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Mr Whatever - Julie Taylor

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Author: Julie Taylor / Genre: Fiction

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2001 01:03
      Very helpful



      Now, I knew from about 3 lines in, yes, I said lines not pages, that I was not going to enjoy this book. Any normal and sane person would have given up before it was too late. I mean, how many times do you know that you are going to hate the book you are about read 3 lines in?? Almost never I should image? And what makes the odds even greater, the amount of people who then proceed to read the book, torturing themselves with pages of c**p for as many days as it takes to read this drivel. I’m one of those people. I hate to be beaten. I will not have a book go unread if I have started it. Don’t know why? Perhaps I should get to the root of the reason though, at least it will save me countless hours of drivel reading torture!! But anyway, idodoyou being the way that only idodoyou can be, persevered and hated every minute of it. Still, it’s over now. All that is left for me to do is to op on it, hopefully saving other readers from a fate worse than death. Chuck it away, and then try and get the nasty taste out of my mouth. I dunno, just about getting over the literary torture inflicted by Married Alive, and this bugger comes along and starts with the bamboo sticks all over again. ***HOW COMES I’VE GOT IT?*** Now, I know that this ‘book’ (I use the term loosely here, the dictionary defines a book as : set of sheets in a cover; literary work filling this. Pah. Now look up drivel?) was in the 10 for 10 quid offer that I picked up from Book People On Line many moons ago. After reading the blurb and the first page, as I, and almost every other reader, usually do when buying in a shop, this would have gone back on the shelf, no matter how cheap it was. So, I can guarantee I didn’t know story, or author for that matter, when this book made itself at home on my shelves. It had better start packing, cos it’s outta here. ***SPECS AND STUFF*** Published by Judy Piatkus Lt
      d publishers in 1998. This is the first novel from author Julie Taylor. She is a freelance writer and now living in New Jersey, USA. The r.r.p. is a whopping £6.99. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT spend 7 quid on this book. Whether or not is can be found cheaper, I have no idea. But I’m guessing yes. And not simply because I think that this book is c**p (which I do…. Oh, but you knew that all ready!) but because in terms of books, it’s an oldie. Yep, with three years under it’s belt, and an author’s first novel, it hasn’t, she hasn’t, taken the literary world by storm thus ensuring her novels are price keeping. So you’ll be finding this on the cheapy shelves. It won’t be hard to miss either. Turquoise blue back ground with pink Daisy all over. Nope, you won’t be missing that one. Unfortunately. The blurb is accurate, but also a touch misleading. If you get my drift? When reading it you think, ‘ah ha, a women my age, having relationship troubles, albeit she keeps dating druggies and losers, but still, somebody my age’. You turn over the front cover, start to read and find yourself at the beginning of a teen book. If they had have mentioned ‘boys’ on the ‘front’ instead of ‘men’ I would have had, you would have had an inkling at the contents. It doesn’t. You don’t. But the rest is pretty much bog standard. The blurb states what the book is going to deliver. And to be quite truthful with you, it seems readable. Or should I say, it seemed readable. ISBN 0 7499 3066 7 ***HOW’S IT WRITTEN?*** Errmmm, badly. No, that’s not right, again, my dislike for the story line seems to want to taint all that makes this book. The writing is fine, it’s the story line that fails to excite. I don’t know, I’m not a 19 year old living in America with a string of druggie boyfriends, s
      o whether the dialogue, the situations, the details are correct or not. That was another thing I didn’t pick up on when reading the blurb reviews. There is one from Time Out and Mademoiselle, neither are English mags are they? Seventeen isn’t even English (we have Just Seventeen over here) even from those three little indications that this was not a British based book, I still had no idea of it’s American setting. The plot is easy though, it’s readable, and I suppose, if you are under twenty, it can, and will keep you hooked, and on edge to see what happens. I shouldn’t be so disrespectful really, I mean, only because I didn’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s a bad book does it? Although the story line was easy to read, no depth or complications, the plot wasn’t predictable. Typical really. The one book I come across out of the last 5 or 6, and it’s not predictable, but I hated it so much I really didn’t care whether you could see things coming or not. The only thing I wanted to see was the last page. So, taking the lack of predictability, and the right age range, this book might appeal to some. Hang on though, would it be because I’m not of the right age group to read this book, that I didn’t see the predictability?? Oh, that’s frightening. Am I losing my touch? Anyway……… I’ll address my fears later, on with the op…. ***WHAT’S IT ABOUT, AND WHO’S IN IT?*** Abbie McPhereson is the main character in the book. She’s 19 and a ‘might make it’ Fashion Design student. She’s had enough of boys. She’s had enough of boys that are more interested in getting high, and drunk more than they are in her. She’s fed up with bailing them out, buying them presents only to find that they have pawned them weeks after to supplement their drug habits. She doesn’t need t
      hem. She doesn’t want them. She’s going to concentrate on HER life. She has a final year fashion show coming up. She has a plastic surgery-obsessed flatmate, and a matchmaking gay best friend to contend with. She has enough to deal with as well as taking on doped up boyfriends that only love you when they are high. It’s New Years Eve, when she makes these declarations of giving up on the loser boyfriends. It’s all of about 5 minutes when she breaks these claims for Franco. He knocks her side ways. Blows her mind. This is the one. She can’t help it. She’s in love. He’s higher than a kite and drunker than a skunk when they first meet. But, it’s New Years Eve right, everybody goes wild on December 31st don’t they. He’s not really just like all the rest. This is a one off. And even if it is the norm. And if he turns out to be another Mr Wrong instead of the Mr Right she looking for, Abbie can change him right? Franco a.k.a. Franklin Richards III. Preppy privileged trust fund son gone wrong. Now a drugged up, spaced out, drunken good looking guy with a secret. With a range of part time jobs (Sperm Donating $25 a pop!!) amounting to just enough to pay his rent and subsidise his habits. Drink and drugs. Not ideal boyfriend material really is it? But Abbie thinks so. Even though is previous girlfriend Zoe is still very much being lit up by the torch he carries for her. Even though his secret is niggling at Abbie, and driving a slow but sure wedge between them. Even though he thinks about, and spends more time doing ‘lines’ than he does Abbie. She’s in love. And although she can see all of his faults, she is blind to them! We have a couple of sideline characters, none of them commanding their own story lines though. Georgette or as she would rather be known ‘Gigi’. Abbie’s personality altered flat
      mate. Gone from almost little miss innocence to femme fatale over night. Pat, Abbie’s gay best friend, and fellow Design student. He’s got the same troubles as Abbie, upcoming Fashion show, men trouble!!! Chris, Pat’s cousin and one time dating partner of Abbie. He’s everything that Franco isn’t. ***WHO SHOULD READ IT?*** Teenage girls. This is primarily a ‘babe book’, or dare I say ‘babette book’ (for the younger female generation!!) That’s not to say that a guy can’t read it, they can, but you’re asking me who I think would be better off reading, it’s just my opinion. Young ladies, women of no more than say 23 – 24. Abbie hits the big 2 0 in the story, and it made me feel ancient. Those of you that have an interest in fashion design, although the main references towards this are mainly towards the end of the story, and we are not talking a great deal of them, and certainly not very technical either (I know this cos I did GCSE Textiles at school!!!). Personally, from the image’s that I conjured up from reading the descriptions of what they are wearing, and designing I’m thinking yuck, yuck, yuck!! But I’m not a fashion designer so……. The whole story is peppered with descriptions , and I don’t think that the characters go anywhere without the reader being told what they are wearing!! So for all those female fashion conscience youngsters out there, you might be able to pick up a few tips?? ***DID I LIKE IT, AND WILL I BE FEASTING MY PEEPER’S ON IT AGAIN?*** In a nutshell, no, and no. Looking back, this book wasn’t as bad as the ‘Married Alive’ episode, but it wasn’t far off. I really didn’t want to carry on reading it after I had read the first three or four lines on page one. But give it a chance I did and alas, the story didn̵
      7;t take up the offer for a reprieve. It wasn’t my kind of thing. It’s a love story centred around kids, young adults, all of which live in a world that I am not interested in. I like modern. I like love stories. But this was maybe too modern. Too American. So, yet another one to be added to the ‘to ditch’ pile. And another one off the ‘to read’ pile. You’d think that this ‘to read’ pile would be getting smaller ……. It’s not. But that’s my fault, I keep buying!! Deciding my next reads are getting harder….. oh well, here we go again …….!!!


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      Abbie has had enough of men who claim to love her but like getting drunk and taking drugs more. Who needs them? From now on Abbie's going to concentrate on her life which, with a plastic surgery-obsessed flatmate, a match-making best friend and her final year fashion show looming, is quite full enough thank you very much. Then she meets Franko.

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