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Mid-Flinx - Alan Dean Foster

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2 Reviews

Author: Alan Dean Foster / Genre: Crime / Thriller / Publisher: Del Rey Books,U.S

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    2 Reviews
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      18.01.2009 15:16
      Very helpful



      will try more of his books

      This book is one in a long line of Pip and Flinx novels and it progresses and continues Flinxs pursuit of the truth.
      He was brought up an orphan and his only companion was a rare mini dragon that flies and spits poison. Together the pair, accompanied by a good deal of luck, travel around the universe looking for answers and generally having one adventure after the other.

      This novel:
      Pip and flinx are relaxing on a nowhere, nothing planet. They picked it specifically because they only happened to come across it quite by chance and now they are take a vacation. But not for long.
      Flinx is being quietly perused by, well, a bad guy. He tracks flinx down and the adventure starts. The planet is very hostile to life, all life and soon one by one the bad guy, his crew and some aliens called the Ann are all fighting for their lives and fighting to get off of this damn planet.

      A very good read. very descriptive and difficult at times to put down. I will look out for more Alan dean foster in the future but maybe a different book of his.
      I hope this has been of some use, my previous review left a lot to be desired and I hope to improve my reviewing skills and techniques.

      The book stuff,
      Published by Del Rey Books
      Book contains 352 pages
      Language English
      ISBN-10: 0345406443
      ISBN-13: 978-0345406446


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      16.05.2008 02:47
      Very helpful



      You will not be disappointed.


      Author - Alan Dean Foster.

      Some Background,
      At the time of writing this, there are 13 Pip and Flinx novels, this i.e. Mid-Flinx being the 7th instalment.

      Alan Dean Foster is the author of numerous films, the first 3 Alien films, the Thing, the chronicles of Riddick, the Black Hole, Outland, Starman, Alien Nation and the Dig.
      Other books to become movies include Clash of the Titans, Krull, the last Starfighter, Pale Rider (Clint Eastwood), and more recently Transformers.

      This books starts with flinx trying to take some r and r on one of the backwater commonwealth planets. But trouble is never far away, a local villain takes a shine to pip, (flinxs pet flying minidragon). When flinx refuses to sell pip, flinx is forced to fight and then to flee into space.

      The teacher: Flinx's amazing ship that can change its appearances upon command and can land on a planet if required. (Making it one of a kind) is soon being chased by the head bad guy.

      Pip and flinx land on a planet only to discover humans (of a type) that descended from an earlier thought lost spaceship. The colonists failed to live alongside the plants on this jungle world and where almost wiped out.
      They take to pip and flinx and together they head towards they humans village.
      The humans have formed an almost symbiotic relationship with local sentient creatures, which proves helpful in avoiding the hellish jungles attempts to kill everyone and everything.

      Meanwhile the local villain has followed flinx and is now tracking him through the jungle.
      Unbeknown to both parties the Ann (an insectoid race) are also planetside wanting to get there hands on flinx's ship.

      The flora and fauna are very sly, lethal and hungry. And they don't care who they eat.
      And this is where the story really takes off......

      The book is a real page turner, a stand alone adventure although it is part of the pip and flinx series.
      The dialogue, plot speed and characters are well thought out, one of Alan's better books.
      This book reminded me of 'Hothouse' by Brian Aldiss. Not as odd but in a similar vain.

      You will not be disappointed.



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    • Product Details

      Flinx and his faithful mini-dragon Pip find themselves on a jungle planet where they discover the human descendants of a lost colony ship.