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More Twisted Collected Stories Vol. II: 2 - Jeffery Deaver

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Genre: Crime / Thriller / Author: Jeffery Deaver / Hardcover / 448 Pages / Book is published 2006-12-26 by Simon & Schuster

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2010 21:45
      Very helpful



      Not Recommended

      I got my copy of More Twisted by Jeffery Deaver as part of a Book People special value pack. Individually it retails for a slightly high £7.99 with Amazon selling it for £5.99. I don't mind paying the full retail price for a good book, but this isn't a good book. So don't rip yourself off and fork out any more than a couple of quid if you fancy giving this a go!

      This is basically just a collection of short stories by the popular crime thriller writer Jeffery Deaver. It follows on from his previously mediocre publication Twisted. Both books are great for those who like getting straight to the point, or who like reading while they're commuting on a train perhaps. But for those who enjoy having a proper read that they can get absorbed in, these really aren't worth the time or money.

      Each short story is along very similar lines to the one before and after it. Jeffery Deaver sets a scene, leaves out deliberately important information about that scene, and then delivers a 'shocking' twist which is supposed to make us readers go "eh, that Deaver blokes a right clever one isn't he?" Most of the stories just made me go "like I didn't see THAT coming".

      In fairness, some of the ideas behind the stories are actually quite clever, but the way they've been written just isn't. Jeffery Deaver is far too obvious in the details he leaves out for the average reader to be fooled during most of these stories. And if there's no surprise coming, what is the point in reading short thriller stories?!

      The descriptions in some of the stories are over-the-top and really quite irritating. A lot of the character names feel really amateur and old fashioned as well. Instead of getting drawn into exciting stories, I found myself wading through pages of pretentious drivel. The close of each story is usually on the last or second-to-last page, and those are just the worst. Most of the conclusions are written in a way that's bordering on arrogant, especially since so many of those conclusions were obvious right the way through the stories.

      I really didn't like this at all and after the first few stories, I found myself mostly just skim-reading the rest. I stuck with it in the hope that I'd find a few gems hidden in here, but sadly I didn't. It didn't feel like a professional writer had written any of these and I have to wonder if these are possibly stories that the author found under his bed from his teenage writing years that he sent to print to make a few easy bucks.

      There are some brilliant Jeffery Deaver books out there, especially The Bone Collector and some of the other Lincoln Rhyme novels. As a short story writer this guy sucks though. I'd recommend avoiding this one.


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