really. This book had huge potential. If she could use criticism, get a dedicated editor and greatly improve her writing skills, she could have pulled this off really well. Overall I found the book is unimaginative and very predictable with poor writing on the side. I found it too complex to follow with ease which butchered any chance of me enjoying the book. My copy went straight to the recycling bin. I'm not really interested in the rest of the books in the series either.


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